Chelsea Clinton Responds to Trump's Comments, Her Role in Clinton Foundation

The Democratic nominee's daughter stopped by "The View" to talk about the upcoming election.
7:17 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Chelsea Clinton Responds to Trump's Comments, Her Role in Clinton Foundation
And possibly future first daughter Chelsea Clinton is deep into her family's fourth presidential campaign. But even she's got to be a little rattled by this one please welcome the fabulous Chelsea Clinton. Sids expert common doll that's I think I'm in happy anniversary aria AM and any others. Quite a few times on this she had well completely Swansea man at least yeah. Financial we will talk about this yesterday and and I just want to ask you do you sob this latest. Peace with Matt Lauer did you feel it was balanced or did you feel it was you know out of whack I'm when did you feel when you saw. YA filed a lot of pride for my mom. Patient disclose any deeply biased. I don't know that happy now as a mom I I have two little kids Charlotte who turns two later this month and her Big Brother Adan was just two and a half months I hope my children are as proud of me as I am my mom. Some day so I just was so proud of my mom I'm taking serious questions seriously. And looking to give serious answers. I'm out of respect for the veterans who were on the intrepid in the room. And for the millions of voters who are tuning in across the country we do think that the questioning was unfair possess the criticism. I'm flowers getting quite a bit of it. Well I'll leave that that media pundit but as a had a daughter and as a voter I was really proud of my mom for being so focused on what's really at stake in this election including who will be your next commander in chief. You know the polls are close and it's it's it's galling. That the polls are closed today I'm just as biased as you why. She's not my mother disclaimer and that's what they're not. Yeah but some. But also close I don't understand it I'm the one hand you have. You know your mother who knows a lot who's been who's got so much just and she's more qualified as anybody your father and President Obama both said she's more qualified than they are. And on the other side you've got this road candidate who basically has done nothing in politics who seems to not. Be informed on a lot of things how do you account for this closeness of the polls when we always expect this to be a close race. Because no matter what the dynamic in our country and it has not been even warmth. Only joy I was raised to believe. We do have to work hard for every vote. That that is part of the responsibility that comes way. Choosing to run for political office whether you're running for the local school board or your running for president of the United States and so. I'm gonna talk agony the most possible. Like in Pennsylvania where I was the last couple days or next you can land North Carolina Ohio and Virginia. Talking. In forums like this about. What I think is at stake in the selection wanted to passionate supporter of my mom's also owning my deep deep behind Stuart took. At least the disclaimers are well and I was wanted to sister so. I'm yeah. They want to glamorous daughter unhappy but. Can't just good at around Donald Trump recently said that he didn't think your mom looked presidential. What do you have the stated that. I mean do I even need to say anything and went and got added that afterward that he dance. On its own. You I'm thin so much more troubled in this campaign by what he has said at bouts. Women probably about Americans with disabilities about her back trends. About. Americans who don't kind of share his street white male heritage. Saxony as farm. Man. Finley who are not she can leave but heckled. Sex isn't work my mom. She's tough she can take it and that I was I was in Pennsylvania and this week is I was sharing and that mother. Who told me a story that. I broke my heart then and continues to chest stay with me she said her son is in middle school. And he immigrated is failing to this country from Guatemala when he was six months old. And school started. Recently in Pennsylvania. And already he's had multiple people come up to him and say he should go back to Mexico. And that to me as a consequence of this almost normalization of hate speech. That we're witnessing in this election and so Pat Toomey is what it's so deeply troubling about. What mr. trump and so many of his surrogates. Say. Online offline. Because our kids are listening mainly. Are Americans really airlifting. I I want to ask you there's been a lot of scrutiny about the Clinton foundation in particular your father President Bill Clinton says if your momma selected that he'll recuse himself from the board you plan on staying on. Aid do you think that's appropriate some might see that as a conflict of interest and be will you continue to fund raise for the foundation. Thank you for giving me the chance talk about the foundation and when my father left the White House. More than fifteen years ago he knew he still wanted to make a difference in the world and I'm really proud of so much of the work of the foundation. Has done and I've been thinking I'm a lot about school recently kids my daughter's starting nursery school. And here in New York City kids and back to school earlier this week and believed the plot my daughters are now. And and on and on a serious note in just a couple of examples of the Foundation's work that are affecting school kids here and around the country. Every high school in America now has access to unlock zone which is the nasal spray that immediately reverses an appeal late epidemic. The 'cause of our work is no child should. Every guy. And overdose in our country. Eighteen million kids. Now or in schools that are healthier because of our partnership for the American Heart Association a healthier school lunches they have more physical activity options in and out of the classroom. I'm so we have to protect network we also know the changes have to be made that is that all of our international programs including our. Global health work that provides aids medicines to eleven half million people around the world. Different about the programs that support thousands of women entrepreneurs on the world those will be spun off. I'm as independent entities are to partners. And we won't accept foreign funding or corporate donations my father will. Step down on and I'm committed to helping. Steward that transition because it is conversely is you'll stand the board to continue to fund raise well for now certainly stay on the board and we also employing about 2000 people. We have a responsibility to the millions of people who are benefiting from work with us have responsibly our employees to ensure that they have jobs. In the future and then went to get through that transition period apple C with the right answers for the foundation for me.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"The Democratic nominee's daughter stopped by \"The View\" to talk about the upcoming election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41978890","title":"Chelsea Clinton Responds to Trump's Comments, Her Role in Clinton Foundation","url":"/Entertainment/video/chelsea-clinton-responds-trumps-comments-role-clinton-foundation-41978890"}