Clooney Tackles Corruption in "Ides of March"

George Clooney talks about the perils of politics with Peter Travers.
7:42 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Clooney Tackles Corruption in "Ides of March"
-- -- -- Hope you get an education to create national unity teacher -- trade. And we're going to get them out of debt for the college loans that would is that all that's exactly right governance system you gonna do it through it. Make it mandatory and voluntary. -- well -- Hi I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn and I have no more mistakes that George -- in the house -- you're in the house and you are. Winning enough for very similar -- fighters are present. I heard it was structured day -- world. Let's face would be. Is the thing that we don't really have to lose anyway right to have I have to start by saying you look. You got to movies. Yet the ides of march -- the -- coming right after it everybody's talking Academy Award re global. Pretty greedy you know -- -- them. You know that you're like a social activist you've been the sexiest man alive for twice at people and god knows personally -- on people and oftentimes I say to myself -- And then you've got these places in Lake Como. Every bachelor is that you can. You're living their fantasy so right tell me as we began didn't watch slack housing what awful about being -- Interview shows really yeah that's only really -- -- -- -- is hoping. No actually it's amounts have been pushing the agency's case that if if if it's only -- hide from. You know home. I'm having -- having a pretty good time right now and life. Europe it was funny because as -- to prevent ides of march you know -- a guy running for president and again it's of starts these questions of would you ever want to run for politics -- -- politics and I think what can I want a and look at everybody else's life in politics and ego why would I ever wanted to having a very good time. -- your movie sort of ask the question why would anybody here why -- is. George you've gone. When you didn't remind. You we're dealing with -- armor and we're dealing with somebody who genuinely happened -- sure. There was no we don't have that if the guy had yet but in ides of march. You being the governor of Pennsylvania running and then I'll. Primary to work you did I watched them be so I see it -- -- Yes you -- and everything Ryan Gosling being the Press Secretary you know he's like this. Piece of Paper this litmus test everybody who's corrupt -- -- so are you saying we have no politically we adjust. And ourselves I think I. He did the argument would be especially in particular instance we have that the -- of the film. When they say you to Ryan can you tell me how we got -- this button looks right in the camera I think it's it's not necessarily. That we're -- doomed but I think that it. It says it looks right at us and says we are responsible for how we elect people not. Who we elect has this isn't about room right or left the Republicans as much for about the process. Of how we -- -- -- and and at what point. You trade cell -- soul. It is worth it and is it -- sometimes the answers yes dirty campaigning gets the right guy in office then -- it is the right. Is it worth it is that ever worked I don't know what you when your own choices not being political -- did you ever -- and at one point in your career you did something where you fish are -- There will be if you think about it everybody it's not just my career record you know everybody has to make these choices at some point. In their lives they are given an opportunity to better themselves at the cost of someone else and sometimes. Maybe that is better -- maybe that there's an argument to spend about that there is a cost. Inside you know and that will. It -- that will come back somewhere where you are either you believe it'll come back karma that's not really highlights from -- -- but I think it actually just comes back because. Did when you make those kind of decisions when I've made those decisions. That deep almost invariably backfire. Because in general doing the right thing -- Almost always the best best policy. You can't really find we have to do what story can do anything bad happens have been doing the right thing is your crucial period to visuals. -- this exception. Several yeah. This movie really asked the question in the end is change possible can get anybody in office even if -- to -- easiest way possible. Who can do something -- -- here with the point is that you comes -- the money and -- where my father for congress. Run for congress it's a two year term. Culture couple the institute by the time your seniority. And you're having to shake hands and make deals with people -- you don't want to and that the quite honestly. 95%. Of the people who have the most money in -- campaign and who who who. Raised the most money and some money is a big deal and whenever money is a big deal. And it's allowed to be infused into the system anonymously. -- that causes great concern. For whoever side of -- The almost in any is that -- victim -- exit. If you don't have fifty million dollars to promote human right and where thickening -- it and I'm going to wind up. You know where some of my -- Well a few of the map. You know an -- think -- I would think Batman and Robin in October. Yet because you -- Chris O'Donnell -- it again Halloween and it just sometimes it but on your back and rob but we do now what we like to do -- -- Put on the Europa. Q. It's it's a -- out you can. You know it's funny I never realized it couldn't get -- earlier clear as. Was points must've been. Urged him that I'm going to be any Ishtar and call yeah. -- don't really think -- affected it's actually going to be. Well liked that but my long way around the question and if it theme. For you for the movie made. More. Than. It is a -- this film -- It isn't. I'm dissolution by the people. That are dissolution. Of Umpqua -- You know Democrats eat there Democrats. Find singular issues -- well I didn't get everything wanted. I'm a firm believer in sticking by and sticking up for. The people that you elected -- Their there's big effort to get a lot of things done if He was a Republican run because Republicans are and it's. I've spent a lot of time with Mary Matalin and Michael Deaver really good consultants. They'd be selling them as the guy who stopped 4000 jobs a month from leaving the country. That you -- -- figures. Auto industry. If they had the beliefs they would be selling -- the man who got rid of the system now. Tons of -- you got some of them you'd be -- this is a very successful three years. The understanding that there's tremendous amount of pain but how much we're -- and that's -- you'd be so if you're good sales.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"George Clooney talks about the perils of politics with Peter Travers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14738771","title":"Clooney Tackles Corruption in \"Ides of March\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/clooney-tackles-corruption-ides-march-14738771"}