Country Music Association Awards becomes too political?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the zingers aimed at Trump from hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.
5:47 | 11/09/17

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Transcript for Country Music Association Awards becomes too political?
Last night I was the biggest night in country music at the CMA awards where journalists. When initially asked not to talk politics on the red carpet but co hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Decided to do. Cool some someone own tickled that. And the middle of the night from the privacy. Of a gold plated glass house toilet seat he rides. Little Bob Corker and asked and goofy and and it's gonna live jail that's for sure too little rocket man starts a nuclear war and then. Maybe it's flat now. They're all he needs me. Okay. You know. There are always there's always something that they jail and neck and stacked I really liked that they do that but. The question I guess is do our country fans upset and they want that kind of talk in their musical remember White House and back in the day with The Dixie Chicks did something and the bush people that country music he moved up. They black balled them so I'd get them a lot of credibility there was one title that they didn't do that got mixed. I'm so you wouldn't have his golf I don't you know and I did this. I think the haven't really good manager and city Huey Lewis as a fake news was another 100 or so. They wanted to limit to what they would allow how but then I say there are pegged. They we're having a little bit of fun and I don't think it took away from the so I didn't know an outages and the rain is limited in its brutally radar remembered. 2003 with The Dixie Chicks said you know I'm ashamed that my press the president states is from Texas. They got a lot of flak for that and they Wear black let it. And it you know we've talked about it at the table I think we've been met McEntire says she's not here to talk about politics she's here to. The for her fans for an escape yet and I can kinda see both out of room. Both sides of of that because now when you're listening to music. You wanna be able to separate politics out well just chill I have to say that I from the sixties and seventies that is exactly the up yet today my generation did. You know Crosby, Stills and Nash and a Little League Obama to stop the Saarland double but I want to undermining him yeah Woodstock generation everything blazing with. A refuge for conservatives felt you can't get any celebrity endorsements normally come app Republicans. You can always tell I have some countries in years to come out put on a good show at least in the campaign that's been involved and I will say today Taylor's which has gotten a lot of heat for not getting political and altering this last election people are very angry shouldn't speak out one way or the other so you can't there's no way to win its dreams in life right now you're too political you choose where to turn people blacklist CEO and I don't say anything people blacklist you used to like. What exactly are we expecting from. Are they are culturally it's a Cherry Hill are labeled as I only some people feel a calling to speak out there like mrs. like apple I mean I can't even stop myself I need to talk about this. There aren't of people agreed that it will and find comfort in the fact you know that late don't have to nanny should never be too militant he asked are pressured. Tilt wheel who'd you vote for who gentlemen I that means if you want and Heidi keep in price and it can't let him backlash yet a list well you can't yes and negating their panicked thanks to gin house while the app. I mean and Patrick could lose your career yes for five or eight years yes yes I'm right at you know that whatever I can. Outside lyrics and it's back inside and outside. Says it's not right yet I would need spear at Iraq that's a lot Tom Arnold yeah not sucked will be sent back to know it's not because I don't. It. The reason I always say thank you to Barbara Walters because no one was hiring I lost all endorsement everything like. Yeah yeah until August oh yeah they were wrong to get ahead but it was easy it's easier to say you know won't be sad and will believe it 'cause they just assume my dad and so. Because something was said about that I did something that actually had done. This one the rare occasion wet and we didn't do it and didn't. I got into Los might lost everything yen lost everything so you know I I do. Was so grateful and Barbara because nobody would hire me and she did she did so that yet I. Okay. Or when I. Am amazed and I like to see abatement and I I've I like to watch them and they're always a political. I was wondering if because they Las Vegas massacre gaffe occurred during a country music yet often and connoisseur Redding festival yeah. But didn't keep Albanian state he didn't really is he old they do amazing things I believe several. Of the country artists got to the there were on stand together yet performing it with my actress and music artists are political and the Johnny Cash you know I let it out by Caltrans they -- have heard Johnny and Jane are deeply political heat all obviously you don't perform at Folsom prison at but I can't area. Some controversial things. Still I do think like this sort of under opt out from wrapped up forever my personal favorite music does have a lot of politics and well I think that in these times that we're living right now which had serious and difficult and dangerous because of the person at White House it's. Clearly think it's incumbent upon all good people to speak out if they can you do judge Taylor Swift for not I'm not judging I'm just giving suggestion. Okay. Last night. Or when that kind of suggestion comes there's not everybody's cut out to do yet. Right now so I haven't but if it if it moves do you think you know being feel free if it doesn't then you know. You don't do it.

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{"id":51044937,"title":"Country Music Association Awards becomes too political?","duration":"5:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the zingers aimed at Trump from hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.","url":"/Entertainment/video/country-music-association-awards-political-51044937","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}