Christopher Walken on 'Seven Psychopaths' Role

Famed actor discusses new movie "Seven Psychopaths" and how he endures fame from "More Cowbell."
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Christopher Walken on 'Seven Psychopaths' Role
It sometimes jump cuts instead they were looking for Lucic who then some other -- -- those -- Marty and -- Kinney. Its teeth. It's okay. -- their blood that is his -- You wanna go to the bathroom through some of the -- -- and where is my writer friend I was telling you couldn't. Produced no -- Get this little -- -- brewery. That the elephants. You think she's the one that director. Think. Strong possibility -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn when we tell you what's happened at the movies and you just saw a scene from seven psychopath starring among others. Christopher walked. Christopher Walken is with us Chris like thank you won't come. Seven -- You know what you think in the. It was terrific that I saw it and at midnight showing. And Toronto -- A lot of young people and it was it was exciting. When you're making the movie do you have an opinion about it that doesn't always come true when you see it -- put together. I never really know what it is until negotiated. -- improved. When I read a script -- I'm not good at reading scripts I've never know what's going. And then sometimes. When before you start -- -- call it table reading we've gotten. Most of the act as they read the script that the end of that I always think -- OK I get a but then I don't really get it -- I see them. In this case. This is a movie written and directed by Martin that yes the playwright that you just did he is handing in Spokane for three years yet. So this -- It's cold Steve Austin yes. He can call you up and -- Chris. Come on be one -- my -- -- when we did the play he was there every day didn't directed but he was. Do you do you get to know people just. By osmosis. And and Sam Rockwell who I loved working -- -- is. Unionize -- in the movie and it does help when you know people and you like them. When you get a -- like -- that this guy he's basically kidnapping. The dogs of rich people holding them for -- you Sam Rockwell's character like that but he's got -- -- we think when I saw this movie that. The psychopaths were more like everybody who normal -- than it did the same problems at the rest. Except. They're -- and they're committing crimes but you've got the sick wife. -- Sam Rockwell wants to be in the movie business and be successful. Everybody sort of wants the same things we want as more people. And thrive and acting class thing the first thing that I remembered. Paying attention to was that what he walked. When you have seen the play you have to ask yourself what -- want. And everybody in this movie does want something. What -- cons -- -- -- -- here well Hans once they have a nice life you know reality and he has. Troubled pasts difficult. -- obviously. And I think he's at a point in his life where everything's okay. And then you know his wife dies and things. Go south. -- you try to stay intact. What you just it's finished the cake is done and -- Chris again. I think I'm always -- I'm happy to hear that Chris you know even -- different are these crimes in doing terrible things that people many many times. That's the story. But yet. While I would thinking and -- activists I could pick sentence like that he played at Barry's news yeah -- -- -- -- to me one. Like one of my favorite. Performances. -- and there's a scene where Sean Hannity silent and you basically -- killings -- And you doing this. Making your -- complicit in. How awful and I'm glad you said that because it that that moment you know when he does Batman is from an Italian movie. It's it's an Italian movie I think it's about lucky -- It's a terrific movie and somebody does that the movie. And you thought nothing of stealing. This is good thing on -- Sonoma. Sure it is not working you and maybe -- meeting for the first time and people have told stores back here. But it's -- me. Well you know from -- Asia have a lot of and I thought about that a lot because Crosby equipment on my life. And -- somebody asked me and it just popped out I hadn't thought about it but I said well it's an attention getting device. And I think that's that's absolutely true early on I realized that. -- -- Then I -- and also somebody told me once that that the best actors have big heads. And I didn't have a big -- -- -- -- I'm reading it myself in the country and did but that yes. And and but it is -- image basically to whom it good work. Well we were talking before we went on about the various things -- do I brought up. A video that's on -- Funny or Die well for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now -- that was somebody in my who came to my house while I was something and they. They had a video camera. And I don't have I don't have a computer I don't know anything about it I don't have a cell phone and this guy. Was taking pictures of me cooking. And he said do you mind if I put this on -- -- I didn't know what that was and he did -- mean it's still there five years later. But I think that's where the Funny or Die -- I feel like I need somebody to talk to so I asked them for Richard felt. Of course tells of would be the perfect person that -- It could -- that's what makes you. Well I'm easy. There's lots of funny stuff McCain has stolen. What is it about the death I think -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. Well because you sense that they're very Smart. Days get the sketch that I do one on Saturday Night Live the continental -- I know if you ever saw -- How we worship here all of us to Continental's of real thing I used to watch you when I was ten years old. It was on the last thing on it was at them Liberace and and the continental was a fifteen minute show. Very serious. Well your continental is kind of really didn't talk to -- that him talking to this won't. -- -- The TV archives have a couple of can this helps the continent it's very interesting to see it. He was an Italian actor and -- something. And he would. Open the door and the lady would come in victory champagne. Smoke cigarettes in those days that was a little bit. Risque and -- problems -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's also simple math activities days. -- That night the seduction math it. Seduction and then immediately so you your homage in the continental to you know here. We're all sitting here thinking this is just bringing people -- now that was a from beneath your -- image. And apparently somebody laughed during one of the broke broadcasts. It was lives -- standing around. And they laughed then and afterwards and so. Challenge them to a dual. We don't do that anymore this business is finished we'll go to out of me. I keep you. That we should be so many shows would be improved that I think they really it would. -- -- up Saturday night you posted -- seven times like you're in that club -- you with. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will have done a lot more about and I think six certain times -- yeah. And this -- That everybody is success. Is the count and you know if it follows me around. -- don't know. -- -- More -- what does that line -- -- witnessed the fever. I they're gonna have yet. But you know why is it's like when I did -- Madonna's play about two years ago. Became a point where people would bring cow -- to the -- and buying -- curtain call and I thought okay. Too much that's enough. Actually one of my best performance aside and really put boots with who goes public scrutiny but that's what I want -- my kind of hit -- Listen that's where I've made a lot of movies about things.

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{"id":17464209,"title":"Christopher Walken on 'Seven Psychopaths' Role","duration":"3:00","description":"Famed actor discusses new movie \"Seven Psychopaths\" and how he endures fame from \"More Cowbell.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/christopher-walken-interview-psychopaths-role-psychopath-number-17464209","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}