Channeling the spirit of Graceful Gale

ABC News hops aboard the Queen Mary's Halloween experience Dark Harbor.
5:48 | 10/31/18

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Transcript for Channeling the spirit of Graceful Gale
Can't you McCain it all welcome to the bar it's always happy hour here. I'm ready to get the emirate with us I'm ready. Hi everyone I'm Olivea Smith with ABC news live. We're here I start carver queen Mary in Los Angeles and we have charity hell here the executive pretty stared. I think you for joining at safety pick coming so today I am graceful gal. Yes you she's one of our residents fear it probably the most well known. Let's talk about her character what's the back story well what we love to do here at Tyre harbor in Long Beach is focused on acts that which is the queen Mary herself and she has. Quite the sordid history. Those seats that fell in 1986. And she's been hunting every cent grateful gal. Is known to them home of the queen Mary herself. And can be often be found in person that flange is. I'm on a a lot of the passenger deck and I think. She's probably an environment they mischaracterized my honored you can think he should still what is dark carper. Jack carver is. Well and that and nationwide hunt events for a 23 nights. Starting in September and we are now on her last weekend so we close out on Friday November's seconds. And Halloween is our biggest party at this season so we're excited you're here. So what events are there their different rides and means says he also. That the queen Mary it's dark Carter is filled the fix hunted amazes me that three onboard the ship and three office. All of them I sent it on the legends of the queen Mary herself there Al quite special to us. We also have four secret bars within. And that six means is that it's a matter of finding them stumbling upon acquaintance symbol of the that we you'll stumble into one of these which is that he could fire inside a circuit. We also have her formative stages it got an aerial ring behind as it is whenever an easy area I think where he is right here. We've got a higher stage for fire shows we got flag Asia's. And tons of food and entertainment that we like to consider ourselves a mega hunt if you. So let's behind how did the teen come up with that designs in the lay out for all the different means says and the stories here volume very limited Sutter saw the heart and. Able to tell as seen this story every season and sends the residents. Spirits at the queen man aren't so infamous for payments if you will we we really started with bats and time magazine doesn't the queen Mary is one of the most hunted they thought her so. To tell her story her history a little bit we kind of took pieces of it and formed what is the story you fire the army did so one they've called entrapment and it basically takes you back to the beginning with the ship was built its. And deals with BI and faster. And another is fair game and home at which we are standing in the middle left and it features every math and she and it. Is the master of ceremonies for the entire events the heart if you well deadly riots focused design and at happens here. Well during world war team. At that you're without collided with the queen Mary when she was transport ship transport ship for the troops. So. That made step rises based on that. I met and then we have B 340 which is probably our most famous. Hotel room on board the B name yourself. The feds be the most hunted. We have amazed based on that. Hunting home and then we also have feast. Sadly whenever actually story is that the shaft was shoved in the into his own have been brings. I'm alive he'd come to his wounds twenty for hours later in this is based on the true story here. At that when that the man was used as the transport ship called the great history Q. So M free Mazen every character has its own little story to tell. So all the characters are linked to the queen Mary K and let's talk about that for those who aren't familiar with the -- what's the back story of queen Mary herself. The queen Mary is one of the most unique in that that ever traveled it was a part of it cunard fleet and she came. Decades after the Titanic says she's two times larger than the Titanic yourself. She is the only. True the vessel of her time left I'm that are. She teaches a 186. I think different types of woods several of which are extinct on the planet. And she was a luxury ocean liner after time and during one of the grand its air as a part time and then she was sent into service and as the gray ghost she was the fastest ship on the scene. And Winston church held stated that she felt he felt that the queen Mary with the beaten them. They won World War II she was able to. Transparent truth and then back and forth in in an out of court before in human confinement Hitler had. Bounty on her for 200000 dollars and that time to think her upon sight and she never was. The queen Mary herself is. Has a beautiful history and we just wanted to do our best to tell the story keep her story alive. So how long has dark harbor thing going on. Both are currently going on for quite some time where and I seven here at this current iteration. And hopefully she'll live on them anymore. Thank asked not to ask and if so maybe just. Come this hour are very few visits queen Mary dot com. And we're open for another three nights the convent Friday. Thank you so much for watching Olympia spent very ABC news five.

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{"id":58886923,"title":"Channeling the spirit of Graceful Gale","duration":"5:48","description":"ABC News hops aboard the Queen Mary's Halloween experience Dark Harbor.","url":"/Entertainment/video/channeling-spirit-graceful-gale-58886923","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}