Charlize Theron Resolves to be Less 'Perfect'

A look at what the Academy Award winner has in store for in 2012.
5:07 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Charlize Theron Resolves to be Less 'Perfect'
-- -- -- -- -- a -- was actually next to yours. All through high school. They -- yeah. -- you're your locker was right there. Next mind. You make this movie and everybody says that -- Oscar Oscar Oscar. You have yours I'm sure it's over there on the table that you -- one. What do you remember from that moment when I remember everything -- yeah I do remember everything. I mean I just about that was good -- I remember everything I do and I think it was because everybody. Would either experience that are. Friends just kept saying to me. You know this this is such a rare public what ever -- just really trying to be president. And I am I made a real effort to do. I mean and these weird little memories clicking on -- for years but -- was it's. Eight. And that night I just remembered I couldn't look at my mom because that was just too emotional for -- -- that -- -- -- And I would be a complete and utter disaster but -- I really remember the night so well and it was great amazing. You know -- -- you said -- -- -- jaded about that stuff it's such a great honor to experience and the like. And when -- made that film you know was a top. Hospital to kind of and a digital world and an experienced. When none of us ever expected. And I think that's the most amazing part. If you can if you can approach it like that's the way to do you know. That sounded very healthy and then shortly after that they -- -- -- -- north country. Nominee who can. And would -- This is ask of you -- me I don't think. -- -- -- -- don't point in sitting -- sitting -- -- -- trying to punish why don't you say I want to -- minding your I'm about to regent in my back pills. I hope -- happy I am so what you're resolution. For the news that we're approaching and so really horrible at those things that you shouldn't you know but I -- here and you should be saying -- This is what I'm one approach this new year with certain human. Really feeling coming down because all I can think of that -- sleeping. I don't think that it -- it I am actually I was saying to my friend in need TU. Just make sure that I'm -- complete break through in the years as -- really kind of worked back to back -- Austin. -- actually really just looking forward just adopted two little dogs to call home and just be quiet and really really about it making. New Year's resolutions and stuff like -- And it used to always be quit smoking gun so as having left for India is there -- -- the thing is cleaned. -- And one of the great things -- problem is when your eyes what is there is nothing. -- I think brought them. -- after what happened. So as we end every show that. It really matter this year we and we ended in Salt Lake. You could I serving in Africa are you hiring -- I am not crazy. Guy yeah anybody that's been here and always give me you little bit of the -- You are kidding me I not been here and you've got a -- mean to you tell us how much are you okay all right now -- I did not think it was a little bit -- a little I did not thing one time it I wanna see the footage right now Hawkins the and all -- off -- It it would have to turn death where she -- why do you want winning the calm usually she -- he's off happening here that's exactly what would you want him because he does not. And while the -- fleeing for the new year would likely pass musical one day I -- -- one I don't know it's just this thing could be well. Could be what listening to those I don't but I have to -- You can't even one law. -- -- I think actually you know what I need to beat out one I don't let me apart from the rest now Hahn then that's got finished I think. We could do jazz hands. I don't mind. Each of these tribute to be hard. -- what it is its all -- -- keeps on violence. -- -- -- I am very. -- Line.

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{"id":15165747,"title":"Charlize Theron Resolves to be Less 'Perfect'","duration":"5:07","description":"A look at what the Academy Award winner has in store for in 2012.","url":"/Entertainment/video/charlize-theron-resolves-perfect-2012-academy-adward-winner-movies-entertainment-15165747","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}