Christopher Walken: From Dancer to Star

How a child actor became a dancer, then one of the most famous stars in America.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Christopher Walken: From Dancer to Star
-- -- -- -- Hug my 230 -- Students Jesus Ferrari and eye for an eye leaves the whole world the blind that believe that whole heartedly. No it doesn't. They'll be one guy left with one high house the last blind guy gonna take out the eye of the last guy left. Who still got one I all that guy has to do is run away and hide behind a bush. It's -- was wrong. Is that nobody gets them balls that commands. My first awareness of these inning home. Danny hall it really funny interest being romantic comedy but your character twenty. -- not have a good time. -- and it's a great movie if it's. Yes that was really the first time then then. Was in the movies. But do you remember on -- hall. What that date that first time Woody Allen was directing. Sure it was only worked on the movie for two days -- but -- -- -- 11 was the scene in the bedroom. And the other one was the scene in the car to do you remember about. I remember the Woody Allen was there I don't remember him ever saying -- -- to me. Remember looking over and he would be over in the corner. Reading a book. And even the audition. I knew there was somebody in the room -- was sitting back there someplace. But we never spoke. He was watching me. The senate. So you don't do this -- I've never spoken to them. A cornerstone -- there be another meeting. -- because it looks like. You've -- something you know. Especially when you're in the car I think that windshield wiper and -- -- wanted to ride into the -- -- company no I remember one -- I was sitting with them. Someplace and there was nobody around -- there was a silence and I suppose. I was trying to -- it. And I've been reading a book about the propriety Murphy even. The woman who claimed to have multiple lives. And I said I said to -- you know I'm looking at this book about Friday Murphy and he's sort of -- movie Dutch bank and he said. Reincarnation. Would be good news for a soul. The deer hunter which comes almost right after -- right immediately it's right there yeah. And in fact when we were doing that -- we -- in Seattle. Driving to some location. And we passed the big post there. For Annie Hall. And that's my -- realization that I was in the movies and and so in the deer hunter comes is this. Nerve -- to -- No it was great. Yeah yeah everything about it was great. To be with those actors. And you know those locations were fabulous. We were up in the Cascade Mountains in Washington and we went -- to Thailand. It was really an extraordinary time. It sounds very joyful but in the movie itself nothing so I mean it's Russians let your handgun two -- -- and being in the jungle and and all that but still for me it was all brand new and I was very -- -- I remember watching the movie and having that feeling when you -- all playing pool. And doing too good to be trip and that it was time to stop me for -- -- If these guys -- -- to get. -- -- -- -- You're doing this you were in courses he did the show is this all happening but the deer -- nothing like that I just wonder what happens -- -- What happens under that -- way and everybody is there saying. Chris this year hit expand what did you because you had done this for so long now I think I I think -- when -- little. You know overboard. I'm happy to hear it because the -- should keep the eighties and early eighties. And sure I was around you know at studio 54 was hopping and absolutely. But. You know please settled take carries -- Why would -- -- up yet but it's good that that happens but you settle down again you didn't get. A lot of roles where you play characters who are disturbed. Them. -- -- said that sometimes -- you know to be an actor is a tricky thing to decide to do because. There's so many wonderful actors and they don't work it's very you know that unemployment rate and an active citizens. Huge. And for a long time and I looked younger than our lives. And -- I get older. Suddenly now I'm starting to play uncles and fathers and grandfathers. Them. And it's -- different territory it's it's it's nice. I'm in a picture called late quartet that's coming out. -- -- with Phillips him Hoffman yes -- and it's a different part it's. You know it's it's human being -- not you know a guy who wants to take over the world. We're -- San Francisco. You know that the -- Now a lot of the guys that I don't knock those those are the M and -- -- you -- maxis today you know I really love Mac -- -- if you do KO. I think that guy -- -- you had to really did you dye their hair with that it Witten -- I was. -- -- me I had to walk around like six months but I was in the little town in Italy in the mountains. And walking on -- dusty road. And this woman -- her little boy was coming the other way and when the kid got to me he looked at me and he said. Max. And I thought that's the power of movies have -- -- in this little village that kid who you knew Max is the James Bond yeah yeah that's what -- -- bond fan. And I think Daniel Craig is great movement. Is a wonderful bonds. And Roger morrow -- Beautiful man. My friend. I loved working with him. And the other -- -- played was for Tim Burton Batman returns. For the next track track also hope that on. Well he was -- that wasn't and by the you know Max -- is the name of the the actor who played most for -- to. In the great silent vampire movie. Max -- -- up the max's and you do it. But I can you you mentioned in passing about the dancing that you did that was what you were trained to dip and. In pennies from heaven we see do that incredible. Camping -- that Peterson dancing them off. I've been in three a -- musical movies which is a lot nowadays. -- they happen and read through four years that was pennies from heaven I did a musical of the story puss in boots -- I've played the cat. Comes back to the -- Yeah it's actually one of my best performances I think really puss in boots and some -- nobody season but let's try one of my -- here that people. Listen boots that's what I've made a lot of movies that I haven't seen. Is that on purpose -- and -- -- they just don't come out and become he just and then there's identities screenings and things -- They don't have the screenings -- an open. They just don't open and a -- and you're waiting you're surfing. Movie channels from the pop -- That's not your boyfriend. I should look affect -- cut fed out of Atlanta. And she says he has to prove it's just got my name -- -- And I feel like you know you can't afford to -- like that I said -- of the conflict. And she said yes.

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{"id":17464311,"title":"Christopher Walken: From Dancer to Star","duration":"3:00","description":"How a child actor became a dancer, then one of the most famous stars in America.","url":"/Entertainment/video/christopher-walken-interview-psychopaths-star-dancer-star-17464311","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}