Cloud Cult Interview: Eco-Friendly Band's New Album, 'Love'

AudioFile: Craig Minowa, Scott West and band members discuss touring, Earthology Records.
4:48 | 06/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cloud Cult Interview: Eco-Friendly Band's New Album, 'Love'
-- My name's -- -- -- west and instead -- planes criminal. But that the system could. There's a couple -- themselves. Work together as a band developed. Cards as a group that's so totally yeah. This one there's definitely I thought process and not worrying about how the music critics we're gonna respond to it is more important having messaging community and fans be impacted by it and -- and -- When medicinal way. I mean me. I don't go. He's. Let you. Change saying. Why don't you are. -- being oh. We're. Anywhere near going and send them an acoustic version of that and and worked out. -- -- brutal four and it's different in the sense of being able to bring it to abandon that can -- address -- and bringing up. Warren notches and doing more recording of actual instruments and -- keeping synthesized instruments and then. Think -- -- work creatively outside of the band -- so. You know we're -- kind of quality and and then build and develop our own and -- we get together just have -- many more tools to. -- -- -- There's a lot of parallels between writing a song in -- campaigning there's no rhythm and composition and there is key signature hue and saturation is a lot of in a direct parallels between the two -- forms and so it's kind of -- that the audience can see a song being written so that we can assume issuance in the audience who can really tie and -- into the pain because they see the process happening. It gets really personal. It is a gift to be a part of that. In 2000. Nothing in the music industry that provided environmentally friendly -- manufacturers -- Pathology records was created. The need to work with in the music industry could do it environmentally friendly way. There's a lot of festivals -- -- gradually learning how to reduce their impact -- having violent debatable. Cops and -- in solar powered. Stages. CO2 mitigation after the fact planting trees -- -- so I think it's getting to be more readily available. Two hostels and bands and labels and join us. It's amazing to be -- part of something. People. -- It's really revelatory. It takes so much work -- much passion have to be inherently fired -- -- were forbidden to perfection and the until. It's the wrong piece Nvidia -- to. Do -- your fashionable. And very few going after the financials. You came.

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{"id":19332615,"title":"Cloud Cult Interview: Eco-Friendly Band's New Album, 'Love'","duration":"4:48","description":"AudioFile: Craig Minowa, Scott West and band members discuss touring, Earthology Records.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cloud-cult-interview-2013-band-discusses-album-love-19332615","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}