Deborah Ann Woll talks HBO's True Blood

Brooklyn-born actress on being a baby vampire on hit show.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Deborah Ann Woll talks HBO's True Blood
You can Google -- You. -- -- Victorian England. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He didn't trust. Can understand. And you're gonna make -- we would keep it. Impeached current -- -- -- Cheats court to be your first -- Let me. Even. Eating way. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and the popcorn will we tell you what's happening in pop culture and yet. Bigger pop culture and HBO's true. The surprise you really think there. And in the thing just Deborah and law Jessica that the game. -- And just because I know that you leave me curious -- -- walked -- near you. He just when you -- And -- you're picking things so. I. That take awhile to get used to. The bank -- -- -- did you when you first start using them you elect -- India and neighboring. Which is very very second agony of Florida honor I think. Fifty but really not -- good thing he gave -- life the very care. I'm Terry Kristin Bauer one of her first lines with something like you're certainly nothing like her that are better -- and just hope it's -- this. It's art. He shoots it four. She and so is if he. Jessica -- -- and Louisiana Berry a conservative religious household her parents and a very nice -- And she was plucked off the street and Bill Compton one of our. Leading vampires had to turn her into her as a punishment for killing another car which. You know and -- he missed here come back. And that he was very happy to become a vampire Jessica because -- sort of freed her from this constrained like she was living. And she has a lot of growing pains makes a lot of mistakes but she's -- a couple of just figure -- So romantic. Love the conflict. -- Like murder a -- yeah. You think by Hollywood people -- murdered about people me took me. Where wolf and a trucker hats. That they did there expect that they -- army colonel. And that's it. Otherwise you're just feeding on the just -- consensual meetings since world we know -- dream I think now. Now that yet but now after this -- -- -- -- She's she's out there and what he's kind. She's selling her vampire OCN. Except in this season -- It's a war council and what we're going vampires against. -- -- Never thought that younger but their mortgage rates. He hit it big I do. All right. Has to go to and there's -- -- keep it in the beginning. When you go back. To see your friends. Because -- -- quite adjusted yet you just not an easy process. But just think what this is you had an abusive father. -- city you can. You have this kind pilot union I think he cramped in here. It's definitely happy that doing that -- you know. The systems -- yes. Why think also adding in the story of the younger sister and the Yankees -- going to leave. This little girl with these people these parents who you don't really trust to be good parents and to love her. And I think that that guilt has really continued with Jessica. I think it pulls over into this relationship with terra this year -- wanting to be a big vampire sister and -- really good at it for once since you abandoned your human system. Something -- to -- very tragic character I think she's very lonely she's no friends I think it's very sad time. What she's having her relationship with -- who is very human which got very complicated. And then with -- it's. All very complicated. I think we just she's she's -- library and you think it. Us -- -- a lonely -- She's had -- had to mean to partners that's it the united I think because of her wild nature impulsive nature we think of her as being much more. -- -- -- -- Didn't I think she looked like she knows what's going. It if -- doesn't matter that glamour people do Sarah Jessica appears she has such presents I'm not sure she'd been clamoring. Hey Jessica home with you when you're talking -- friendly wood is you sometimes to switch modes he. It's not take her home a little bit if you notice the -- you aren't I I am her to an extent. On -- differently we react very differently circumstances I'm much more. Calculated. Want to make sure everything news. You know settled before I I leave but Jessica and she just jumps -- actually admire. You've had to keep them under control he it yet. There's -- big consequences and real life emergency fiction. That's right. Vehicle like that -- -- need to start telling him exactly lots of fun to become you know can I hate groups and real. -- -- -- When you're starting to do this that when she term in the beginning. To learn to do that and we just temples control and I don't editing helps and even -- that that she's -- but basically. We looking at what when -- starting to do. Because now I get to home school -- in what it's like to be scared. -- I looked like you know vampires are sort of -- split from humans by animals for crocodiles on -- animals prey he snapped a quick. And it's -- it is very slow presence in the makes sense now. The -- pats him on I used to watch mother lions take down antelope and things like patent how in a prisoner as humans today we don't. -- -- of predator prey we don't really kill our own two hands or we're not afraid of being eaten. In this world but Jessica with Eaton and -- and killed -- -- She's doing it. And it's strange thing -- talking -- -- in culture. Where vampires are kind. Yes -- that is true. We have hired tires that we have quietly but in the -- So that when talking to people who played him -- actually asking. It being held a steady as if they'd -- -- looks to me I have insight into something that doesn't think you know into lifestyle that does not exist in reality. But I don't think that's what's cool about it is that that the vampires seem to be a -- -- for our own human. Deep primal urges and desires our impulses that we're ashamed. And these vampires get to kind of live that -- which I think is why -- Partly -- the popular -- but we also hear. That it's. Every outside. It was the whole thing about lesbian association -- I feel this way it could be any kind of feel about race -- marginalized society you community I think it fits in. -- quiet -- think sometimes with the with the political. Parallels are trying now when I'm when I think about terrorism and -- -- -- the -- it. You know one extremist group is going to paint the entire community and that's not necessarily true very humanistic. Pieces of the same community. You guys discuss -- honest. I certainly I'm fascinated by the themes are excess I think I just -- down with Alan Ball. Uses is less and it. All. I mean to college. At nine. -- course that will be in a hit anything that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I just -- because it's eight to twelve at this disease and basically work. A little more even a long time. I think we had -- percent -- 24 days this season Mary long. Motions to eight to ten. And where she. And if it. I believed it was told. A plastic that decorators and again you'd be amazed route in the mountains of -- -- -- -- and Spanish law and block out I'll sign it if anything -- I think I don't. Find lots if that put up you know what -- it's it's cold in Calabasas in in California at night winners. And it's meant to be summer in Louisiana that's meant to be -- children tiny thunder after. Just -- in China will it all together the cruise and -- Steve -- And we're talking ice cubes you won't see your breath and give it back -- -- cold. They all laughed that Christopher come on this land he says the world around. They all -- -- Addison caller -- Yeah. They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother when today -- man could blow away.

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{"id":17022672,"title":"Deborah Ann Woll talks HBO's True Blood","duration":"3:00","description":"Brooklyn-born actress on being a baby vampire on hit show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/deborah-ann-woll-talks-hbos-true-blood-17022672","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}