Chris O'Dowd Shows Off His Massive Calves

"The Sapphires" star talks about why he became an actor and why his calves are so huge.
8:04 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for Chris O'Dowd Shows Off His Massive Calves
-- -- -- -- What president plays goalie Apollo Theater. Is where dreams. Are made where legends are born. Wrong. Who opting you have. I can see you arrows and it places like dot de Aaron in the -- -- -- -- litany of classrooms the world happening. Because you've got -- needs that need to let -- yeah yeah. That's the bat and yelling -- guys are coming out of the ground that Obama. Where -- just can not. I'm. A volcano. -- truly believe you I needed help. -- -- Impressive. Here even though it was made for British television. When did the -- secret come -- he has a 20052006. And then it. Still an adult was that was -- really -- That that thing I guess that the big changes that made in my life is that I it was an actor you know I want and so. -- -- I could stop working in the arms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can remember seen in Tikrit where because maybe it's because where I am we have IT people like we do everywhere wrong but it's just you. -- active eating something and the phone -- rain. And I seen myself as that person calling if -- it is the longest wait he until. That happens I think you think each finger yacht that was -- Yes it really and then basically when you answer the phone it. Just unplug it and cut it back in something I'd turn on -- on again. That huge frustration with the well you're working now with Christopher Guest -- -- this HBO show -- family tree which -- Went over there yesterday. And -- to see this place -- yet. Well well reunion come by and he's said this will happen when it's ready to. Sometime in mid -- OK but this is Chris guess this is a guy who is. I mean -- -- everything D'auria. And so even though you have experience and that is that into you're not one of the Christopher Guest companies -- that he's done in all. Those things. Yes and that was intimidating particularly when -- -- with you know Michael McKean plays Mike Dodd and and go moments that -- him for time and realized and while August. I'm slightly government debt. Is aids is terrified -- -- -- them -- a lot of visuals it's. It's hard today I found it really difficult like I looked it. But I genuinely did find it really tricky. I read a lot about you mean that you just laughed it off. Four. Your athletic prowess mean that this was there's. Among the articles that I looked at -- there's one where you have tremendous pride in your caps. With this front of football but what was. I was tremendous pride almost hubris -- how can tell -- really. I think at the accurate from. I was -- gaelic -- and growing up. And but I you know once I find kind of alcohol and cigarettes that -- -- left up behind fairly quickly. But I -- is still remembered the shouted the crowd -- Abul. Don't make me get up in the morning that would do it via. So what shape -- you -- I think he should actually show them. Cops yes let's see them let's do it let's do it I'll do it -- get it there there they are. I don't know I don't think we're gonna put -- football. I think it's just not good enough there's no muscle bulging and there's -- -- Note this is because I've done I've been trying to do -- dial I would who she noticed as -- sure but fun though I was watching myself on camera -- that I looked on realistically muscular. -- way said we have to change yet because my idea I wanna be relays ability human beings I don't want people who go hey -- just so. Was this to prepare for your role as a snail in -- that's right reality. That's right I did a lot of bomb -- the modifications for today animated film but I did just to really. Like I see that a lot of doctors that are doing great really really taking it to that. The of the ball at all -- to be also I wanna change my body like an -- obvious nail them on one of these snail did you annoy snails or -- just by a few of them and then -- I had I I I set up a small -- -- I'm I -- a small you know those like six to 700 -- And people don't really know this but that you can use the mucus that they leave behind in. Any number of -- yeah I read I -- -- No don't do not touch it with your scared just wanted to -- the -- it's the do not do -- I mean feel free by the -- you'll regret it. What about you looking at -- to come back to the set by government you not the poster you know -- -- -- that extremely handsome. So why is that seen in this set fires that sticks with you where you could actually with -- -- -- -- I think I did a good job in this scene where. I talk about the difference between country western music and and soul music. Because it was a scene. Dot I've kind of rule the day before. Because -- felt like we remiss in restaurant somewhere that it take to bring all of that stuff together because these bureaus common -- -- -- country western music. And then I just. Where -- you start to do soul music. -- I -- come up with this idea that I could talk about. The country western music being about the loss. It but the differences. So -- -- about the loss but in country western music. They've lost that kind of gone home in the way engine in about it soul music its relentlessly trying to get -- what you. And I thought -- that was a nice moment that tied them in Utica. You know Chris every guest that comes on the show we -- we stand in. Terrific -- -- so it can be from this. -- like that some people -- it and raw and they said why wasn't I told. My publicist -- five Donna -- but it's just but he can be anything it's in your head sole country music anything you would have -- back at the bar. Is rent in the you'd like. Well I kind of like that moment in the movie where you're doing the fort -- you're doing I can't help us we -- -- you are onstage with the girls but the step are that there with you and we can pretend here has a crew. To be this -- -- but it will not be the same. You were you on the sequel I could I would do that if I had -- -- it is for you live wages go like this I could I could try to do know that yet. She that rocked on -- You know I love fuel. Can help my -- I love you and nobody else. Bomb bomb bomb -- -- I mean. People did not expect that they would get back today don't -- it up it would and I -- an eyewitness -- amazing because the just a few more months but that'll be a huge. -- but -- -- and I don't know much about.

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{"id":18942895,"title":"Chris O'Dowd Shows Off His Massive Calves","duration":"8:04","description":"\"The Sapphires\" star talks about why he became an actor and why his calves are so huge.","url":"/Entertainment/video/chris-odowd-shows-off-massive-calves-18942895","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}