Who checks President Trump's power on executive orders?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the nation's checks and balances system.
5:16 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for Who checks President Trump's power on executive orders?
We always sides are setting give me the information as we have until we're gonna continue this conversation a little bit. You are about Elizabeth I can't somebody else was talking and we were talking at the break and I'm saying that you know the one thing that that concerns me here this guy Stephen Miller say. That president has unfettered discretion. In and putting out these executive orders that is notch through the Supreme Court has often times gone in. And analyze whether or not the executive order is constitutional and that's what you were saying we'll be the bottom line is. Candy you know does the president have a lot of discretion absolutely does the president have a lot of power absolutely but the constitution has more power. That is the bottom line. And that's why you have three judges. It doesn't all over the country to have lawyers and ACLU all over the country saying guess what Mr. President we are here we're holding you accountable and the constitution holds you accountable I think the concern has front from from people looking at it sometimes office and we talked of his judicial activist on the concept of courts being activist courts and overstepping their boundaries and taking authority away from the president that's constitutionally. Designated to him another words may be these judges don't have access to the national security information that's Qualls causing him. To make these decisions about these seven continent matter the he has to he has to go with. A loss that it has now I was saying and number this whole notion of that. Judicial activist but guess what a judge's job is to be active in interpreting the law outlet sat up. Today's Supreme Court 'cause and judges you know make decisions and say you know my religion and I but once they get so that's it for what that's just added that. What if you're talking about judges around the country that sentiment is how did these judges on the country how would they tapped in. Two top secret national security information that are clogging the president of the United States make these decisions I'm asking if he had come out and set. These seven countries are ancient and here's why because the vetting process on that end he's not working here's why Saudi Arabia not obelisk a Saudi Arabia is helping us with the betting. When that I've made two more comfortable from a legal stand into make a tax. May I can't. I'm race. Here's the buying. When all of this went to when these countries got on this list it's because Obama saw that there were some loopholes he wanted to get rid up. That's why he got rid of them and he said these are the places we are pinpointed he didn't create a band he didn't say you can't comment. He made the loopholes really attacked what most people don't realize is how hard it is to get into this context it it. Very very hard and the people he hurt with his band are people who have beens added what gone through the process and have done all this stuff that everybody says they've got a goal to earn the right channels what all these people day. So you have to. What of sad thing. Here's what you can do. Here's what you can't do this because this is already been taking care of by law. And question no we actually legally speaking Sonny went when people keep saying it's unconstitutional. Which I agree it's. In the spirit it's unconstitutional do people. Abroad have seen writes like it's because when he great question because I heard a lot of the trump surrogate saying these immigrants don't have constitutional rights they'd be. Guess what. When you're coming into this country. You do get the protection of the constitution and if you look at the immigration and nationality act of 1965. It's been on the books for a long time. No person shall receive any preference or priority or be discriminated against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of the person's race sex nationality place of birth how. Race wreck nationality. Or origin and another word. Not if you have you know fifty something countries got a majority Muslim countries that aren't on this list and you have seven that all right he's saying it's because they didn't. Labeled countries of concern we're just hold on for ninety days we're gonna check the vetting process we're gonna make sure everything's a legal never gonna open up. The only time it legally I went in won they would be in a Giuliani. Told us very very clearly that the intent behind it was to prevent Muslims come partisan on tape and that all of the hell out the way it was rolled out of the rollout exceeded ten it's the legality items and also when you read while Whitney. That would also look at what that would also put that would also me in that would also mean. That they would have to go through each parson and and see what their background is whether coming from what they're doing. They can do that that's what they're doing here that's what it takes yes tell us a lot of time to come in. To this country and you know contrary to what you've been told and I got to do is read the constitution I now. Oh I got to do is read the constitution it says we don't discriminate that would not for religion not for Reyes not for we don't do that but we will look at some background because. We want to make sure you coming if he had done it. Lawfully in this one. The comes section would not be that put the fact that they got won't even admit that he made a mistake he is in the process work right.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the nation's checks and balances system. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45462255","title":"Who checks President Trump's power on executive orders?","url":"/Entertainment/video/checks-president-trumps-power-executive-orders-45462255"}