David Duchovny Wants Hank Moody to Die

Duchovny on his Sundance debut, "Californication's" fifth season.
7:17 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for David Duchovny Wants Hank Moody to Die
David it's your first Sundance and your goat man. What it's all about. The script is based on novel. Called goats which is kind of a coming of age story is said and -- and southwest yes. And the main characters is for a -- program Phillips -- spent sixteen years old and he's been raised by his. And wacky new -- mother and I'm Goldman and I live on the property. Heard and -- with goats I spoke pride and I'm. Not his father but I am the only father figure that he has the -- -- real -- back east provide time -- And he's Mormon establishment. So Graham Ellis is going back keys to go to school he's leaving us -- and now he's got to grow up and -- kind of got to leave us behind while he embraces an adult life. And I am you know the mentor that he has outgrow -- way Goldman. I mean how do you get into being a -- man -- what's the mentality. In your mind to prepare for that. When you have sometimes I think good fortune to have an extreme costume of any -- Weathers closed government -- -- -- whatever. You cannot wait for that to inform you. In a way you yourself in the mirror and do you think -- had a -- field looking like this. With appeared there's somebody who looks like that that has decided that that's how I feel. That's the way they're gonna present themselves for the world. These pilots. These were black Nazis are -- world has goat herders are. And and he he's more comfortable with the goats that is -- people you know those those -- his. Companion so these were all. Clues on the way to discovering. Did you ever go into the real world with all -- the hair. And awful -- no no. I didn't and I think only because. At the end of -- shooting today that the it's gonna sound pedestrian -- the beard is real comfortable and and after about six hours starts to feel like your -- -- in prison. And can't get out. And -- that induces visions pitching that begins. And the swelling well actually the make up artist will take this out of a comb the points out of a komen and give it to me you know like -- -- Myself in the area to a category that American -- around. Friendly tourist there's a little bit so in answer questions no I'm I run to the makeup trailer to get that thing off. And and when it's off its. It's one of the most pleasurable experiences of life forget that -- -- on to happier days -- to get the hot towel after. And -- was this your first time working with them as didn't have any scenes with time masters in the movie I haven't seen it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now let's listen -- horrible. But so happy that modern family is is doing good things for -- and and this is a good show them. So you know sometimes the good guys -- I think ties -- -- Talking that says you present confrontation. Back with the new season so everyone is just having sex all the time now not -- character so much. Like is on the straight this character on the show you're just walking in on everyone left and where I can't believe what these -- your -- Well that sun and and walking hand in I I mean -- ex wife and not. Massive psychological. Policies. We can doesn't talk and I know -- We are coming and that's really it is. The goal. As far as I'm concerned anyway I don't want to show. We're always very sure that this show -- making is a comedy and that the senator of the show is this very real relationship between. My character Hank and the -- -- -- character. Karen and our daughter. And without that there is no show without that it's just. It kind of floats away so. What what I'm always good paying attention to and I think what Tom Izzo is paying attention to his. This -- would be as funny as we can and still retain this kind of sentimentality. At the heart of the show -- that's the dance that I'm always -- dissident. Where can -- -- and acts are working -- -- I mean it never -- gone anywhere it's always has been about that you know and and then. Which is why I'm amazed that it's gone for five years already. -- and Karen our relationship yes he has forgiven him -- -- 5000 times -- mountain. I had he'd be that guy who can mess up over and over and over again and yet still you make got bit charming enough. Well you know many ways he's not messing up you know they're not together he's the one who wants to be with her you know -- you they're not. And I'm married and they're not together she's been engaged to somebody else in the first or she's married to someone else. This year so you know Hanks -- -- are really just. You know he's he's an interstate rather than that this finds himself -- places mostly because he's lost you know so he wanders into places he has no place to go. So. I don't really see it as as her forgiving him I see it is. As hit them both being kind of lost you know they they were together and now they wandered off and and shows about them. You know what going through the woods to find wrong. That's about the relationship you have with your -- on us now. Both of them -- you know that as as -- relations with cameras is the heart of the show. So this is relations -- and that's that's. And it mentioned that then when -- evidence that's part of it as well. -- -- -- any experiences and you know might pop -- sort of come into that sure. There when she's older than my kid. Kids quote twelve in nine years old. And she's. Against she's supposed to be seventy and so there there -- different issues but. -- -- -- This. Complicated where you like to seen. All of those characters and a. I was -- -- and I don't know I don't know. House how lucky guy. Room. But. I was like do -- characters toes -- -- This is so we've written in Everett Americans. What's coming up for you next what town projects -- you can Portman who called the phantom. Few months ago -- incentive submarine -- Cold War. Russian submarine -- -- -- -- -- there was I think has tested early. And then you know -- really -- performances in an election Americans. And women. Home.

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