Country Rising Star Ventures to Central Park for the First Time

Singer Craig Campbell teams up with wife on second album and goes "Topless."
3:13 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Country Rising Star Ventures to Central Park for the First Time
Everyone I'm Dan Cutler in new York and it is such a perfect day in Central Park that we had to take a what's the buzz field trip out here to meet up. Where there latest guess he is Craig Campbell he is one of country music. Hottest rising stars and he's out of the second album and we manage to sneak -- the road long enough just to enjoy beautiful center art Norman. This here is this your first trip to central morris' -- for a my second trip to New York City -- very first time ever lived super car and it is. It remains it's not too bad relatives I went from a -- world why I mean do we do all right kind of recreating something somewhat that you did you know I was thinking about that I said. A -- wonder what it would be like for someone who was born and raised here New York City. To go to Wear around -- room. And just sit there and and hear how quiet city mouse country mouse yeah now what about the family would -- be interested did you. Wife and two little girls right -- I don't know I don't know about mean. She had moved in Nashville from Colorado to be a singer and he's a great songwriter she actually have a song we wrote we have a song together. On the new album called topics -- And is. Isn't as the title in. Here it is it is what you think it is OK -- -- -- Felt about everything that is -- you know car. Of the year end and want. And so and and I followed a very appropriate that we -- -- together you know really hurt right now she can't get mad at me when people start -- that -- Ali you have a prize of all cars. That is. Let's not like to -- its. The it is insane. Especially here in the car with the radicals I'm about Canada -- -- -- -- -- We're fifth -- single owner of and Amaral and of them -- everybody else in here right you view holds that life like this. I have to ask you like there's some back. Never regret I mean you you say that with a good -- conviction. Yeah it's. There's a solemn haven't -- never regret them actually -- and friends of mine. So we decided to name the record. First look at the titles of the -- songs. And never regretted his job that announcement was the rose did have taken him and his doors have opened up -- threw him. And all of those decisions -- made and brought me here talking. You know. I would think -- I would now we're at any thing that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what we do well listen we. The world as your voice right here and you've got everything. And got -- too hot dogs. Anything on it picked -- nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19194066,"title":"Country Rising Star Ventures to Central Park for the First Time","duration":"3:13","description":"Singer Craig Campbell teams up with wife on second album and goes \"Topless.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/craig-campbell-interview-country-star-song-topless-ventures-19194066","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}