Christopher Walken: 'I like to Work'

The actor says he doesn't have hobbies or children, and he doesn't like to travel.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Christopher Walken: 'I like to Work'
Yeah. But your hands -- No. What I said no. What -- I want to. They've got a gun. I don't care. This reinsurance. To benefit. I see many movies of -- -- -- incorporate a little bit of your movement your dance what's happening. And and especially when you did. The. A weapon of choice -- respect him. Right for enforcement. That was advanced video it was a -- and I -- but put a little dancing movies just from my own. -- And and then it started to get mentioned in reviews. -- that you dance yet -- goes again you know and and I am and -- -- -- I can do even more. I don't like that -- turning on the -- -- -- when it turn on the dance and not do that anymore what you had yet to. -- -- -- But on the break I don't think that's true I think you keep surprising everybody there's no way to predict that -- the last Academy Award nomination -- was protected content. Where you're the original dance and that little thing. But it was -- to ten. -- -- -- For this farm -- -- -- and everything else in. So how can we do that now the thing is people always -- to do impressions. They just do -- there's so many I I think I'm easy. Who's your favorite candidate who does best I remember seeing Kevin Spacey Kevin he's he's very good captain -- is -- -- Fast ship you never heard of the millennium falcon. It's the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve prospects. She's. Fast enough for you old man -- -- -- clause connect -- now the latins have -- down with -- shouldn't. Ecology and harmony in bad an idea -- -- to slate you have like Hawaiian shirt here. You wearing -- Hawaiian shirt with bells. -- from what you cook is that -- thing is that like one of your eyes is going to Wear one insured and on the house. To around the house so when you cook and I never go outside. Of its own ego it's centrist -- -- -- you're you're thinking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's ups except it is there's -- hope. She's not dealing with -- That the she probably has -- self. -- that is very good where it's easy casting director and you know -- -- -- do you have a computer -- -- Punch up its settlers who may have seen on read the -- 01. No really get it on your computer on -- the cat. He speaks French. And he's having an existential. Dilemma. It's really funny that you are you can turn your house. Went upstairs. You watch the cat what and -- do you. Do against that he keep inching to that you could work dancing to some of them my exercise there I have a trip -- -- that's what -- But indeed do little dance around us and -- you know the spirit moves me I'm really happy -- annually since he's happy to -- -- what you know you get older and and you know you wanna be ready. Being an actor I never I've never known what I was gonna do next I don't know what I'm going to do next. I'm doing this press stuff. Now but -- for a job I don't know I never have been even when I was you know. -- You know things we've gone you know humming along idea I never really knew what was coming next so. If it becomes a lot about being prepared them. Approved the phone the -- somebody say come to -- so. But you want to work I do like to work you this somebody said he wants what do you turn anything down. Sure I do think there -- but. No it's it's the only thing I do I don't have kids. I don't have hobbies. I don't like to travel. I want to go to work. Which entails a lot of -- Who I I go and I stay there until it's done they come back. So what makes you win your home not working in the house want to cook. What what is this thing that means you think I can do this. -- -- interest -- it's like having a hobby and then you get the EB. You know I -- and has no evidence if it's a failure. You eat I could be -- -- Erica Kane two things like tennis they're biking. But. You get to it. And and you know what's in it and and also exercise. I get on the treadmill -- I watched Charlie Rose. You have -- he once wrote in mind there -- -- play. Press writers who have saint. Well you don't like -- thing for -- I think because I was right there when he. What happens when -- happened. I remember I was in. -- -- I was in my teens early teens. And there was a prominent was a girl named Janice. And I wanted to invite -- to the -- And I was so nervous. That it took me -- think two weeks. And we bumped into each other on the stairwell at the school and I -- where. When -- of the prom. As -- said. I'd love to but I have a boyfriend. And she took out in those days -- sentence wallets with you know when he. Pictures and plants and -- Got this wallet she flipped it open. And she showed me this picture of this guy. And it was Elvis and before his hair was black -- brown hair you know we look like a Greek statue. And she said this my boyfriend and I can't go to the prom. And I looked at it and I said. That's not -- boyfriend. I said look at that you cut that out of a magazine. And she said yes it's true it's it's -- Named Elvis. And I said you know you can't talk to me like that -- -- you gotta go of the prom with me. And she says yes. Well pack it backfired on you so that what she said she had to admit it wasn't her boyfriend. But that was the first them as well let's and then of course -- I was about to find a lot more. I'm talking about hair I think that Elvis had a big influence. When you could've gone that direction but it's a nice whats so if you think -- you could've gone the Elvis what he wanted to he could no I'm not musical. -- come now you if you dance -- news. Yeah I mean that way I have rhythm but I am is that thing that half but I have a small but extremely unpleasant voice. No that's if you trying to get out doing that singing -- Doolittle I'm walking around talking and you've done. Saturday Night Live I'm not asking for full song. I'm asking for an Elvis could really saying -- we and our beautiful wars I love the sound of people when they -- From heart something that that. Now. I'm about it that's the -- -- -- connecting here not just is not gonna work so I'm just. Well you you mean this thing -- -- this means that I think of something appropriate doesn't have to be inappropriate that if it's just coming. Can always hear what you -- But -- he tries and has not. You know what you mean. Memorized by Elvis in person. Or. -- mamiya that's us -- -- meatball. -- -- -- -- And I think that there. -- -- -- It got that you've got -- the whole idea -- -- place.

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{"id":17464384,"title":"Christopher Walken: 'I like to Work'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor says he doesn't have hobbies or children, and he doesn't like to travel.","url":"/Entertainment/video/christopher-walken-interview-psychopaths-actor-hobbies-work-17464384","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}