How Many Chickens Does it Take to Make One Hilarious Scene?!

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias tells what really went on behind-the-scenes of "A Haunted House 2"
4:48 | 04/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Many Chickens Does it Take to Make One Hilarious Scene?!
-- Just now out. It doesn't get much more over the top than sacrificing a chicken and a kitchen with a hatchet and a shovel at the classic scene from the new haunted house to movies starring Marlon -- and Gabriel Iglesias. -- are happy to have with us today funny stuff Gabriel I have to ask though. Is that chicken okay. Those exit for chickens that I'm ticked towards -- -- Portuguese and make that thing they needed a -- to stay in the cajun chicken walked out of the cage. The chicken to run around and -- into beyond them and how many times -- detective get us and I probably took about two hours ago. Wow you guys must have been exhausted after that you know he's he's a chicken and at times -- you know -- -- Iraqi that it had been working. So of course the movie is a big follow -- to last year's big -- hot and house how to land a spot with this great cast with. Marlon hit me up apparently needed a Mexican for the audience but he's got to have a Mexican gas in the -- flavors -- And not hit you Matt -- for quite some time is also comic and a friend -- he wanted to be in the movie and now they come there. And to be able to do -- with the -- family is just like while. You know at that that the history of comedy and I'm I'm. I'm pumped up it's going to be -- -- -- be big not your first time teaming up with with Marlon but it for a movie yeah. -- -- another thing but I'm not -- This is the first and get to work together you know in a movie analogous that if it's going to be -- we've tested it we've seen it we've seen the movie with. Crowds and it's it's funny this -- it seems like there's one ridiculous scene right after the other you must have had so much fun. Making this a lot of in the province they love freedom like wanted to -- magic Mike you know they get mad when you can make it burglaries and -- -- Yet this -- -- diplomat film in this one it was just that currently getting it from here to hear whatever happens in the middle make it happen. And you you Marlon -- -- of course are so known for pushing the envelope here is there anything that you couldn't do in the Stanley. There was absolutely nothing at one point -- -- on Marlins back in my fingers were in his mouth that's how freaking committed Baghdad is. And -- files will in the push the envelope and that probably made it to the outtakes. Think that's although it only eleven of the power I think as an amount -- you know we might have -- -- that -- Michael gadget that'll be in the director's cut director's cut or in the blooper -- so you're making this movie you are enjoying yourself having a good time that what moment did you think. -- national getting paid to do this. -- noticing the check so. I guess I have been paid for but just to know that there's a movie out there and that my face is involved in it and they get to have fun. And I get to be silly and just you know work with you know Clinton. Great comedic mind like marlin. You know this this is a big deal and give me an idea what do you think it is that fans love these spoofs of these serious. They love the fact that it's over the top and it is a scary movie but you can watch it without being terrified and know that. You know even if you get a little scared with it because there are some moments -- like -- -- will freak you out. There's comedy coming right after that are you -- horror film fan. Was when I was a little tale of the big fan of Jason movies and of course and -- announce street. -- about comedy and enough Food Network and it would network. They're going to be haunted house three unity in the ice I predict it will be -- -- on how three and they didn't kill me in this one out of -- Spoiler alert but they're not killing the Mexican in this movie. This guy survives. Will be -- for part three if -- -- partly but they should give me an idea he said this is your first film what's different it's for this type of work for you as opposed to -- stage. This one is it's a little bit different -- you you get to. You get to. Perform a number of times to make sure you get it right vs what's that you'll get one crack at it. And you know it's of the U -- a little bit more about tight wire when you don't spend a verses. Film and you said you had a chance to watch the finished product in a theater with fans what was that like I was really cool because then I'm Michael -- -- -- -- because them in the theater are they laughing because it's really funny -- the wants on the sneak in there you know that was cool to hear people laugh at lines added -- it it was bloody. Now finals funny verses were on the set -- -- -- because there was no laughter. I'm sure many other fans will be flocking to the theaters Gabriel Iglesias thank you so much and of course if you want -- house. Two anyway did it -- to us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":23244379,"title":"How Many Chickens Does it Take to Make One Hilarious Scene?!","duration":"4:48","description":"Comedian Gabriel Iglesias tells what really went on behind-the-scenes of \"A Haunted House 2\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/chickens-make-hilarious-scene-23244379","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}