Former "Superman" Star Dean Cain Reveals His Most Wanted Superpower

Dean Cain is back on TV in the new VH1 series "Hit The Floor."
4:55 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for Former "Superman" Star Dean Cain Reveals His Most Wanted Superpower
He played Superman and they hit TV series Lois and Clark the new adventures of Superman and now he is back not fighting villains. But super egos fame hungry cheerleaders all -- a new series and VH one called hit the floor. It is -- -- show about a top dance theme in -- world of professional basketball and Dean Cain. Is the team coach. I don't. Know anything about dancing. Sonic yet to deal I -- waste your time if you don't waste my. Very quick wickets fell apart I utterly broke down apparently exploded. Up -- took a -- only from kindergarten -- you. -- -- -- They -- Asha -- -- if I -- to be here it's 6:30 AM so do you. Of course I totally understand professionals and trust me I was captain of the cheerleading squad then that's great OK thank you for coming. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ouch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I I personally may know little more about dance OK did -- Davenport but. But he he gets drafted -- to judge the dancers. And nasal PR trick from from the owner and it's a good time -- it he ladies are a bit of of the Kryptonite for. Well that's right to put it diplomatically yes are so I mean -- it's an interesting set up to this entire show I mean are you watching basketball differently. You know what I do as a guy who watches basketball religiously anyway in football and my friends are coaches now in GM's in. Some owners and things like I've always watched -- but it never studied the coaches and what they do. Now I watch what happens during a timeout when the coach comes out and the way he does certain things but literally took me about fifteen minutes. For me to do all the research had to do to play this role I've really had been researching his role my entire life will. You know I'm just recent joint EU is well -- I don't know that you played professional football yes sir. That's fascinating -- for the only team that actually plays in New York by the way. Or you're gonna get -- of that half a billion dollars stagehands are -- -- be rally not let out go to a who was that was up part of the appeal to this role. And it's it's pretty unconventional role. Did you know get the world of sports and and the -- in the money and the beautiful when it's very intoxicating Brian and that's what this world is and you see these guys. That's what players -- -- anywhere from five to fifteen million dollars a year earlier this -- a lot of money they're young and there. About warrior mentality and they give you a lot of trouble. Hi -- my -- my character was a player and he did that himself so he knows the pitfalls. So wanted to go to the sound philosophical level but obviously when you have the dancers you have the cheerleaders -- mean that really kind of plays into the attraction of -- -- -- He went -- -- buffalo -- we're Buffalo Bills are car cheerleaders for the bottle of jails. They said there was a very clear no fraternizes rule how ever. If you're Jim Kelly in your date one of buffalo jails. They like he's really in trouble you know right you know Kobe Bryant well he's married -- -- the -- that -- red area we to -- -- -- somebody else. Somebody else you know they're -- they wanna do that they can break the rules that happens on the show to -- I have certain players who. We're above the rules and you look at the double standards from from both from both components that are it's fast -- however it's and obviously it's it's -- -- a lot of sex appeal in this absolutely. Did the cast is. Completely multi racial and all gorgeous it's ridiculous we sit down have table reads. An attorney Kimberly Elise who I do a lot of my stuff worked with as she was a former double girl when I was a player. You can do the math well okay and Andy Sheehan have a lot of our season is such an actress but we'll sit there when look at these kids all these young people in the -- to shake our heads advocates for. They are ridiculously beautiful people. They can act and they can stance taken they can stand -- ten exports did take your -- can't I try to work it and I hurt my left my ankle. So. Keep it to keep an -- on the DL and yet you you -- really practice that -- private delivery -- when you're gonna try to roll that out in the public -- you're gonna get laughter right off the state unless you're good that's very true unless you're good there's a lot of YouTube instructions on. I got I've got poetry I got -- superpower obviously you Superman is always on the minds of everyone in what could they possibly do if they had a super power what would it be. And what would -- that. Well I think you know three personalities take flying because I don't I despise -- on airplanes for. Huge length of time so the flying would be fantastic -- -- -- a lot of bad scrapes but there are moments where the old. X ray vision would be kind of fantastic to. Just saying perhaps even on a set of hit the floor her hat I've tried has worked at the I'd try to have pulled -- my glasses and everything being came -- if that's -- I presented by thank you.

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{"id":19195910,"title":"Former \"Superman\" Star Dean Cain Reveals His Most Wanted Superpower","duration":"4:55","description":"Dean Cain is back on TV in the new VH1 series \"Hit The Floor.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/dean-cain-back-tv-vh-series-hit-floor-19195910","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}