A Citrus Superstar: The Annoying Orange

The creator of the hit Web series on plans to bring the orange to TV.
4:17 | 11/01/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Citrus Superstar: The Annoying Orange
So what does thought that the biggest star on YouTube would be a piece of -- -- Be annoying orange web series is the most watched original theory in YouTube history it's about us our -- -- orange and his buddies from the produce section. Check out a clip. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got Apple Store now this -- this machine. Like apple. I have not. -- -- -- -- And now we are joined now. By the creator of annoying orange at Dana voted timer high -- great to have you with us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the idea for this show come from it's pretty original. Well it's kind of funny have been doing talking food videos for a long time I've been doing a lot of online. Content for you to for many years and things -- have done a lot of talking food videos before and I've always loved doing videos and silly puns and and things like that it just kind of all culminated this one day and made this video about a talking oranges just. Took off and hit -- -- now is that your mouth on the talking -- Yep that's me. You had gotten several celebrities make cameos on the show as well including games -- with the voice about -- -- we just heard. Now you have done that we've -- on your next episode is he going to be a fruit or veggie. He is going to be a jumping -- -- night. Avaya here I wish list of the guessing what have I'm very of their John getting excited about his jumping being well. If if if if if it. Yeah I mean adds I've I've always wanted to have I'm I'm a huge fan of -- -- -- -- boys want to have him on the shows that you're listening Nathan. Come on the show I wanna have -- -- down. So how -- -- diet which fruits and veggies to use for which celebrities. As far as that goes you know it's it's it's more of -- create. We we try and tailor it to that accident that person you know it's James Connie sees a little bit is a little bit more like laid back he's -- -- you know news in the godfather and things like that so. We kind of tried to model -- after those those -- that he's commercial that is the most interest in men in the world and we thought he'd he'd fit into that perfectly. Good job now you trying to pitch an annoying warrant TV series. But since that hasn't happened -- you kind of decided to take things into your own hands -- health hopefully again. Yeah I -- -- partnered up with the collective which is a management company and production company and together we created a a TV pilot on her own and now we're all finished up and we're just pitching it's a different networks and so far it's it's it's been pretty exciting -- have to say. You've been getting good response has so far. Yes yes excellent response of the snow on her anywhere and -- really excited. We'll have to -- yeah unfortunately. -- -- virtually everybody -- but I can't I can't say too much I got it and got it now it does seem though that annoying orange has really struck a pop culture. Nerve not only is to show a big hit on the web. But you're about to launch a ton of merchandising deals and malls. -- think the appeal is -- is everybody loved this. I'm going warrants. Well you know I think there's definitely something too -- knowing characters if you look throughout. -- cartoon history -- you know there's so many silly characters that are annoying but yet kind of lovable at the same time and he looked at Bugs Bunny. Woody Woodpecker. Peppy Le pew all of those characters they're there and knowing inherently. And -- for some reason there's something there's something fun about watching someone else being -- -- -- It's very relatable -- and -- all the success of a sponge Bob square pants. Well thank you I appreciate it very much thanks so much for talking with us today --

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The creator of the hit Web series on plans to bring the orange to TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14859567","title":"A Citrus Superstar: The Annoying Orange","url":"/Entertainment/video/citrus-superstar-annoying-orange-14859567"}