Chaka Khan's Unconventional Recipe for Life

The singer embraces adventure and believes in the power of her Foundation.
4:34 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Chaka Khan's Unconventional Recipe for Life
Music superstar -- -- latest hit project is about helping inner city children reach their full potential. Through her foundation she is provided education and opportunities for many kids celebrity lifestyle group Phillip -- talks with -- kind. About her -- so let. -- it took him. Took them. Took them. Took him. Warm smile. Powerful -- Not change much -- the year. The -- the world knows this -- con is the embodiment -- her hit song I'm every woman. Today through the Chaka Khan foundation she helps inner city kids. Children affected by oxygen and families who suffered. Have a much better life. Chaka Khan Chaka time. -- you've been modeling you've been. Down in New Orleans have been hearing so many things for the shock -- foundation it's not just that the we can't exactly. How to start the foundation. We said let's take these kids and -- in the world -- children that can be anything wannabe so first. We were taken to restaurants. That you're working with NCAA champ and -- -- very they're like. -- Wall Street they ran a restaurant for a day. At -- one progress and a hotel for a day but. They weren't coming back from the experiences with. Enough and -- because these kids -- from fifth to eighth grade. -- but the community. Something that we would address the -- -- hand. So these kids known they're great -- have shot and feeling. We have got our first batch and they'll be going to college to Europe. You have another extraordinary project going on with essence magazine young let down in New Orleans -- -- we are we are assisting. Post you know women and children. Than a month and -- -- -- you. Sort of symbolizes the singer you have symbolized. Women in the strength of a woman. Yeah that's. That's what I fell into connecting India. It's not. I don't do it on purpose in fact when -- -- first thing I mean the woman. Then and 1980 some Ireland are thinking how puppets can yet yet but it. I'm so publicly. I'm I think that -- But it. Living in the -- and. There isn't that amazing. I mean there are no coincidence. -- Its original mixes people think alike you know I don't have any money I can't help that's true it's an -- you. Can help if you help one person. That you have a look at issues. Teach him -- a -- You don't think if you see. Something going on -- causes and great. Anger. Alarm makes you so happy that she -- -- -- to everybody. That this thing you need to it is. Also you know you've you've had some -- Rebels and they've been so public because of that smile that voice everything -- had. As a mom you've had some incredible. Mountains to overcome in and you know I get emotional for you when I think of -- We've had a relationship -- and you know your your son have been accused of murdering thank god found in this thing you've recently had to go to court to. Fight to get custody of your grandchild it. What advice can give to women out there that are going through the struggles and and how do you get through it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He asked for strength and patience. -- -- -- And you sit up and show --

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{"id":15759734,"title":"Chaka Khan's Unconventional Recipe for Life","duration":"4:34","description":"The singer embraces adventure and believes in the power of her Foundation.","url":"/Entertainment/video/chaka-khans-unconventional-recipe-life-15759734","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}