Comic Con Invades New York

Costumes, comics and cool stars highlight East Coast Con.
2:14 | 10/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comic Con Invades New York
Of all shapes sizes and tastes put on their best costumes for the New York comic con. This year's edition the biggest one yet all thanks to some surprise guests ABC's Stephanie -- has more. Concerned ending heat Kevin as New York comic con took over the city fans turned out in force for the pop culture matchup -- -- -- -- here. Become the East Coast answer to San Diego's comic con. That's something comic book writer Marc Bernardin says is long -- But it's become -- we'll be. I -- it's fugitive. An incident goes. Fans were able to get up close that celebrities like -- He got He also got sneak peeks at upcoming TV shows and movies. Mission those -- was Saturday's panel for the avengers some of the stars of the film including Tom hills and mark -- -- and Chris seven showed up to plug the movie. But -- careful not to reveal too much. When you start its modern. This. We go. It's -- spotlight. Captains time. It was a bit more about. He's kind of reluctant -- -- I think needs. We'll see what happens please. He still have been playing well. Gamers back and check out demos of upcoming releases but hey it's comic con -- up comic books. All the major publishers were there he's -- marble image in the in their superhero graphic novels Archie comics is pushing their product including the comic team up of the year Archie. For some -- comic timing was all about the cost play some of the costumes on display. Its fight yet. -- -- Jokers gonna take -- ABC's Stephanie -- reporting that now in case you're not up. I'm the geek lingo costs play it's short for costume play as -- fans dressed up in costumes of their favorite comic -- TV show or move.

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{"id":14762961,"title":"Comic Con Invades New York","duration":"2:14","description":"Costumes, comics and cool stars highlight East Coast Con.","url":"/Entertainment/video/comic-con-invades-york-14762961","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}