Chris Hardwick's 'The Nerdist Way'

In his new book, blogger shares his strategy to being successful.
4:34 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Chris Hardwick's 'The Nerdist Way'
Chris Hardwick is the -- to prove -- he run -- mega popular -- -- blog the top tech gadgets on people are. And he has one of the most popular comedy podcast around. In the -- -- way he shares his strategy for world domination or at least to becoming very successful. Where they'll to have Chris -- here -- -- today hi -- to see -- -- the -- -- well. Yeah. What about your book is it more law how to forget. It is -- how to for geeks nerds there's lot of debate about what makes a -- what makes and what makes some nerve I think ultimately were saying the same thing to accidents. But if you -- your definition. Well it's I think. I think nerds in particular. Are prepared passionate and hyper focus on things and assess the things on you know on in quantum detailed in -- -- are always constructive things so this book is about just. You know -- eight -- -- some of that focus and I am trying to get ahead there isn't. I want to put it did you bust some of the stereotypes about to be known peaks as well they've got some. -- focus on fitness a bit which isn't something that -- are known for -- -- -- Well -- the the sort of the old definition keeps yes but now. You know they get is -- deacon or cultures so interwoven now like everyone has a Smart when everyone had but the fact that my mom knows -- three G is. There's like the nerves of one you know so there are fitness -- there are sports nerves you know as well -- already eighteen world domination I. I guess I guess in a four as a former solidarity and yes I don't know with other with other did parents write this don't know what makes a geek than what I like to read. Major characteristic. If you had to point that so what you know one would be hyper focusing on something you know whether it's playing World of Warcraft are watching battlestar collecting action figures. Another is very active internal monologue. A lot of times dubbed the -- -- will talk themselves out of doing things. Because they have this -- -- depressive. Internal monologue and another has -- is actually being very emotional like I tell people -- never email or post things when your emotional. Right can't take it back right so -- now three. I have to say they have a chapter on doctor and be -- your -- say yes have you gotten flack for that other -- that is because our producer. Who is a self described Padilla Padilla says you have to ask him why -- -- -- doctored Xavier. It hurt you baby activity was a doctor he -- the doctor yes yes yes all right that that's about the reasoning behind. That that would be the -- the reasoning behind it -- -- and it is is a -- as a -- it's. Yeah and I visited seasons -- OK Ellen says that every -- called and called him professor -- -- I think we might have a debate. I had I didn't really -- I don't I don't want so badly out of nothing. Exactly importantly about -- today that he will that we have a comeback but but but I will say that. You know if you watch her furious because he doesn't it is so was doctor Charles Xavier -- -- before he was professor very -- -- the -- -- didn't get the doctor to become the exact right thing is a logical thing solved. Knowing -- more difficult for you performing in front a live sort of comedy club audience or panel at comic con. Actually in. Not neither mean that the -- -- McConnell con is that it's it's an audience that's there because they've loved what they're coming to see. And so they're excited and you don't have to know comedy clubs a little more challenging sometimes because you in the first couple minutes you have to convince people that it's okay to like do you and you have to got a bigger one feels safe but -- comic con. It's a themed event like everyone you know like when I'm -- avengers panel are walking dead the people who waited hours in -- -- those things right so they're going to be excited about you know about what they have to say they're coming with an open heart already have. They're ready to Latvia yes disclosed just like a big is just a big other traffic cop. I'm directing the love from the audience to the -- safe right you know it's it's the big celebration of things that we love. You know you what you do where a lot of -- I mean you're doing a lot of things as their favorite. -- you know stand up is always had a thing for me that's at the core of its stand up is always the thing I always say I'm a comedian first. And so you know I would never be happy if -- were able to perform all the time. And what a good show for you -- you go in with a very scripted idea what you're gonna do or is it a little bit more free form want to get up that -- spoke you know I ended up. Playing a lot with the crowd because when I first started headlining several years ago. I didn't have -- tutored Joseph record stretch out the hour -- like -- let -- do some -- was like a survival mechanism to start talking of the crowd and it ended up becoming a very integral part of how I develop bids and you know and part of the live show.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"In his new book, blogger shares his strategy to being successful. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14876021","title":"Chris Hardwick's 'The Nerdist Way'","url":"/Entertainment/video/chris-hardwicks-nerdist-way-blogger-shares-strategy-to-being-successful-entertainment-14876021"}