David Tennant on his new role as Dr. Kilgrave

Tennant appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about his new Netflix series "Jessica Jones."
15:48 | 11/25/15

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Transcript for David Tennant on his new role as Dr. Kilgrave
Yes. You'd like to invite man. Absolutely. Funny. Because this good video guests here indefinitely. You'll be delight. Great. Enjoyed my intention. Through hot. Children should be seen sentinel. All but to scale. Not seen optional talent get into that something. Specialty. Let me send. Be warned I have. I'm very particular pilot. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's popular culture and you won't find anything pop and warned and Jessica Jones cuts its marbles Jessica Jones. And it has my guest today. The tenth Dr. it. And I think with all agree the best doctor Wright years. He's locked Sarah up Mott I don't know how it's that. And start to accent hagel wanted to do I can't get a start British and and I tried to go back to Scott OK you don't know who he will I'd. I think. Changing accidents than you do you either. Rod shirt has graced point and you go I don't know who. It's a slippery like and you out you really are active deceit and quite really. That's the in the lob ball up all at. An actress and a good way IQ and a good way positive side so let's talk about the appalling manipulative. Creek that you play our Jessica. I'll column on polling manipulative creek he's the. I had to make sense of this. Unity actors always have to. Identify some now. With the care you can just play bad guy analyzes told the cubs but it's time to do so I think that it. You've go to understand whether coming from recently. Objectively he's pretty remorse Lewis asked to walk but yet this ability. These cops say he compels people to do whatever. In the least little thing you know like and give him three sub ought to. Double buildings and whenever he says he ought to acquiesce to. If that's your Walton life it's very difficult to maintain. A sense of appropriateness I suspect. Because he doesn't know appropriate why are defending it but it's true that he doesn't see he has no way of knowing. If people wanting things because they want him because he's two months and Oscar award Donnie and I know yes yes that's good that's got had a skiing hear your life. You know your your world. He might murdered them abused them attack and that he really doesn't hold their plots he's lost all sense of appropriateness. You're marvel. Freak you go is this crisis unit upper reaches a rob pejorative I just can't let me say that collects grew up watching but reading Marvel Comics. And sort of wishing that I could war while comics and that we could wishing for the movies an exit pushing for the TV shows that become real. But I didn't know this but technically the cubs code luckily it. Which is quite a niece comic from the marvel my acts and privileges which is a ridiculous if they differently in which you audience and says the old. Gregoire there's BO and. Well beyond the average. Rate there's all kinds of its of its for a more mature audience and I'm not stuck happen. You can we there's there's no mature. We don't want them but it's in this you know this isn't it's posing universe Captain America idol idol is characters but it's it. Idling is necessarily for its I wouldn't you attend your desk it's it's a darker world it's it's it's an adult story. Well that must have been part of the attraction T. What's what's appealing his knees. He is a complicated time tarnished and time. Dots. The issue husband. And speed to Jesse Jones is fantastic hero almost anti human. And so film noir yes it's just talk. You don't really kind of slinky and reduced yes date if you have to write a sort of view myself a lot of teasing goes on Atlanta purple I see that yet but there's no purple skin. No in the color but still grieve. As it is completely like Hulk is did you miss that well I could tell that acting like I did it with what it was for us mr. oh. Being being sprayed copilot remarked we quite fond for a few days. But come months six. I think I would probably how good over. Adults like because they're licking you something's. So please don't necessarily moved from a two dimensional page to a live action. Shoo in court that other thing stays on public access. But that was. That the purple skin was issued but that the purple Mowlds there was a little part of where a law pop foursome. Nice lighting effects. It's it's very much acknowledged. You seem to say on Euro currency gave appealing I hope you do that because here is Eckert said at the start. So mean anything that you do you're working now you know yeah you stopped here to visit I'm sure you're going from here to something. Which will use to be on stage again aren't you can do Richard the second. Yesterday yes yes that's next up so I'm real learning my lines of the production we did. The company can be those on. Dusting my senior Hamlet. I'm the only him and I've ever seen. That that pause after to be enough where. Everybody could consider that. It's excellent use of Paul while I appreciate it. One was the first thing you did on the screen. Who. You know I was I was a kid still I was. And he made me and I games. Four local. Health authorities in Gloucester I did an anti smoking film forced duke case. That was the very first thing ended up is a little sort of ten minute fell. And I played in a bad kids he was smoking a constant Liesman talking constantly but it had never had a cigarette in my life. And I turned uplifting athletes put this was my first professional dig. And this thing and they sit the game music I did what to do. It. And if you can fight that felt I don't know. There we get bond act. Well good luck is that digitally you'll notice an unmanaged and have a like the thing that I I do a little gesturing a lot of Rondo asked gesturing with his cigarette at fifty. And amounted to play with a enough for my little sort of that the sentence he never acted like obviously that he very sound. My equity my union which is a crucial talks absolutely and the fact that you do an anti smoking commercial. Without ever smoking. Are you outraged at it that. So always who was sort of against the grain always against the grain that suggested or just a really about it Garcia. But elected I go with it like the but boy. In. England in Great Britain when people are looking at doctor. If you think James Bond it's like you're the tenth James. And so you get looked at is that you can't really escape. This is. Who you want to so many yet but it's a big deal to yeah it's you know it's become a massive show are in the world excluding they. Every time comes about we have and it's becoming more and more. Recognized him but in the case. It's not something yet been massive pop culture farm zoo it would when you take that on your way up it's. The fox like the victory of remembrance you know the that's something though which include doctor loot and act. It's that's you know to be. Associated with the with wanna know. Particularly. At people's childhoods because it finally issue that the kids that man wrapped up and which is lovely yet to be how the association people. What do you think of a wing you look back on do you have an episode that was the one that you love the most of that. Those of us yanks that want to stall are now. I did all so different one of the great things about it but surely. Every week earning new world and you staff. Supporting characters. He learned of times when your planet or whatever it is. It's difficult you it is good what him because he never feels like this think twice. As one standings which is the interior of the tellers the ship the teller and others maybe a couple of scenes in that every. For every episode and after it just keeps changing I would guess that so much getting an artist's. And kissing your run go it's do you if you can get the targets today. Even though. Not done so. Actually know where to go though just that you we would you if you get in that today. Lol some things optimize I'd like see it because when the cap are. You know I'd like to see the first performance. Legal I'd like Sina. I. It's very artistic what you use. Well easily you know cultural event I suppose I should probably go somewhere and change something should some something significant it. Then of course you know if if what studies time travel as I upbeat. Of course you have to be careful about you know you don't want it mace with. And it's because back unravel as the chaos theory that the I didn't get the view we didn't like if you potential she who back in. She gene get an amendment will issue of shooting and if you do that and wonders will come and please it's mine. In your house hurt. This you have four kids yet new one yeah I asked thank you yes. They're watching him. Well my eldest grew up with it yet teens who. He he easel over the years the younger ones just recently entity. Is quite certain I did not use apple back out at 63 no obsolete. I'd go. No in fact that's that's the issue to them quite a while to realize that were all the people of adult the day. Yet. On May be that rule at all I think enough is the only guy I was very open they were alive. I just you know it's they Arabic and act says. I didn't I didn't bring them to it by themselves Atlanta. It just. Now it's your collection. Doctor pat it was after awhile I might buy thirteen it was kind of encouragement to lick beyond. My episodes. That I'd eventually did and of course some pot dies. Suddenly found Ella guys and now. Their mother is in one she is in agreement. Her bother is doctor number of Gary's Olson was back on this house be soap from brewer are not immediately doctor. Rise to new. And it. You're active and they can't just be binding that aspect loaded with. It's such a shrine would be. An awards thing for visiting. They might reason I'd like that to some homes GOP trying to yourself you know I'll just have what would happen. But the company can have a massive one of the they won't be tainted and we won't do it but if I had been doctor yeah I would. And that he'll eat anything. It goes back to kill you mine I'm science. Some. On the locking key secure location like that. Don't keep it a whole. Six. Waited yet it's too scared yet so we youth and considered the other things at the same time I think that you started doctors' group. You in Harry Potter. I rented it seems yeah. So that's like another you know. Strangeness. It well you can never have. Enough reasons to go to comical can still know that this is one I've got the only high poultry it's you can go I didn't what I gather as many franchises possibly comic con doesn't have a abroad pictures death. Next I don't think there's a road church Colin yeah it but you know. I'm gonna detour to another idea. Because he did this flick totally unique thing is to do broad church and then. Do the American version two and a great point yeah and they said that to you. Did you think that they were insane or did you just that she's such an unusual. Opportunity. To trying to tell the same story that's two very different audiences on different sides of the oil and police saw the same character but. An American integration it was such a peculiar opportunity that I felt I can apple do this this is that would come right and it's going to be off she'll. All right well. This shows that you've never been on it before so you don't know it and since song but it always done well at every week every every everybody that's on. Just anti me a little bit of the song that's in there are. The songs in my home of course I don't want it to be song that just in your yeah you hate to actual. I mean it's just this kind of but I have to break into so you do the right person to everybody Clint Eastwood that. What he said he sang a song called I can't get started with you. It's now much has already passed that is the point when I say the heart. It's if that's what the days it's the song that passed to ski PO. You know in Malaysia and something you on me finish our. Diane that the claimants on just before it can nine mile. Secure you and I'm. What do you think you're children for goodness. They must be there in you you read them a story when you're not forced him to what's doctor I think I think an old go to heat. But those. A they leave Levy sifted Alan Young man these me. We tuneful. We believe to buy some key times. That is so perfect and it's it's a new U batting Clint Eastwood a suspect. Yap at it but it was not could he let and that he can't teeth left element albeit not as Clinton split with him yet problems yet they. Pleasure thank you get. But that with.

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