David Arquette on Courtney Cox

The "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" star dishes on his life and latest work.
4:01 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for David Arquette on Courtney Cox
David Arquette has had a diverse career he's played plenty of -- characters -- -- television and the movies but is the latest role hasn't really taking flight. David -- says Scalia the parent and -- and the neverland pirates let's take a look. Well I lost my shadow never all that that's where it is. -- Neverland where can hot then we better get moving and makes. And David Arquette joins us now David it's great to see you thanks for being -- -- -- so -- fun voicing apparent -- Definitely. The great shows educational. Excellent adventure. Kids really -- -- we know -- that -- in the neverland parrots which of course we should mention of Disney our parent company we know all about that our home about that too little ones. Watch it obsessively it's a really fun show what are your daughter -- -- it. She loves this Elan had so little young urban teens and invited to watch it at Annapolis. And. And definitive make fun of it is Minnesota and it -- challenged to do just the voice of a parent. Not really and -- another part of the business my dad was a career actor so. He raised their family paying for bills -- woods -- so. Just something that. It's fun just to sort of act. Was rattling away I'd imagine you do have to exaggerate a little bit with the voice right where you idea completely. Student performance drag. So -- -- -- -- -- Trying to convey this -- -- You also have a lot of other things going on -- a production company with your ex wife Courtney tracked. It is working on something right now. You know we've got several projects we've. It would travel program to Travel Channel coming out then -- show on CBS would win him. But we constantly got different projects going -- That's great and she did just say on the Howard Stern Show that your relationship now is better than it was. Before do you agree with. Yeah -- mean to certain extent we're we're really just great. Parents together and and friends than. So important not to draw -- -- -- strong relationship for so many years you know people grove -- it's important -- You know remember what you love each other and respect each other and not use this moment to sort of care and -- Are absolutely. I mean here of course and then tell your parents on cougar town. Yet I I'm in the final episode of cougar town which Ayers. This February 14 -- Opening. Yet they -- theaters and liquidity with -- -- character. -- do anything. -- that work out in the end. -- who do watch you get that black men and. It was really fun we're doing that such a great show on the -- really quick and and hilarious things. It was great working with Courtney been accused of -- -- and do you have a favorite between TV. Boys were quite what you and joining him well what's great about television's you get to live -- character for several. Episodes or seasons and in. Thank you see an opportunity to really develop it. With film it's great to just tell stories and -- that have -- wrapped -- and in this loon -- you know. And what about hosting more we hear you treated the little a little suggested to Kelly -- -- -- he liked it isn't and I found him. I'd love to cohosts with Kelly she's -- too great character and and I'd be a lot of fun. I do like come -- -- -- entertaining people so that's kind of. And I even generations he doesn't -- great together we -- -- in the hallway Karen on the exit and even if they leave when the -- ago in the duke. Well -- and I can't thank you so much for joining us today -- --

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{"id":15558540,"title":"David Arquette on Courtney Cox","duration":"4:01","description":"The \"Jake and the Never Land Pirates\" star dishes on his life and latest work.","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-arquette-courtney-cox-15558540","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}