Cheryl Burke Getting Ready to Dance Again

The 2-time 'DWTS' champ on how she whips her dance partners into shape.
3:06 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cheryl Burke Getting Ready to Dance Again
It's been awhile since Cheryl Burke has been on the dance floor but don't worry in a few weeks we're going to find out who she will be partnered with on the next season of Dancing With The Stars at -- here with us how they see. So -- this time like for you waiting to find out -- your partners going to be did you -- care. I think he's heard that about one person normally has more so I'm a little bit anxious dad can't wait to find out but it stuck latest person to the next three and a half months out about. -- I didn't get along well that's right. Now what is the offseason like for you do you take vacations relaxed. I have both I mean I went to Australia for the first time I went with -- Johnson is also another dancer on dancing stars and busy doing things endorsing beach -- and just having a great partnership with them -- -- really excited about the love how much time do you spend dancing on us -- -- -- work out a lot I do you work out because I'm that -- seven days -- -- -- really important for me just have to watch what I -- and make sure I work out and your offseason workout is what you -- I have -- I. For me -- -- judges. Honey that my mom so little girl always tell me it does it passes. Ever since -- -- I'm a huge and writes as a tell us about your partnership with would be immunized Lia great legs. -- -- yeah. -- -- I'm just so excited to be part of such an amazing brand and I love -- I've personally I just love the you have to worry about shaving his long lasting. I particularly love -- and shower gel which is my favorite product and -- quick immediate ITC great strides in I have more information on the FaceBook page now -- bit about your book can be when it came -- it certainly caused a bit of a star power how -- how is it now a year later its finances than a year in the Paper -- -- just came -- hasn't. -- hole like therapeutic process for me and I just. -- -- really just needed to share my story. Two people at home to women -- girls and I think it's really important to let you know stand and be able to talk and it lets talk about you know the issues that you've had. And I feel like it's how are you don't know it have a voice of the riots and yet it was definitely my way -- -- refer me guessing was. My escaped -- he's always been the way. That I express myself. And of course you express yourself so well look rob Kardashian again I -- -- -- it was fun she really shocked that they made the file three that was amazing act that literally are going to be. Connolly three -- -- he made a heaving huge here I didn't attempt at making them for so much I. Just make sure that my celebrity shines every single week I mean for me it's all about improvements about that about where you -- -- that way you finish and I just feel like. Rob has gotten more and more into and we just got along great and we are you violate driver argues that you know are you saw I don't sometimes it means. Most of the time that I am a -- I have. No restaurant no carrier out all right Cheryl work that you -- -- for young guys and -- having me.

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{"id":15541470,"title":"Cheryl Burke Getting Ready to Dance Again","duration":"3:06","description":"The 2-time 'DWTS' champ on how she whips her dance partners into shape.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cheryl-burke-ready-dance-15541470","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}