Lynn Collins Is Out Of This World

The star of "John Carter" on playing Princess Dejah Thoris.
5:08 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Lynn Collins Is Out Of This World
In -- -- science fiction adventure film John Carter Taylor -- -- these civil war vet who finds himself on Mars there he caught up in a fight between alien races. And meets princess does not Boris played by -- Collins. But -- -- the bit of an. -- -- -- -- -- death toll from Paris air. For the second season he's -- softball. Seemingly can. Yeah. And we're so happy to have living -- yeah. Well what grades at the at a may do so little bit about the story and it's based on a hundred year old. Yes Andrew rice Burroughs that this series of books I think this year -- -- the hundred year. And they were the first side thigh. Literature out there are so many movies have taken from it and so many people want is make this movie that nobody's had the technology up until now. So it it's a real plan to be involved in something that have really have to fire reaching back absolutely and your character but it. You as an actress you also have a martial arts background -- -- that help in playing the prince is showing dead because there's so much fighting and -- -- where where you need that core sort of strain. And Asian currencies. You first meet her she's this priestess of science and letters region of -- letters and she's incredibly intelligent right -- you get fat and and you see her as a war air and then you find out that she's a princess as she's a multi facet women. As we are. How -- how to run by way and so now in the movie have a bit of with British accent which are actually from Texas correct actually from -- -- and so -- that we didn't have to work on the -- -- slammed into Juilliard reading Green and courage -- to learn a lot of voice and speech different. -- And accents and dialects. So it -- -- as hard as you can imagine some of them kick your part was Karen behind to please my father is Irish. And on the other humanoid. -- -- critics so I had to -- a -- -- a mix between Irish and British and and possibly unite as getting as the characters get to know each other a little bit of what. How Taylor speaks -- writes is it in movement constantly out so you obviously -- also classically trained having to Juilliard is as a film like this that sort of hearing and please come up -- swords. Is it more like doing Shakespeare than being a modern. Yeah -- was -- -- a hybrid idea of there's this heightened tax that we have would have Houston and body and kind of percent commit Q. And yet there was these moments that had to be very real and contends Iran says it -- and restorative. Desire that I had as an actor Isaiah and act as yet as. Phenomenal -- -- me how exciting and tell us what some of the highlights work for you. I think. The -- and really working with Andrew Stanton was so amazing heat. You know through his animation work he -- have Q&A sound Booth work with actors specifically. And learn their dialogue learn how they spoke about their process. So when he got to -- at film sat. He just did the same thing with each of his actors so I really felt like I was in the most safe. Comfortable. Placed in good do this kind of work which was so far reaching and -- right up there and typical so physical. Seattle as so many stunts that. -- there's this one. We do your own stuff I did that 85 and in my sons and all of my -- gap it was so fun. The first stunt I thought -- sent people do they dropped and I was like -- that was amazing turnaround of these. And it -- Finland he hears you Wear a harness and and look at Taylor and he's putting on his highness and -- it means says. No regrets Colin. So that is how it started off and then from then on I was like well I'm doing every -- Did all 355 and -- young girl I went and labs. I loved going near scifi gives you the opportunity to really stretch chairman's an -- -- as a young child. I really. You know I'm an actor I mean I needed that stretch and wants -- that stretch I believed in the stat says Star Wars and and the star track in anything had to do with life outside of my Texas home with. What I was watching and I -- amazingly little -- thank you so much faith you had relations on the belt and hands on partner opens in theaters everywhere Friday march ninth that check out it is being released by Walt Disney pictures. It's like ABC news is part and didn't think against violent -- -- -- here.

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{"id":15871286,"title":"Lynn Collins Is Out Of This World","duration":"5:08","description":"The star of \"John Carter\" on playing Princess Dejah Thoris.","url":"/Entertainment/video/collins-lynn-carter-john-dejah-thoris-movie-hollywood-15871286","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}