Familiar Faces, Surprise Snubs top Globe Noms

Dawn Yanek on the A-listers and surprise omissions from the Globes.
4:43 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Familiar Faces, Surprise Snubs top Globe Noms
And it's time now to get job cut up on the latest celebrity news here with us -- -- -- -- it entertainment expert Don thanks so much for joining things we have lots of Golden -- stuff to talk about very very exciting let's start with. Best actor. In a drama the big category that -- -- great name. Here we do it's a little too early to tell who exactly will take home this this award for this race -- boaters are notoriously fickle -- there could be this flood of love like there was that your with Sandra Bullock in the -- side. Things could fizzle like they did with up in the air about -- -- but right now I would say the two front runners are Brad Pitt. And George Clooney and the descendants in general is on a big high right now. -- Michael fast -- could really pull the rug out from under them with his performance in shame is wonderfully messy performance of a man with sexual addiction and -- farm press really likes being -- being a little bit different and this could be the category they. -- -- of course Leo is up for. I'm really really good list anti performances and great actors they're now that's about. The movies that we're nominated because -- -- artist witness in the very unusual film with a black and white silent film got the most nominee. It did indeed this is a definite precursor for what we could see at the big dance of course the Oscars necessarily translate from. Winslet just because you win at the globes -- -- mean you'll win at the Oscars but I think we will certainly see. A lot of those shows represented -- like you said the Golden -- -- they'd like these sort of edgy or different it exactly and the economy as well -- -- these two movies the artist and the descendants are even dream for providers because of this is black and white it's silent it's really really good artsy but it's also not too weird so people like and also the descendants George Clooney -- more. And that's fantastic sound fantastic -- that winner surprises were there any nominations that left you scratching your head over there. People and movies left out that he -- -- yeah quite a few actually the girl with the dragon tattoo. Only -- -- was nominated for best actress and Donald. Everything else everybody else was shut out also Christmas wade was nominated for bridesmaids but Melissa McCarthy who had been garnering all that bus was left out for best supporting actor as some interesting interesting I was surprised about. Did address the -- the dragon tattoo because it's gotten -- much. Play treatment would not want people seem to think that I got out yet so it's not out yet know the voters definitely gonna get this had a times over the it's kind of interesting to -- -- How will moviegoers react to this movie also another surprise willing to hustling was got a second nomination of four crazy stupid love but not drive which was the one that was is expected that -- mining I don't know -- doesn't using his fantastic idea that of course we know that the Golden Globe. Love star power as us this -- the movie business and with that a surprise then that Angelina. Angelina Jolie's in the land of blood and honey her directorial debut with nominated not at -- all -- -- -- -- the this movie is perfect for them has brought her directorial debut it's also a love story in a war torn countries -- -- greedy it's also in another language it was nominated for best foreign film so I think that this is a no -- and then of course they get the added benefit of getting pregnant Angelina walking down that ran back and -- grade photo opportunity not to be missed out of this -- box office they've got -- new you know exciting movies coming out what do you think what are your predictions. Well of course that -- it's basically the battle of the sequels we have the new Sherlock Holmes movie which should easily take the wins some early estimates of putting it -- Maybe fifty million dollars for opening weekend and it's going up against the chipmunk and yet to say I am so glad this movie is going to be over soon shifted -- Lady Gaga rendition of -- Romans has been stuck in my -- for driving me crazy -- But of course to very differently -- two very different audiences. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going wide next week on the 21. And it is getting fantastic reviews so far security a lot of people are going -- -- -- as well -- thank you so much thank you.

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{"id":15174008,"title":"Familiar Faces, Surprise Snubs top Globe Noms","duration":"4:43","description":"Dawn Yanek on the A-listers and surprise omissions from the Globes.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dawn-yanek-lobe-hollywood-actor-actress-celebrity-buzz-15174008","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}