Comedian Sarah Silverman

The always amusing actress discusses the new season of her Comedy Central show.
3:00 | 04/03/17

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Transcript for Comedian Sarah Silverman
We turn now to the hysterically and funny and sexy ex Arafat's government recently I got the chance doctor about the third season ever hit show this ARRIS government program. That season premieres tonight. Exciting yeah I'm excited it will have been fourteen months of the left and where fourteen mom and I along because we are like The Sopranos it's that intense at the 21 and a half. Minutes show about pirates but much like The Sopranos we need the good year and a half to. Build build the anticipation. Yet so off limits when it comes to the singer's government's job. Nothing really as lions it's funny and a you know we're dumb enough like me. This season for some reason the ULA. Not that different than other seasons. I think this thing we left last part is that in and that writer journalist just that something that's down. And that aggressively. Think it so there's a lot of that. Diana opens dumb enough but you know maybe it'll mean they are I mean it's not. They could not like it has to be don't like that Saddam but I literally when we're laughing and their writers room it is going. It is slowing down arena and it and it makes a flat that would ever makes us laugh in I mean I think if it's more her. Me in them or sad that it is funny event and then that we haven't had desired and included and it isn't really. We never are mean what we're just can be very. Graphic again sir just to you know it's just silly taking things that might be serious. You know and being silly about it you know like there's an episode where Laura my sister and I have competing holocaust memorial. And right that surplus should be abelow. I mean it's not going out and Holland as making light of eight it yet you version of ourselves and we should tell our viewers you place our submarine but it's not. This hour Silberman sitting in the audience some weather over some sort of re it's. I'm completely. Different from my character. Now I mean somebody was likely you play yourself dialing Galloway hope not a mean I'm I'm playing a huge eight hole. Flat. You know I'm panic attack the sandlot that I am hairs they know is they look at who will actually up for static not the same one I don't. And it yeah Howard Seattle plays but your sister. Is playing your real sister are not really. LO my real sister Laura plays my real sister although it real like he's altered she plays my younger sister on the show. Why does she looks found dead and Chile justice pioneered at. These you know for my character to be living up my and a younger yeah he's in the front what do first episode she tries to convince you you're an Africa. Season opener had asked tonight I'm. I find out I was born with Bo and yeah I like embrace my mouth side. And go and while Korea and yeah IA. You know what happens as she she cut down my allow Allen to eats it just means that means don't know Martin tambourine she is no more cotton candy maker. About privacy got you ought yeah I have my eighteen lack. Wax my eight. And the grunt and must vaccinate early get big. It come together. You know like they say. Like actors Ozal go let's put the corset on I was back in the 18100 air ever want that must badges island fountain elementary unmanned plane. Leaving you. Still Allen and then into. Taken care of myself demands us. A lot of people love Comedy Central but it's true your return and an economy right that you were discovered when you wonder how fair summary indicated their Silberman out of arrogance that. Funny huh how gatlin in the and you want to get this sorry it just an hour long. I. It's like the best comedic kind of have a career I feel like not mean it hasn't mind but. You know it's just like I did stand up for years I still do read and it's that's it's so fun it's its own reward in Allen and just like little. Leno little triumph little things and I like. Getting to be on you know content Late Night with Conan O'Brien he would put me on all the time women and or doing you know I wrote for Saturday and live free air and I have fired from that everything LA got fired from a few think and that unit that makes you like. More scary but stronger and but it's just like this very gradual road that's just been. Super final time and I just wanna keep doing that you know typically humid just in the inning. But like I'll do anything if it's fun if it's like an Internet video. That I make on my cats for free it's just it's fun but starring Matt Damon. I RA in saint Edward I've been able to make a living just doing stuff that day that I think is Superfund sign. On it I just running spam that track. Scott sayres Olbermann. The real SARS over and lose. We neither funny but yeah in your real life. Ever in the you know and and I now with you your very happy go lucky scene you know exactly the same. You know on cameras either in person on that show by. There aren't Camry dislike. And now low energy kind of not being funny kind of just. In your thoughts and Burt is as the girl I get the sense that you're like this twenty for hours and that. Well and that doesn't match and ponying. Owned. I am numb pretty happy go let me I. I analysts had to be happy and now. Growing up that would Europe in coming who are the ones that you admired notes pacers that I love to have a curling back Steve Meyer and I worshipped Steve Martin's like me and as well. Girl from New Hampshire and they read everything let Steve Martin I remember like. Reading that he loved this painter David Hockney select all the sudden island David Hockney sofa in the middle of the winter in New Hampshire and I live in the in my errands in the attic and I am all these like. Prince of you know. This in. Painters. All these paintings of like gay men in swimming pool recruiter Erika Harry eggs are they don't sides. And Sarah Silverman program premieres tonight at 10 o'clock 10:30 eastern on Comedy Central that's all the buzz we have free Sam tower in your thanks for watching.

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{"id":9750397,"title":"Comedian Sarah Silverman","duration":"3:00","description":"The always amusing actress discusses the new season of her Comedy Central show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/comedian-sarah-silverman-9750397","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}