Debating the Merits of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools

"The View" co-hosts debate whether public, private or charter schools improve the nation's education system.
6:47 | 01/18/17

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Transcript for Debating the Merits of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools
As the system member too many children in the school. Kit each the teachers that don't have enough experience him and not enough extracurricular activities had announced how we lost six how about we just fix the schools some that there is. What parents actually gulf who doesn't help and also someone whose agenda is to create. Schools that have a religious backs not ought not America is films. With religions. From all although all of the map and so. To talk about you know making America better with the Christian schools doesn't make sense to me when. There are so many different religions if we make schools better if we train T just bet it weed hey Matt. If we just pick and we pay them out living. Schools that are falling apart because we seem to be able to do everything else I don't know why we always. Why the kids with nothing always get pulled stock. We haven't been able I mean we haven't been able to fix them for so long I don't understand where they're so much opposition. To giving parents especially in low income parents. More power and anyone can you can and other say like what you can have a. As a teacher I know this because my husband worked in the Bronx. And he had a class that was a little slow and all the people had classes out to kids was a little bit. Faster some kids could read better etc. with in the school you can have charter schools and you don't have to have a whole of the building make what's a lot more money you can do it in the school what's wrong with. Yeah I I think that that. It is a possibility and a I don't think they're mutually exclusive and I think we need to try to fix our public schools of course all the schools elemental may well. And make them equal of course but why not give these parents the option and when you when you speak to communities of color. They want their kids to be to have options they want their kids and her slump that let their kids to meet they want their kids to have the same opportunities kids in schools not falling apart pat Brighton way and play yeah. Okay but what. Assumptions about what goes on in neighbor it's when people make assumptions about who's in those neighborhoods. It's what man was talking about when people just assume. When you see it really Smart kid we say this is Smart kid growing up to the thing you you don't believe this kid is as Smart. That's part of the problem it's also another issue I would just respond about that it Abbas very active because she is not. Chart people who have been supportive of charter schools I'm one of them I'm supporter of charter schools and doctors have an opposing her at her home state the recent her charter schools don't work. Is because she imposes government regulation she was at common core backer before she a pulse common core this after hearing her say no about how I oppose common core. And I oppose government standards that's not true the doctor she wants to distribute how government oversight she is a big government coral and disguised. One of the issues with why these I'm a former educator and former teacher. I respect teachers it's one of the toughest jobs in this country down serve more. He saw builds of Lazio going against a charter school success academy use soft. Minority communities low income communities rallying together in saying this school represents opportunity for our kids and who was battling against them were the teachers unions who often. Don't stick up for the teachers and don't stick up for the students but stick up for themselves and what keep. Would say I'm a hunter yeah we want it reunion on themselves not only to teachers in schools saying this union is preventing our schools from getting battered you see a lot of teachers saying. They are not helping assistant they are fighting the system cannot and you're right though are these parents have a right to say. Look if if I'm more and I have a child and a port district and the best I can send my child who is not in my district. I should have the I want say I want my child and what ill have a lot of go to school on all night hit musical act what actually but in school that's what I did I don't I had fearing what. Sunny and get her saying sounds great it has not been successful in this is why. You're gonna get a family a 5000 dollar let's say voucher rank to private schools maybe 101000 to the people that are ultimately win out in this become against again he affluent the ones that have a lot of money access to resources so once again kids with no money don't get a better option all the time always got back in the public education neglected once again because now we're putting money it would deter accidents are that is gonna get Ed choice in its own review it and was released in May between sixteen. I'm be empirical evidence shows that choice which is what I I and support about improves academic outcomes for participants and public schools. It saves taxpayer money and it moved students into more integrated classroom and it just it's elite in the CNN com. Lawyers say the delta and it didn't work on you know older probably another dog Gnostic by the Dalai don't. Get you're now kids want the teachers that they work well when. Teachers you know all of this you know let's do these tests make sure everybody is this it's not that way if we can't just shut up. And look and see what's best for the kits for dips everybody else. If you haven't teacher that needs something why aren't their needs met if there are buildings that are falling down. Why aren't they were Panama that tell us what one of the struggles is you can't fueled an amazing teacher won't be in a school. And that teachers doing a great job and that teacher deserves a raise but what happens is the government enforces a system where everybody gets it and I don't get a sense that the dogs probably gonna let it got no problem but not really it's not the prime I didn't know it's not the government is not the issue here. The is eight I I get back and let me tell you why I got out I want to lie and try. The government is not the problem here because the government you don't gives all the school districts the money they Nate. The school districts need to take a look and see how to measure. A teacher in this classroom does not teach this class the same way this teacher or not that's why I and that's why that when I agree it was not what it's not a government you know it's it's. In front of that power away from the federal government and giving that power to what local communities and it might not gonna listen local communities are falling apart. Because all of these wonderful programs that used to be that when I was a baby up Al's ears and out. You know people upset all now that's affirmative action you shouldn't have that you have that you shouldn't have and you know lack. The only people that suffer your advocate all Denny's only people who.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts debate whether public, private or charter schools improve the nation's education system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44864248","title":"Debating the Merits of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools","url":"/Entertainment/video/debating-merits-charter-schools-public-schools-44864248"}