Check Out the Fabulous Life of Ross Mathews

A look at how the young intern became a red carpet guru.
10:51 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for Check Out the Fabulous Life of Ross Mathews
And Ross Matthews. Do you do any impersonation. I don't mean Morgan Freeman cannot hear high. Baby yeah. I hate the fact that it's an editor Paul drag raise judge Ross Matthews there they hit logo show. Quickly closing in minutes now after another rate seasons seasons seven and guess who stopped by Andy Roddick match here vests should I cannot anyway and it's a very big deal I thought I'd be here well thank you for solidly behind we we had to distract you Lucas and you use sought David Muir his desk go back there and. I walked and I are taking pictures and text and my parents out there to watch every night with the big deal so they get distracted. Bet that that's fine with its security comes in Halsey. The what. It isn't thinking grabs congratulations. Saying this season right seasons and has been a lot lot of fun crazy things happening again and it's a big honor to be to be asked Abidjan Julia yeah. It's a big honor for you know they have guests Judson every episodes of the biggest stars in the world from our and it Ronde. Two Olivia Newton-John to me I've been a guest judge before and then I got into my tutor but I'm pretty get it it. So they would like would you ever wanna come mine and do a full time I'm like yeah I can get to drag queen what I. I sent I've ever more qualified in my life for anything. It does takes an experience having you can't just go in there as Willy Nilly and just say I'm getting Ellis refinement. I'd go anywhere I want bowling Alley for starters. But you know I you do have to be I am thinking I support drag queens to go we go Oliver I like travel Lott always with the anthrax showed such an art there. And I represent the fans on the show yeah I've watched every season I am talking to the TV anyway. And I feel like if we're gonna invest in these greens an hour a week they've got to bring their a game in size are taken to task. And you're gonna get and you get some hate you get some face for the means not in the meantime had you ever drive for net. And I read that. For comedy sketches on Leno and Bynum on my showing you address that the drug I don't look like a drag queen look like. Like secretary you know I look like like the assistant principal at a school I'm. We'll let the all that and I don't get why they got are staying out for indices in out there are you. It's interesting always there's there's a separation about half the season you hey he's of the people who really brought the game unite you've got did you mean she's so funny that never had a plus as winnable war. Kennedy Davenport her role violent Trotsky. Really good kid he was interesting plea by it touch you for example so young 20/20 one ray was a teenager would impose drag race for started to think about growing up you know I think about me. I grew up I didn't I couldn't point television at all and say we'll look there's someone gay or out to BTQ would sort of represents. What I could grow up to be and now the world is such an incredible place these kids have that now. They grew up a drivers and now they're competing on act. In a great and have a great time and have a lot of fun with that yeah what does repulse an outline. Unbelievable. Like like pan mechanic at store that is Marriott brash. I that's I kind of got the sense that it would be a lot of products now good high quality products into its now. But also like let them just fraction we had with Paul likes my podcast straight talk which an elegant in a second. Plus if. When all they don't get to that involving an idiot out all right straight parents OK talk dot com during the great pop and rock out on the street talk 91 I just. I think you're. We haven't well we call on the show McCain and Anna but it's lectured. And sweat pants when. Glee just it just adds a man. But then turned it on like the start recall on the radio it was really asking to see someone who grew like that but still that's in personnel letting them know it's really messed with their minds relevant. An alternative universe are fine let's get to where you're talking about unions caucus right you have mentioned that that was the third talking point I had an article that the pot at this so I'll the only reason bringing up this can I start. And just in in the in the craziness of Hollywood I just want a place like it sort of just communicate no rules now in telling me what to do. And I was in for money your Marines and but what it turned into with this big success without the most popular on the wet went from a couple 1250. Some thousand people in episode that's amazing we're gonna but it two days a week without the biggest stars in the world on from were parked Kristen Bell Chelsea handler going on right. Just on to like how to conduct not promote anything just kind of factors to chitchat yes and we give advice unlike doctor Laura higher pitched you know what. Britain higher pitched a higher pitch my voice and they. I'm inviting the palace and they gave us friends you wish you had you know he needs what did you cut on the qualifications to do you live in giving out advice whether people want it or not my entire life. I think you have to be delusional enough to think that you're right. And I asked him if I didn't believe that I know what to do how to do it right right except for diet. And I. Be that. But I can I think give advice in ads my friends I do all the time and I think you get as well Andy and. And people take the most yeah I mean it's it's diseases a good straight talk expert will now that was it. That was John McCain are making McCain -- and had a conversation about that blacks and other Republican Party comes. He brought in Megan Trainor it would bring a whole thing arrive do you know where can I detonated three. I'm Ron I think event with an opening in happening you're going to be a deepening. Like police she's watching it throughout the league who do you get starts struck by someone asked the law. Everybody -- made a career beings are struck by it because I am you know I talked about being a fan a super fan I am the elected delegate about the offense that's how I interview I feel I won the lottery Rick so I get to meet these celebs I have I have the responsibility to ask the questions the fans want it now so I gets exec by everybody somebody who I'd love to inner you wreck the B Lady Gaga. Because I just feel it from the sentencing planet in a way and we would seek the same language but I had no idea who she it is. Leak rate we know who giving is that little issue that you are. I think she doesn't her doctorate is pretty amazing transformation all the work she's done with Tony Bennett yeah I mean it is that horses she had the grammys the sound of music trivia you. He's going through some. In defining herself on her own terms and she became a Pixar adams' like what will vote this is bigger than me who MO YE ranks or that she's an interest in place of a doctor about it. Ground level look for the exclusive and yet made me giants aren't we ups against some competition when one guy. Let's go to war in right there and but about building up myself. That you just posted the glad media wars as well. I did I hosted the let me awards in LA last year and I held at a speeded up is asking the common house the New York plans a Kellie Abbott was honored it was of the big night you know. Help people live literally glad will lad is great organization you know we talked earlier about me being as a kid not being able to point at. It TV and see sort of gay people represented. And glad works to make sure that that happens when you look at how the culture has shifted in the past I've been on television for going on fourteen years. Will you look at the culture shift in those years and then just in this past year the Supreme Court on the precipice of making marriage equality of Malacca lands right. The Christian interview with Diane how the the culture was so supportive of that united fashion social media. And five years ago that would have been the response of social media. I think we have made such strides and the reason that's happening is because Gladys out there making sure that we are represented in in the media and and it's working. And they chose your host the the any award. Well listen I got I'm a proud loud it. Voice that you can't ignore it could pump also I think they live and giving them bullhorn for one night. And as a show. It was great to see that as well it also with fashion police is where government that was passed his bid to be you do what you're brick house Kelly Osbourne yes was no longer an ambient passionately yes we that we did the red carpets and other council member of the red carpet teen bride we did get I don't know what the animals like what's gonna happen now. I don't believe the end is coming up in September rat I don't know what it and laugh at all there I I'll be there on time. I'm happy to be there. By Perrier you know for being late as you know I've always thought your accurately I want to know them. An anti fighting years I I was very impressed that a I was there are some that the most recent break out there mysteries Rikaart read it was the met gala yet. Who did you think whose big who will not was it modes always beyoncé and answer says beyoncé nine it can be like garbage Tuesday at the BM beyoncé she's amazing she did it. Andy you know like it's only happened the night when she's there she also looking you looking beaten practical. Nurse. Listen you could go throws another one. How dare give me another what would and it's Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in. What we're gonna get your beautiful balance on network ample. It was hedges that rat absolutely a case of lose it wouldn't what you think of that but I'm you know she always shows up and she takes that the theme there's a theme every year in renters at sport this year it was China. And so she took that theme and ran with it and sent to the park. I think I don't know RI matter once I Leppert you're watching you come on podcast you. But. Doesn't it brings if there was a moment I met have you met and it went there. Nabbed they don't let the that they were being let me Geithner and sidebars that one beam me cry. I find it very hard in -- notified that money I would put that on the back to you probably meet him next year to you and I'm not a lawyer a long night of Long Island meet here anything you know her I matter don't know I chanted our company the Long Island medium before. Or Alvin Thornton well. A similar kind of in. A little a little rental are so what's next for you. You know it's so fun allowed doing drag race right calf and working on my second but McPherson Hanna was about selling a big deal. What a culture at the forward chills throughout afterward ends get Alan somewhere in the second Bakken and Ike and London Cain show. But figured that now but I hadn't something fun IT. Having you have promoters right in the you have like antlers and publicist and because you're sort of you you do well you're wrong were like you but you're standing there with a smile and and you know Britain and it. We have a family people but you've been looking for a long time in my apartment Salvador does my wardrobe my best friend is writes everything I do with me since high school she's been my best friend. So keep in gambling I think it's an electing its music is as great royal blue loyalty. And it shows that did that Europe that kind her purse much of it anyway and it down. Nine we love watching you running nightly to actually now I want I want to if you are there if the bill absolutely. Just don't touch and Dave junior's death that he isn't sure frequently every. And pictures as. I don't think it. Probably currently at Athens lake is nothing like having me think you.

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