Daniel Radcliffe Recalls Time on 'Harry Potter'

Daniel Radcliffe reveals his favorite film of the series and lessons he learned.
7:10 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe Recalls Time on 'Harry Potter'
Despite all the talk people will say oh -- ruling is going to write another book she's doing -- Book is this frightened the ideas. They don't slightly like I read evacuate for a long time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know I am not the conduit to the minute rolling -- -- -- what you -- -- as close as a lot of people are gonna get it hot and that led -- -- tonight I'm not actually you know I don't have too much insight. You know he said to me. Once yep -- she said she wasn't right -- in all. Obscene things to change if she did I -- you know and I thought -- -- like -- more like -- -- -- the -- -- every -- -- -- that. I prefer that -- In the persuasive still being like. I'm still paying homage to -- injuries but an -- ten months so making you happy what is. -- Mitchell what you're getting out of what he's doing what you up to -- -- now on and. -- may the joy I'm getting is from the fact that you know while most actors would love to be you know have so much going on -- -- doing for the next. While municipality had that -- here is that I know why this is focused -- in my -- -- I haven't known exactly what I'm doing for at least the next three days. And -- -- nothing to suddenly you know nothing. But I mean have gone out gotten my next upstarts and not on -- -- project who can you darlings -- playing nineteen you know Allen Ginsberg. Minute film about. Oh lead generation it's amazing. Fantastic -- when young director who can keep asking for -- By about next but -- after that I don't know what I'm. There -- no suspects on reading hope you're welcome to friction. But it's sort of welcome -- the world independent film and things going you know coming in not being social ingredient of your own and even still -- But did you know the -- -- getting it on being sent these. Fantastic scripts. Which. You know -- huge. He usually does. An interesting. And written written by great people and often you know -- -- by great people. -- grace I think and what are you doing -- before. I have a life at the moment I don't really have -- -- in my life of the monies from working woman and so wrong but -- but I will when you know when I get that -- -- -- about two weeks. Three weeks Tokyo -- -- preparing apps nothing. I'm going to be going on. Watching TV with a friend just. And you also have this great sense I think comedy and so it like to see you do. Something is needs to do that he did Saturday old -- It was fun it was fantastic light anxious that is that what's the state you had the most fun do Casey Anthony east oak. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without -- If they said to me they said they they -- -- to me and I -- yes absentees qualities. Then sketched changed and it was put into. Weekend update. And so it was -- different voters know that there's still -- I was reading. And -- shouldn't be terrified. They're going and that rectal and then they put that. Doubtful. That knows that the you know you'll -- -- and it was so cute. Our way and I think -- -- I'd have to being extremely active. -- -- -- -- This yet this that was out my note to play -- whole thing not just furious with the situation can. I -- yeah I I loved yes about that was a huge amount found. I like the pot to sketch and -- never there -- I love actually you can do anything sketch. It was -- funny perspective if you -- too generous yet you keep you can generate some. Incredibly high filthy and keep it. Beforehand I have to ask -- everyone who's been an apartment. That's not what their favorite potter movie is -- kind of unfair. -- me what into that but which one. Resonates with you which one when you think can coat drive through that -- -- something that has a personal meaning. I think. I think around the time the first film. I think the first film was very special because. I know for the reason you might think. But positive was the fact that that was a time when I want to Gary open for us. I went wanted to -- -- -- like that was when I decided that this is a really wanted to follow events. And it was at that point -- In your life -- you've kind of suddenly moved from child to a teenage and but at -- -- you feel like I'm becoming a man like -- fourteen. He had in the first case around he got back here on that film I met the go -- latest on that set. So -- You know there's a lot of personal stuff that goes only that it was slalom Lara was in my life growing up and yet so exposed effect won by favor of the -- is -- seven lost. One I think it's best for him. What did you take from Harry Potter did you take a souvenir DDT -- -- -- -- action OT has of the glasses wasn't interested in. By the wondering about because they changed -- the united films on the senate -- muffled and the problems. The positives in the same way or so with the -- -- that from day one today. You know. And yet to announce -- away you know old enough to win they're not on fire zone the case. Two precious battery and there's not much I felt I -- about in my house -- These precious last question is always song. It's a lazy. And don't mean I -- of these if you haven't noticed it doesn't have to be from had a 68 and I don't need -- -- -- -- just needs some. When you saw me standing alone. Without a dream in mind. -- when -- love. I mean. You should really. I got a -- man came into my I don't know -- -- I would love the fact that it did well Virginia thank you don't it's much.

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{"id":15506800,"title":"Daniel Radcliffe Recalls Time on 'Harry Potter'","duration":"7:10","description":"Daniel Radcliffe reveals his favorite film of the series and lessons he learned.","url":"/Entertainment/video/daniel-radcliffe-recalls-time-harry-potter-15506800","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}