Charlize Theron Channels Inner Bitch

The power and pitfalls of playing the mean girl in "Young Adult."
7:36 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Charlize Theron Channels Inner Bitch
Until a rock concert -- an old plane. I think there's a chance we -- we can thanks let's show him what he's been missing. Now you -- me recently announced. His wife hasn't seen in awhile sound. OK and you had seen a cook from young adult with Charlie's them. And she's right here and she's not looking selfish and narcissistic or like me to be at the fact that but I could be wrong. There are you feeling this morning. I'll always always does not have a cup of coffee and a IP -- -- -- -- itchy and -- yeah well you know I've described her character's name it that way but. The fact is. All those bad things that despite the fact that she's -- Stand when they decide itself. -- and why. What that fact I'm still kind of grappling with backhanded compliment. You know there's something so amazing during a red carpet with two Reitman and we think -- Fantastic phenomenal director. It. Means that he would meet with -- year and I think that any other at nearly half -- Because there's no action between rich. And -- Compliment. Like way. I love this film because I do think that all of those characteristics -- its product or something so refreshing. -- -- watching -- especially a woman whose. Think we still struggle and storytelling to kind of capture -- women really are and this idea that you know -- the kind of living. Stuck in this Madonna -- complex and women just -- agrees or not conflict. Not narcissistic and selfish and do. Now maybe not. Always nice things -- misconception well. I mean let's talk a little bit about the fact that the -- coating lines written script about you -- your character playing any writer ghost -- -- young adult fiction. Because it really get the credit for the if she gets the check -- that's basically and. And she's somebody who's a big city girl she's come from Minneapolis right -- and she's coming back to the hometown of Mercury do this and I found hopeful in the movie. That it -- when your character comes back. And says what I'm gonna do is steal my high school boyfriend -- Patrick Wilson. Who is married and just had a New Haven an in young adults that you don't need to respond. That would be okay but at least two other people. We'll regardless of character as an -- are so delusional yeah regimes in the little little delay in Elian. Yeah I meaning I think I've whatever that might want -- my favorite moments in the film as a sliver where you see her with her her parents. And she says I think I'm an alcoholic and her mother just laughs at all and it's a really funny I mean people really -- In the theater when that line comes on but it such great insight to cook a young girl grow up and elsewhere nobody emotionally checked in with her because. Everybody just kind of figured she's fine she's the most popular girls' school she's prom queen she's winning best hair. You know she's got -- -- boyfriend and I don't think anybody ever emotionally kind of nurtured her and so this delusion that she -- You know comes her pleas of not having any kind of boundaries -- or in -- not grounded in any truth and that's sat. And somewhat entertaining. This is big and -- to -- -- -- -- There it is. -- -- -- So why did you relate to hop seriously what did you see in her that you could -- I think events. She he is in merit to attributes human attributes that we we might not be so proud. And I think that's been the beauty of what people are connecting through having the spirit of the movie when you finish watching now you've gone through such an uncomfortable awkward experience that. But -- but it's been -- -- in the spirit of it actually kicks -- it's amazing people afterwards -- come to me in this freedom to say to. Admits that you know they have actually -- I think that in the continent -- and Ivan Davis. Well and -- not completely but they're like. Really related to like a lot of women of related to the binge eating emotional eating. The little white lines and of course you know the old classic thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. I mean for me today I found a real Mellon -- -- -- loneliness I knew that. No matter who watched as if you couldn't happen anything. I was the one thing I think everybody can happen -- she's an incredibly. Human being and when we -- she's in her most isolated -- State and me. -- -- that shot of her line with falling asleep on the count with her dog and her dirty apartment watching -- actions are not watching -- just that on television is always on. So unbelievably heartbreaking because it -- Feel like -- and intimate view. A place that we've. All been -- one point in our life. One of the great things about -- -- -- there is that you don't. In any way tried to make yourself but not beautiful not somebody who people would look at and say look it's the personality that we see the damage. Not. It's it's fascinating to -- people there's -- -- -- -- Kind of how the physical com's. And they separated from the character and it's so bizarre to -- -- because I feel like. The characters always going to be instinct -- person who's gonna inform. Seemingly. It was -- -- -- world picture view that the person -- really kind of thing going in and keep them so. -- never ever felt like it was news to do anything but that's just kind of show up and is wrong as possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A close. But does this -- -- human life because -- wore beautiful tall Smart funny. Do when you are approaching people -- they approach you do -- thing. -- Besides I don't think of myself. And it's very hard it's very hard to talk about that stuff because I'm sure everybody is just like. You know shot at the night. Of course at like 7000 people a small dog helped me get ready this morning. It's a look at this bothered to do that you have but. It until there we -- when she adds we feed the cover of vogue we see general are -- -- -- it is you know that's what. This is my point I think that we've forgotten that dot really is the transformation. That really is the transformation Alan actresses do that it's. It's such an incredibly talented crew and photographer and at the whole thing is like. It isn't real dot isn't real and then what you trying going to -- found -- real well you're trying to capture is reality. And I think we've we've bought into the climbers things so much that we forgotten when actresses. You know and do something overall real we kind of think about as the transformation in the -- -- --

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{"id":15165699,"title":"Charlize Theron Channels Inner Bitch","duration":"7:36","description":"The power and pitfalls of playing the mean girl in \"Young Adult.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/charlize-theron-channels-bitch-power-pitfalls-mean-girl-young-adult-movie-entertainment-15165699","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}