Cloud Nothings Interview: Band's Darker Album

AudioFile: Dylan Baldi and band mates discuss "Attack on Memory" in interview.
3:35 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cloud Nothings Interview: Band's Darker Album
-- We all live around Cleveland. -- -- I tennis I didn't -- The -- up on. -- -- -- -- You know these guys. Including the effects -- the first album was recorded -- again. But the second flight director and everyone can play. Com and it's just. -- -- First -- -- really. Road and heading to -- I ain't worth. And I made them. -- personally he's a different boy reading this sort of -- light injuries at this. It is. Yeah is -- and -- news doctor. People into something different. Yeah in the back of a lot different. -- -- -- It. We -- traffic. I did because. And I immediately -- accounts. Daryn in his belly landing both on hand today the senate and it. And sometimes. I can't might even be in the venue until. And for those -- And not legally allowed to be there I think the feeling of this place. More and lyrics yeah. Hated their lives. As I write -- Just ten minutes I think that. -- He barely had. -- -- -- -- -- I have. Drop and the people they have -- everything from -- at the billion. Making. Albanian us think about the audience. Yes we're grateful that makes life. Yeah we're grateful that is --

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{"id":15778069,"title":"Cloud Nothings Interview: Band's Darker Album","duration":"3:35","description":"AudioFile: Dylan Baldi and band mates discuss \"Attack on Memory\" in interview.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cloud-nothings-interview-bands-darker-album-15778069","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}