Chris Noth's Wake-Up Call About Hunger

"Sex and The City" star also reveals sneak peak at his new summer flick "Lovelace."
6:42 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Chris Noth's Wake-Up Call About Hunger
We all know and love him as big on sex in the city or more recently as the sex scandalized governor on the good wife but there is more Chris -- then just -- -- -- campaigns is a huge supporter. Of food relief programs and he's teaming up with BV -- on a great new program called give and give back. And he's here to talk about it today. Why hunger as a cause -- here. Well I was really basically educated by BV on this because I think I thought -- -- hunger in the same way most people did witches. You kind of know it's there are problem but you think it's being taken care of by government programs you live in a city like New York -- LA which. His. Of bounds and food we we celebrated we food opening of restaurants and food stalls are. Every day every week reviews of -- -- just feel like it's there but the sad fact is is the dirty little secret is is that. You know seventeen million adults -- food -- one in six children. Don't get access to food and we're living in the country of over 360. Million people those are big numbers so why -- we have so much. And then. As they talked and I kind of was -- really impressed that they were doing this so I became sort of a messenger. For their program that they created the giving gives back home -- heroes. It's just to inspire citizens and to pass the -- along that there are people out there who are actively participating. In this fight against -- We just give a 101000 dollar check in the cutting room. To Brett Myers the cutting room as -- restaurant as rock and roll club. And he started a program called -- -- It's -- he quit his job started this program. Which in in his town in Maryland. Goes to caterers and restaurants. And takes all the food that's left over and still good in and visit to the -- now we have some of that in New York. I think it's I mean he I think it's a -- he's he's already given a 100000 pounds of food. That's that's an amazing amount is this part in his room and YE. You know part of the joy of being an actor and being able to -- your name you know it's like. It just seems like if it's if I can. Give some awareness. I don't I don't I'm not patting myself on the back about it frankly. I think. You know. If it helps thing that I've been much more involved in the environment I had to learn of this from. An exhibit of -- I think to have. The hopeful message here is that companies like BV and other companies are getting out there and and -- -- up to the government. Which is important to remain food stamps and everything else but. It's a big. Problem in this country week I think a lot of other problems get -- Did more more more press and it's kind of like. Something that. Persists and we tend to. Not focus on it but -- keeps persisting you know to me and then the topic goes to obesity within there's a connection between the two actually. Do you find that you know a lot of you -- your recent role as political in nature do you find. Is this disconnect here at all to the political whereas just as just your day job all hesitant and Mimi in the governor you know does enough that his -- was thinking -- -- only if -- that he. Many women are fantasizing about the return of sex in the city the movie I know you. And I -- I think the -- like -- was -- was -- -- mr. angered. I've pretty much say good. I think we've also -- all senators say your behind yeah you know we keep saying goodbye. I think the second movie kind of wasn't too well received I don't know I thought it was OK but. I don't know any -- possible if they wanted to do and they did fine but I don't think world thinking that much about it now we will -- children we've almost we have other projects. Now we don't quite know why that person is saying that you don't stay up at night and thank I'd like to do this is yesterday next no. I think of other things like to do but -- -- RA can't imagine that we haven't covered every single aspect of that relationship and it. Speaking of movies have a new one coming out -- all Lovelace. And I have another movie called friend and Nelson Christopher -- -- McLean but they're small movies but. -- Lovelace is obviously about this woman who. Inadvertently may be created the porn industry. But it's not pornographic but it's about her life and about. You know where she took it and how power all of us started nuisance suits it's basically period -- for instance. Early seventies you know that's what it may look like an old. -- John Gotti. -- the -- that funds and and and wants to make -- -- business which as we know today is huge business. Not quite the same was then but she's kind of basically started at all it's wonderful performance by an undersea creatures. Peter's Sarsgaard. Lot of fun people and it. I think -- of the -- stuff -- its support and your next movie Shirley MacLaine -- -- That's like that that's a love story between those two for an analysis it's going to be delightful and play a very annoying character and son -- law. So. You know whenever. Anytime you make your choices you know not everybody gets the opportunity after a hit show to -- continue on in. And continue to make movies and get parts and TVM -- people -- -- know you one win. Ohio I have to fight for them there's lots of actors out there it's not like there are tons of there's tons talent. And I think now more than heroin create my own material and producing and -- and stuff like that because it's it's it's insists it. It's difficult you know any really good piece of writing you know every actor out there wants -- this is just -- a lot of it. Studio do everything you gotta be able to be flexible and and and work in many different worlds -- except reality. And -- idea -- her -- you working aren't there as well you know congratulations on on maintenance charity and here event. And -- talk to you -- -- opinion.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"\"Sex and The City\" star also reveals sneak peak at his new summer flick \"Lovelace.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19385459","title":"Chris Noth's Wake-Up Call About Hunger","url":"/Entertainment/video/chris-noth-political-off-screen-takes-stand-hunger-19385459"}