David Cook: 'This Loud Morning'

"American Idol" winner David Cook talks touring and running the marathon.
5:21 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for David Cook: 'This Loud Morning'
Is this season seven winner of American Idol -- platinum selling artist and it all around good guy -- David -- is winning fans and friends everywhere as -- -- in support of his second Al plummet this loud morning. Which is in stores now his little sample of his latest single -- -- me. And joining us now is David David welcome congratulations. On your new album thank you very -- certainly a lame. Labor of love for you took about a year and a half. He had a we we got off the road from supporting the first record and I immediately went into. You know this the writing process for the second record. You know -- just wrote most of the song you have -- was involved with all the songs images. It just became this journey and I think taken a year and a half was was obviously a lot of time for an album but. I think dinners on something I'm I'm I'm really really proud of I think we were able to make a concise record really kind of tells the story. Absolutely -- didn't you just heard their beautiful song a beautiful video it's getting. A ton of hits on you to bar you excited about the responds. Absolutely I think you know what I what I love about the videos I think it's it's. It's not -- a story -- video and so it's not we didn't hire actors we didn't there's no. Hollywood glitter -- snow and you don't have a lot of -- -- yeah yeah I thought that was important you know wanted to make a video that -- just. An -- on the fourth -- and really made an about. Well we are alive he has there's there's no smoke Mears who's going stays -- have a good time and and try to make sure that that's that's reciprocated with the -- And you certainly have a bunch of enthusiastic and dedicated fans and I mean they love -- David Cook. That is -- think about you that they might not know. -- -- they're pretty good they're ready and they get in and it might not -- yeah I think. I think the person that I am on stage is is is. It's certainly different than the person and mobsters and -- -- very. And -- demure private person hostage but. Either and I kind of notice it's it's a little Jekyll and Hyde thing when -- hit the stage and -- and a great way but. You like to keep your private life yeah I think I'm. I'm -- home movie and popcorn Wednesday night united for some time I had actually go out -- it's it's it's a pretty record so when you perform you feel like your. Putting. On a little bit of a -- No I don't an actor says that's and a roll -- not so much acting I think consistent. It's just a different -- of my personality that. Come I think just exists in that -- you know I think if there's a stage that's where my personality goes and and the world is your stage now we hear -- -- was going global coming out of Japan yeah we're getting ready to release the album in Japan. Fairly -- I think next month and and and hopefully that. Becomes kind indebted to get -- that way in a tour right and you are currently -- yet we've been touring the states since the beginning of October and -- is wrapping up we have tonight. Here in new York city -- Irving plaza then. Figures. Tomorrow night and then return -- holidays off. Maybe try to write a new record in the process and then go back -- appear in the February. Record over the holidays. Well yeah little regular guy like that is hard living -- -- of your life on the road if you love that part of it. I really do enjoy I think. There is something kind of inherently beautiful waking up in a different city every day and having these stimuli around him. I catalyst for that moment where you walk off the bus you know assure accuracy and and you know it's a great thing about. You know this country and -- a lot of the a lot of times just you know around the world -- been able to see some amazing amazing places. Stuff that I I don't think with him great experience and math doesn't make your answer now -- -- they do. You're training for the LA marathon yeah yeah I -- I. We got -- -- this record this record was a big challenge I think and I wanted a new challenge since I was late for some reason my brain went to -- something you really don't enjoy doing the running. I'll tell -- that yes. Your -- Seven training for for little island and I'm I'm nervous and scared I'm but I'm also very very excited about and doing it which. -- -- I'm I'm working with with -- -- have been involved with refused -- years now we called ABC squared. And they raise. You know funding and -- awareness for the cure for brain cancer which meant for the past -- for years ago so. -- -- close my heart and really glad that they were really -- dependent upon witnesses news. Exciting on the and -- -- great guy Davis -- thank you so much for coming to I absolutely think you.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"\"American Idol\" winner David Cook talks touring and running the marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15124089","title":"David Cook: 'This Loud Morning' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-cook-loud-interview-2011-american-idol-winner-tour-recording-morning-entertainment-15124089"}