'Cougartown's' Top Couple

Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins on their fictional and funny cul-de-sac.
4:47 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Cougartown's' Top Couple
It's the battle of the cul-de-sac in the latest episode of the hit comedy cougar town. -- in the rest of the gang face a new problem when a mall opens nearby check out a scene. -- -- -- -- -- So -- bicycle boys from a -- got a new -- What new mall they built the right behind her neighborhood you sign my petition trying to stop -- remember now. The bicycle was a bad news jewels that they -- don't need to stop signs the calling went over twenty grandpa. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you -- let me come. But those bicycle -- they picked the wrong cul-de-sac. 127. We are joined now by the stars and -- town Courteney Cox and Josh. Hopkins -- and Josh thanks so much for joining us. Thank you they're corny or executive producer as well you do things revenue. I mean you're the executive producer as well as the star of the show what you also -- this episode. -- the biggest adjustment and had to me. Trying to deal when his attitude plus. Illustrate his -- I would say it was invented this was the first Overtown that I directed -- it was great integrate episode it's really fun whole cast is great he is you know he's got some -- -- problems but I was able to come back. You know -- come up and -- Josh what's your perspective on being directed by Courtney especially as you are having seems together. And it was wonderful. Food and I didn't know if I don't know though and out -- knows that she's also my boss -- food she's a great director I can really really I don't. Saying he was more prepared than he normally is. But that's -- -- I had no time Minnelli got even than I've been very mad at him. Yes it was it was actually great experience she's doesn't -- like having a shorthand with your director because we know each other so well. It was easy for her to explain what she needed me to do. And -- your characters are getting married says it's safe to assume there will be some. Detours on the way to the -- Of course. Yes that would be a big lesson have been guests. Yeah we do we we get engaged in the first episode of the season which. We haven't seen it maybe you could figure out how to see it. And and by the end of the year our goal is to get married -- did a lot of things that come into play we've both been married before. Were -- Here's some I hear me. Body and it's now I want asking -- spent some of your own time and money promoting the -- before it returned last month. What what motivated you to do that have you heard any news about a fourth season. No we haven't you know this is our third season and we worry we have a new time slot and so many people think that we been canceled -- That they don't even know they were back on the air and we're just trying to do anything we can to get people to realize that as we do have a lot of fans out there -- before we were taken off the air and the house. Told her mid mid season replacement so. We're just doing everything we can end. We -- some grassroots promotion -- We love the show it's really fun and it is a Smart quick find comedy and it is I don't want to end. -- we love. You have so much he loved working together so we -- we've been doing everything we -- to keep it on the -- that's so -- to -- obviously you -- have so many fans. Now Josh some of the fans that little worried when -- heard you booked a role on a pilot that doesn't mean anything right. Does not mean the thing that nothing for cougar town cougar town -- 2 towns where I am. Your heart is into -- Italian everybody wants them -- Yes. Yes my address is cougar -- this is where I want to say. And Courtney you love to drink wine on the show which is really popular fan myself included and -- the last thing to go ahead is a real hit when you've got to dinner -- anyone. Bring you a really really big glass of wine as a joke. And you know what they don't and they should -- I don't know winding down but yeah actually not happen. Well saving I think -- -- just to get sent lighten. Bottles of wine from every winery and snapped I don't know why that is why isn't that happening I agree well we'll have to -- I don't I you come and talk with us thank you so much Courtney and Josh for speaking with us today. Thank you yeah. -- town airs Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM eastern on ABC started check it out.

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{"id":15860366,"title":"'Cougartown's' Top Couple","duration":"4:47","description":"Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins on their fictional and funny cul-de-sac.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cougartowns-top-couple-15860366","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}