Creating an Oscars Red Carpet Look With Michael Costello

ABC News' Lesley Messer speaks with designer, Michael Costello on how he creates an original Oscars red carpet look.
19:14 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Creating an Oscars Red Carpet Look With Michael Costello
As you mentioned earlier the Oscars are coming up on an aide. Yeah. The most is bathrooms them well and the numbers back him on the I mean I'm flags exile and I will be in my. A active duty paid my money on Sunday what you're right here. We need a little that a repeat you know our entertainment report violently that there has been written article and all week that take you behind the scenes that we see. How the Oscars. Together in from the food that the powers that on the lips. Eight he is how the red carpet look come together luckily had an inside look at how someone. Might get ready for that big day at the Oscar let me take away. Hi so I am Michael Costello. Studio in downtown Los Angeles Michael is a celebrity. Paper it he stressed everyone from Jay hood beyoncé and he's invited him inside his studio X agent. How he makes these looks what goes into it. And I wish you thanks to be here because the stupidest the showroom is just ugly so rather than look at me I'll. And no explode I looked great but better and I am going to turn it to Michael to introduce them to you guys. Angles just on the show room and she just how he makes these dresses or hold and justice act in an apartment. Welcomes who might. Show. The track how he. In the land. And meat and and he cutesy to form speaking dress. And hours and address. And happy. New address things work. Where. Did. Our track. And times. I don't work directly with the celebrity like if it's someone from beyond teams teams and worked directly. With current policy to animal come up with what's fifteen what's the tone what's the inspiration. Well when it beyond their own tour we have a lot of work with her stylist and hunters we were really close together on developing those looks. But when I'm Jennifer Lopez and her residency at last eight years. You know I worked wit are PR groups have PR and rods and guardian really close and looks at her side and shot and you know the fuel in divide what they were looking for an end that was Jennifer Lee dean feeding and that was amazing teacher so happy and so grateful and really exciting to to where they pieces so. So can you show us around a little bit about your favorite look she's here and there are so many different right now inside. The showrooms this all for our spring 2016. Collection that we just showed at Fashion Week. This was more my house he won't eat at the American music awards which is really powerful Johnson with the bell bottom. It's really fear that the weeks and also has. Scary too low plunging sexy neckline. Is that he's. As more American music awards right here. Our current trashy pairing with a really beautiful gold bar open absentees. You know. This is more pieces immediately. Four. Shelves she wore this via museum where all the lights when she's getting out of the car and chatter was flowing all over the wind. Is beautiful when your tracking people. Jennifer. And back. That you. Well not only makes them feel better cops on the street where should be. This is imminent and instantly you actually don't ever take question you know. Working with a somebody like that yeah the pressure is intense because it's. Such a huge opportunity to work with that you know an artist he want to make sure that your option. But I'm when they tell you something Michael where she only wants to remind Costello red. That's just kind of fuels and move it better and better treated do desperately can't. Totaling and comedy TC request. I do indeed I know it isn't weariness around that there's a lot of and jewel toned dress as the purple and that he'll act and they can Michael couple little bit about the trends this year like what we can expect. EC on the red carpet on Sunday. Eric hunt jewels and how. Can you any hint we ex act Oscar. And. Something in my studio right now I'm showing you beautiful jewel tones or predict now. That's for. There's first and you can't tell the secrets but I do beautiful model year and indeed you know you really close. What's the Cobb addresses so that struck was produced more pronouncements. Other trends that you think might be popular actress Yankee this year rich jewel tones and see. Now. Oh. He should everyone's doing Hollywood glamour this year will definitely be. Oscar's. Red card. There. Like my old school principals here and you see people. There. As hawkish on track. Char with which she. Yes she did that court workers. And the essence. Oh. There. Going this year's Oscars was my first Oscars he supplement work burst and easy. I thought Michael no alcohol no human woke up about two dozen second those who got a guy a look at that these preview of the addressed the U mentions reveals this civil there's. In I was gonna get civil cute but that Angela bills this. I wolf house got an out tourism in my area. Well look at what are you wearing you know your way. I was out boxers sought out and from there you know union acted based foundation probably wearing suit that is gasoline powered K it's gonna light up again asked that I can I. Yet and I actually just going to be ABC over there so. And. This well yeah. And that's it you. You blog about that yes that is what is the view politics. You'll also forecasts the outcome of the oath as well yeah that we work on it it's it's a problem. That is the problem but you plug its full cast of who you believe will wind event that Coca. And it actually does the bolting and filmed right that you've done the holders. That's the before we to getting about those guys. Before we need your predictions but how it all you have this has lastly I assume you do this how accurate. We will fight that he eight full count that I how you have helped. Mediocre at my job yeah. About a six last year we missed out on director which was that huge contest between our intimately later in the Baring it. Oh is out of EG so hopefully we do aluminum better this time. Partly that you are more work predictions on the other categories for that we hear on them and many years you think you've got very strong opinions why they got. I think Leslie is still there I'm sorry I want to get back to the dresses. I want to see that track the Michael Costello that he is gonna give it an exclusive preview tonight Leslie thank you act. Well it again and here to make a crackdown he just got to give us that tore at his sewing room. Where he is yet people hard at work everyone's preparing for the Oscars hour after hour. He's giving give us a look at the draft and then after that we're gonna come back here for another preview at what it now I went Spanish I'm gonna flip that. Go to might call a locked alcoholic you'll see how everything comes to comes to be absolutely right. All right. Are any go let's go down the hall. You. I love that's Alison. I got up all of its odd. Yeah it. And and. K here's. All that happened during awards he. Some of our best practices for congress this room. Ours for Jennifer Lopez and he wants me he was here is there show you. This great. Yeah. Decisions. Exclusive look at what's the for someone who's in. And it's not me. Only but I won't be way. Pockets where something I just might do you have equal time lines caucus elements wears them you. Sought records this way. She looked him. I live music mogul skills as well I'd buy because related legible a guilt that Vicario in the so until he. Sir Gerald Green and other card you scared teams all. Oscars he's. Great news. And about 3 o'clock in the morning trying to keep these options that. Why have you here Richard your question from my question to Michael laws yells this dog fight again. Pacific side on Sunday what is the studies anything is seen. The ability at thing the attending the Oscars. Begin to get ready for the awards what the if he's ever seen anyone's they'll. That's a great question first I think it's. While Richard was talking to you need this piece of fabric let down my. Eight but Michael they were wondering what's the earliest you've seen someone get ready for a major currently doctors. Need so many calls really set me three dollars for me. You know our reality is she didn't factor in practice reliance no no big east that the Oscars it's. It's just for being. It's not appropriate speed and not accepted. The congress all the Vanity Fair are threatened myself since June. It's. Positions. It. Well there's trouble in the acting chief cabinet. Should be. News carved happen this case should be its. What you Johnny just goes to show that you can. Unique unique magic happen if you get through. All works for. Reporting solution. What we do him we each have a passion for. Her fashion it's not just like coming to work and we got finished asking all enjoy what you do when we see the overall outcome of the finished product. And their clients happy she wears it whether it's two wedding or red carpet event she's nominated she wins the community you know all of them. That is what really matters to us the most and we can't tell you. How excited we did real well celebrate sometimes it was saddle ranch sometimes go to. Arnold go to Lake Tahoe music push. Wherever that its recent will be. He earns you your lucky he'll I had anything needing a maintenance. A lot of homework and. Has the smallest ten. So she can still the smallest issues. The invisible stitches didn't can be and solve anything close it and I and everybody else. In this isn't nutrition conference and all kinds I had all of it won't be work is done. Every movie is so known by hand. Sometimes we use them. No and I ended. Important. Be cute scene that he it's painstaking work you know stress okay so yeah three years will. He's. Beautiful home and pet waste at the keys. And home team's only goal and all. And we can beat this very intricate and stay tuned in some people are opponent misses a slow down. Their lines soon to cool girl. He's just really really beautiful. When you can investments were to enter sandman is the flavor outlast you contaminants sleep problems and we teach towards. From the biggest ever since this is 44 karat gold thread and there. And it's just that. Sometimes they get shocked when you won't find things that this missile defense. Yeah being colored hair. So if you're ready MT next. Q Pacman either united New York ready to even finished faster than any other options. What they'll look at here. There Atlanta. Two. Perhaps you have any. Yeah that the right. But I hear about it. Let me didn't address and they're very fit you. Canadian. Eastern when he in the Strasser it now I I have and elect. You have an actual model. But again I think the issue is not yet. I am first term there aren't nearly as an exclusive look. Pat and Oscars dress. That. We'll black elk. Rob. They're flying. Black and. I. So how. How that person you'll be wearing it on Sunday evening. I'm not here yet so we're excited about it here first. Anita and that it will hear. She's. And we were. She hasn't yet cause I'm and I want to know last night. The government he's up passengers have. They're draping in the other room to see dvd idea what it looks like. And all this is also special created by us that will be showcasing New York during September's Fashion Week. I was there hasn't even been shot Ashley yeah we will probably hear the words should. Since then and it occupies her body fat this is getting the premier. Oscar for best actor away. Into the collapse of premier Li I think any talent in Delaware that wraps. Oh yeah. Time to will be wearing her at bats but he he grant it's CB as the dress hasn't been treated yet cotton ones addresses and then we can. You'll be TV review them. He yet so it actually might change between. Leslie we gas is aware hate give us a little way. Much different dress they have some guesses that. Oh yeah this guy had anything. They are. He mentioned papers maybe you'll like yeah I'm physical withdrawal came a little to easily put them. That would indicate winds let Kenny confirm or deny. If he wins let wink you're jumping Jack or something. He's not sand creek in the January yeah. Is it January jab. Yeah. He's now it. Do. Me. Concerts I figured that. I write this perfectly. I. Can't perfectly down. What's. The Indians who. God how did you come up with it silhouette. Isn't there seeking signatures and then we'll. People. My. Her and we've seen this little backpack in the 1950s. And the continent and the team you know and he's. People's article the smaller. It's beautiful Wednesday Barbie doll as. Luxembourg where he's huge. Ball. You can dress like this in the uneasy because it's any other areas. This morning I just want or he should case so perfectly quantities sold eight. It was going to be simple but yet Sonny. Overworked because the disparaged the. We can't wait to see January Jones or who have earth where Batman and it's little. Bit better. Well Carol I got out of them. I turn it acts. And hi it's again thank you so much for joining us and thank you Michael is showing us around here show ramp. Is joining him. You're seeing a very special thank you to care tons from four. Wearing a lovely dress or model team Rivera and John Carlos were here Nikko. Now we got what and on the editing audio. Thank you south high in sensational and if you look do you read later he's an area is a master craftsmen in of these POW all the good luck with both me lonesome night.

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{"duration":"19:14","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer speaks with designer, Michael Costello on how he creates an original Oscars red carpet look.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37208147","title":"Creating an Oscars Red Carpet Look With Michael Costello ","url":"/Entertainment/video/creating-oscars-red-carpet-michael-costello-37208147"}