Deborah Ann Woll on breaking up a TV relationship

Changes galore in True Blood's fifth season and a George Gershwin number.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Deborah Ann Woll on breaking up a TV relationship
She's drank from some dude you don't even know -- and as those you know every cow you'd be what the question is not. I never did get out -- eighty. Do you find your. It's everywhere you order. This -- enough yet. -- -- -- -- -- You know when you get a breakthrough role -- that. You think well what am I going to do you have to deal with blood -- It's tripping if it's actually very sticky. When did you actually get than that of dealing. Did come right away team. Certainly by third season I had cried enough blood tears at that point I'd eaten enough people. But I I sort of new. What the deal lions. You know we we sort of planet out of you know -- -- we -- this half of the -- first that -- -- can be easier match the -- here on a lot of making sure things work out scheduling -- actually bled to. We have. A lot of different flood of amount blood that's kind of a mean he almost chocolate flavor and then there's a lot of carrots here. What I'd like to and now. If you think you see that all our own -- -- -- popcorn he lets not give them part I guess -- to do you think what's the what was the toughest thing for you to play. I mean -- seventeen for a I I was state -- A lot of that of the Hoyt and Jessica Rica. Was very difficult Christian Carrick and our very good friends and loved working together we invested a lot in creating -- love story. Of Jessica and point. And I I remember is very resistant in the beginning to even do it I didn't want to break up quickly if you -- -- it didn't wanna do that and honest opportunity to emanated wanna ruin all those good feelings. But as we got into it we committed and we started to see she passed what agree -- Storyline that was how immediate was the directions that it took so our characters -- much darker territory which for an actor's at least some more funds can play. We really jumped on but there it was a wild there when -- -- the scenes -- cry and I get that it would crush of cameras on my back. Still crying you could Canada -- -- there was wonderful there's. You talking about -- you've learned -- complain that the EU. SO. We were growing up in Brooklyn I'm very fearful person -- I am -- very fearful that other than my acting. That's really what I love about acting and I think why buying and gravitate -- I'm so cautious in my real life and and and so risk averse. But an acting in fiction you can do anything and there are no. Consequences outside that world so it's fun to go into that world and test the limits -- much more brave. In in a fictitious script and in the a different world rated something that we -- unit said when you're going up you bully. -- -- Again nothing thank goodness nothing physical I -- some people view it as a globally it is unacceptable. Mostly just emotional than I would get a lot of notes and uncles sons. People saying cruel things in the hall. -- -- -- -- kind of annoying now that doesn't justify. You know -- I I was a little theater kids so I would you know seeing in the hall ways and I was very anti cool and I I still am actually I. I feel like anything that's cool sort of means that something else is -- -- that that makes me comfortable so. Anything was super cool I sort of -- now that's horrible get away from me in I think. That I sort of opened myself up to be. And eat -- always. Fascinated by its -- they make when you -- basically you kept yourself -- only had this kind you know you'd say OK but I'm. Well I think when you Judi Dench used to say that acting as the shy person Mr. Bush was left back. -- In the senate takeover -- Windsor man took place for you to express yourself and -- at -- needed here you were allowed to hear. You -- all year. Sometimes where. You know you can -- -- it's all like -- I am I -- I live in your state I read every page looking for wooden stick and hope that my name -- Mexicans headed. So nobody discusses this it's not like not really an act from most people who have you know. Left this mortal coil. They don't think they usually -- an episode or two notice that's about it. But for the most -- there Mary they wanted to be a surprise to us as the actors as well so we don't really know anything -- It's tortures its like American Idol where they're all in little room. You see in the region that taxi and a -- to you can advocate looking around. -- -- -- -- -- Well now branching out from two. I thought. What I think is a terrific. -- -- are. Rubies are it's such. We thank you I think it's a great -- it never seen her -- they rarely -- the end it's really gets it. Thank you very. They're proud of that -- I'm I'm very proud of so we hear writers and we ask adversary can -- did just a fantastic job and I'm. Just grateful like to be even a tiny tiny piece of that so is that -- -- would like to go when you have to do yeah. -- what you. Well you know I'm right an -- on hiatus I'm working hard to see if I get some work before we go back and I I love. He -- smaller quirky films that are trying something different things are definitely some of my favorite Sen. -- I started in theater would love to go back and -- theater that was really where it started. The the path that I envisioned for myself and step back -- them. -- doing all kinds of theater with musical season -- primarily classical theater honestly some modern works but I did a lot of sort of early. You know currently twentieth century works and then -- -- Shakespeare shop. So you can take on the I mean it's certainly classical works help prepare you to take -- nickname is -- very -- here. It really yeah. Like say quite a lot of them. What I did -- Shakespeare to true but because has their shifts of extreme. Shakespeare in Love with that I am page one. -- -- on page five -- just figure out how to get there. And true blood has -- -- I I brought out. The idea musicals because I was speaking to routine. He's yet we ever get around. And show always. -- -- Just at its Ottawa but -- it. I think it was summer -- I think that she's the -- -- would increase but you can leave us with. Anything -- -- And it's. -- -- -- -- So our own little as a hundred to one against Maine. The -- RO about the heights for to hide -- My name. Not people from the -- manner in scents mean. No -- wasn't of -- loans. Line from history I have. All many many times the Wilmington. Cranston. They all laughed that Christopher come on this land he says the -- They all laughed when Aniston -- call -- mountain. They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother when they have the demands of Friday. Florida and is Lindsay kept those -- busy. And that's people -- bailout that omni. -- noon. That I was -- Warrant. Not all. You mean. -- Changed in. Mail. At. I mean think. That matter and never -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That whole -- that. Who does. It.

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{"id":17022714,"title":"Deborah Ann Woll on breaking up a TV relationship","duration":"3:00","description":"Changes galore in True Blood's fifth season and a George Gershwin number.","url":"/Entertainment/video/deborah-ann-woll-breaking-tv-relationship-17022714","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}