David Duchovny on Life With 'Goats'

Actor talks with ABC's Sheila Marikar before his first Sundance premiere.
3:23 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for David Duchovny on Life With 'Goats'
Actor David because via VX. We didn't know -- well. It's a great night -- filed -- heading back to the big screen his new movie and don't make it premiered last. At this -- -- festival of -- Eighties he -- -- -- -- over the company in Park City to talk about his character and he's unique look for the role. David it's your first Sundance and your goat man what it's -- about. The script is based on on novel. Called goats which is kind of a coming of age story certain. And the southwest -- this morning. And Americans main characters is -- -- and Phillips was supposed sixteen years old and he's been raised by his. And wacky new ways mother and I'm go man I live on the property. Heard and -- with goats I spoke prod them. Not quite whose father but I am the only father figure that he has for his -- -- -- -- -- provide time for well. And he's Mormon establishment accurate so. Graham tell us is going back used to go to school he's leaving us and Dallas and he's got to grow up -- these kind of got -- -- us -- -- he embraces an adult life and you know the mentor that he has growth and -- -- felt that. How do you get into being a -- man -- what's the mentality. In your mind. I think good fortune to have an extreme costume of any kind whether -- clothes or makeup or hair whatever. You kind of wait for that to inform you. In a way you -- yourself in the mirror and do you think why haven't had a -- field looking like this. With -- beard there's somebody who looks like that has its decided that that's how they feel free that's the -- present themselves in the world did you ever go into the real world. With all of the hair I think only because. At the end of the shooting today that the that's consumed pedestrian but the beard is real comfortable and and I -- After about six hours starts to feel like your faces -- prison. And can't get out. And it did there's there's an -- that begins. I -- to the make -- trailer to get that thing off. And and when it's off its. It's one of the most pleasurable experiences of life forget that there are -- telling him to happier face -- woke to get the hot towel after that. And tied her was this your first time working with them as didn't have any -- -- with time masters in the movie I haven't seen it. -- fear even -- I hope -- -- -- -- -- -- But so happy that modern family and that is is doing good things for for those will be the second most embarrassing thing to happen or firmly believe. This is a good show car. So you know sometimes the good guys when I think times are good what's coming up for you next welcome projects -- you can find him called the phantom. Few months ago and -- -- submarine cold Cold War Russian submarine from. Which I -- seeing there was I think has -- really. And then you know generally was performances from the -- American. Cameraman. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15447497,"title":"David Duchovny on Life With 'Goats'","duration":"3:23","description":"Actor talks with ABC's Sheila Marikar before his first Sundance premiere.","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-duchovny-discusses-goat-man-15447497","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}