Diallo Riddle discusses his two new series 'South Side' and 'Sherman's Showcase'

Comedy writer and actor Diallo Riddle discusses his new projects
19:01 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for Diallo Riddle discusses his two new series 'South Side' and 'Sherman's Showcase'
It's kid is millions ABC radio now and I am here once again with another amazing and wonderful interviewed today. I have the accomplice talented. And aria from Logan sent back from the pressure. Or he is he's not such a Smart guy I'm so glad to have you. Multiple fleeing multiple things that you have going on one being this comedies and droll. New brand spanking knew no theories called. Sounds. Doesn't doubts eight ads and on the other side out of and I know anything about Chicago you don't south side definitely an area that you might. Alan thing even than that the last. About what this show is about it's about life and relate redefining the yeah. Happy because everybody seems to think they know about Chicago just for the challenges it faces and let's be honest like a lot of violence and then stereotypes. And our show's attempts to sort of redefined that because what we want to do is like show you the other side of the equation like. It's a neighborhood that has its challenges but like. You know so many and then by the late I should say that myself and the other creator of the show. Wieger in areas like this and you don't wake up in the morning thinking Michael I'm going to not get shot today like no you go about your day. Other should. I love that and me it is so funny because the idea is it is based upon something that is innately good it's the idea of redefining what this. Area of Chicago has been synonymous list you know obvious he watched the news you see oh my gosh are so many so what's. Horrible thing that happened children you have like amazing people like the president and end all these. Asked a little. Ben unbelievable. I have two years the pioneers are people that come from this area while the you can. Yeah Donna Harris you have Bernie Mac and me like it's actually an area of its rich and economy tradition and one of the things that happen when we're shooting this is that people would come up to us and say oh you're shooting a comedy about. Southside of Chicago. It was a thinking. I they would say like you know we're so happy somebody's suing the other side of their lot of funny people here. And life here is not some you know apocalyptic nightmare like no late. We live here for a reason. And we're so happy to be a part of the dialogue in sort of you know letting people know that there is this other side if they don't see on the news. And that's a perfect segue to what actually I was going to ask which was. You know there seems to be quite a few projects coming out about shy town of Chicago. And I really wanted to know how this differentiated and I think you kind of hit the nail on the head you know and you can elaborate more on that there. By the way it like we love likely to wait as a friend we love the shine we like all the hold the Dick Wolf Joe's legs you know Chicago fire Chicago law Chicago fire law can relate all the zoo as well. We're happy to be in the world. We're a full on comedy that takes place in here. And I think one thing this radical about TV right now is that everybody who is creating TV gets the chance to sort of tell. The story that they wanted to let nobody sort of pressured us to be like oh can you make if I know we brought it to Tommy central because we're like. We wanna do this show it is funny just in its heart and that's what's really special Bubba says that doesn't try to compete with the delicious. Yes and let me check and he's aware this comes out July 10 on comedy sentence comes out actually July 24 all. The thank you furcal airline back about how if they do I can't let. He had July 8 July 24 at 10:30 on Comedy Central right between South Park in the dailies delegates agreed you don't have to Jesus station you got all your favorite show is on Wednesday night's does come watch us that now I do want everybody to understand that this man really is amazing because you have such a history. Writing in and green. Intelligent thought provoking yet hilarious beings to lie you know you've you have a history of this we're gonna get into all that. But I. And curious because you mentioned you know how RadioShack do you really delving into the narrative of Chicago and in the specific area you. What born and raised in Atlanta ray yeah. So let me say that I am I am the one person involved with Asia who is actually not from Chicago but everybody else Greg and Atlanta but everybody else involved in the show grew up. Or is still actively lives. On the Wes that on the Southside of Chicago where like all. Like you know we we went out of our way to not cast the show with you know people that you've seen on other TV show like the people you see on south side are going to be people that you've never seen on TV before and we think that loans a little bit of authenticity to the show. As opposed the latest casting you know people villagers in other shows. You'll see people who are 100% from Chicago am. Idol is some of the people that you'll see on the show we didn't intend on you seeing on the show. They were just so funny. That we hadn't put him on the show he had by reset as seen on a bus the bus driver the actual bus driver was making us laugh so we actually give them a couple of lines you know I mean like. From the people who wrote the show all of whom are from Chicago it's affirming. To the people did you see in front of the camera like everybody. Literally everybody is from Chicago we think the Chicago. Will appreciated just for the fact that like they'll see so many of their favorite sons and daughters on the show. Right even if you are not from Chicago and you've never been to Chicago. You'll get a sense of how the city works and how it functions Chicago really is the third most important character Alicia. He. I was saying that the the Atlanta a reference because I do feel a land you know. Any city is especially Betty representing Shia town you're doing you're doing is alarming if you haven't had a retaliation it's it's so hilarious only glimpse. Of what you're going to see on the series. On I would say is like a microcosm of aideed like area that you fine you know these amazing people and the characters meet these. Real life characters. Idea either. What you find any city VID call urban cities or whatever but in me I I feel it is just authentic people who actually. Don't necessarily taken their environment as who they are and so I think that's very special thing that you're doing with well. Not even just that but like. Or Rent A Center. You know MMR Sho does sort of center around this place is like rent a center's lawyer is presently like you rent a toaster unity Rana. TV here and in table or whatever. And he wouldn't he wouldn't bite when this year my read in part we go home at Christmas like. He would you know Utah's these stories of belly giving them that they would do and how they would like repossess. Items from people and it was like. Sort of tragic end and said the light. Out of that tragedy we were like. There's a comedy here an assistant then it's a thin line you know like you have to be of you know walk that tyra but I think we want to really well and so like literally everything that you see in the show Israel. You know for the people who were in it to the people who wrote it like it's so authentic and it's so grounded. I think it'll strike people as something I'm like anything else we see on TV. Now this is definitely your wheel house I have to say being someone who can create. These these important stories and narratives outnumbering in the light but you know as I mentioned and they tease earlier you know you have a history of doing these amazing things obviously worked. Late night it Jimmy Fallon is on the right here is muted and one of the beloved. As Satan is at least jobless Los Angeles president Barack Obama did you know I'm a union call world that made its what is it called history and mr. rabbit doesn't generally. I think you all segments that people like Lynn stilted and they going YouTube and in bringing him wrap up builds views and you know talk about. The transition and you know really because now this is like your own space your own field. And also how does a Harvard. Can not make our history. Economics and nothing comedy because you didn't answer is yeah. An accomplished here. I'm transgression I had think it might. Do you end up in this anything I can't imagine Hartman was too hilarious in you know. No part of his grave and I was always a bit of a Joker I always figured I'd be like the most likely areas you know finance guy you know right. It took awhile for me to decide that I wanted to go and to. Entertainment O line bad. I made that decision IE if and then as I like this came out to my parents like you know they. A united news Seagram and holding on to. I don't wanna go into economics anymore I don't wanna be. Professor anymore I wanna you comedy and they were of course is supportive. But it was hard you know as it was it was hard to make that transition is actually also hard to make the transition from. Late night variety show in two narrative because a lot of studios that's like oh you know you guys can write like. Slow jam the news but can you tell a story. And I think with south side will be able to tell people gang you know not only are we able to tell a story we're able to do it really well and over the course of ten episodes you know. So every season and cells that is going to be you can actually pop in to any individual or business outside enjoy it there's also an art. For the whole season and so if you watched all of them in order you get that extra layer you get something special and we want to reward our viewers with some special. Absolutely and I I got I'd be silly saw you or reselling on late night being interviewed rang. How valid because there really experienced enough that you worked on the show there are so many years and then to have be now the guest. It was literally almost seven years to the day that we left late night with Jimmy Fallon bad Jimmy had a bad for the Tonight Show and you know -- I didn't lose my mom in that period so like I had told him when I went on the shows like my mom would be so happy lacy was late. You know. They're there's so many challenges you face in this business and then you know to be able to go back to your old plays it was absolutely the most surreal experience through a lot of the people were still there they kind of look the same now is getting like you know of the star treatment that was sitting on the couch and talking to Jimmy says. You know senator Jimmy Fallon manages. He was the first person to really give us the big job in TV and we were working there we were on the hot instantly you know we helped create this you know show that was the hottest show on TV. Him to have us back is like gas was like outstanding it was it was incredible. Yeah now had he ever Ike it tried to enlist you to do another slow jams. Are anything to do. You know I honestly the writers who were there and Alan barely capable of keeping their franchise going they've never needed as the come back and do anything I'm curious to speak different for him and a heck of Afghan. Slow jams with I don't know president trumps not. It'll be tough you know here's the thing I think regardless of your politics. There is such a thing as objective. Truth the objective truth is that Barack was like he had amazing comedic timing like demand could have been a comedian if he'd wanted to thank god it was an amusing things he's. We needed him where he ended up. But I'll Davis when we actually were shooting that piece. Came in and usually we get the like you know work with a guest in my get them to understand okay we're here here's the jokes are all items that. And that was and we got out there and we didn't and Mike I've I've rarely worked with anybody. Median or president regardless. Who got it as quickly as him. Like used its news outstanding individual. Wound that is that is amazing. Yes so you don't ask for your here we're talking about the Comedy Central series -- out. South side the 24. I want him for the July yes Claire fine okay makes you tune in and in Chicago and integrity on these dunes. 930 in Chicago we respect. Central time yes we absolutely do and you know you mention about the transition from variety to use this series narrative. All right you look bloated because you have another. Theory clowning. Me and how does appear to let me explain it because I was gonna jump into how did you juggle it. But first off. You know you you really are just taking this whole thing. Living your best life to the next level because apply. He also wrote this with your co writing partner. The ruling and we always this year yes and we think that if 30 Rock takes place in personnel are should takes place at soul train. Are solid gold or like one of those commissions and and then he plays Sherman and I play's producer debts and really the shows it's an excuse for us to do our favorites and a variety jokes like. Or. Sort of fun playful show it's on IFC which has like Oprah land in documentary now and it's a Smart comedy for like. People who want to be a little silly. You know that makes sense and I think that if you like laugh in you know these baskets as relate you can jump in for like one joke in the U really jump out of it you'll appreciate that you know we got a lot of guest stars in fact our executive producers John Legend and you know and that way NN house show. And they happen exactly an and we made sure that the music was like. Radio equality is so like we have like neo on the song. You know we have an immense and as a rapper on a song and you know between the music and the comedy and the dancers we actually have you know dance troupe on the show we were saying like there's hasn't been a famous dance troupe on a TV systems like the fly girls on a living dollars and we have the showcase stances and I think a lot of them might eventually be break out stars on their own. And we have you know an amazing cast guest stars everybody from. John to Marlon Williams to Quincy Jones to. You know just an amazing Morris day and you know comes by employees themselves like it's a really French. Melissa a great group of people now I know you worked with Marla an obviously. Men veto but I'm just so curious I mean like Quincy Jones is I think I read Tiffany had Asian a whole bunch of these mean little girl yes and by the way there's some crossover because like weeds some of these they were just our friends like Loral Loral is Adam is that it recurring character on south side but he's also pops in for like. The sketch on German circus. Really what let me share and I wanted to do is you know when we left fellow who wanted to create these sort of spaces where we can do all the kind of comedy that we wanna do so. Sherman's is like a fine. Sort of Smart silly show I wanna say and then and then sell side is like our you know. Routed reality authentic show you know him and I think that people you know people might end up comparing them but I think that. If you watch both of them you'll you'll see it through what you'll see it like oh yeah this fills leg beyond this year Rufus. And it and that's really what we're all about this NS by giving people as many different types of planning as possible. And we love it weeded out I mean you know we all wanna laugh an -- have this good moment of just taking away from all that's on you know and just be able to kind of you gotta laugh EL abound but also you you see there's so many intelligent things going on the same time of of what you're you know bringing so it's definitely. Even a better and more earth deeper. Reflection of of kind of the time so I appreciate that. On its I have to say how old is all because I heard as well as though he got the theory read multiple floral. Dean. You and I have to DJ in my await their college because I fills fills lead in the law library one day when I had my life law library and job and I was like. Will their jobs gone so I actually in an engaging as like very practical thing. The alleged music immune my father had an extensive jazz collection. The DJ thing is something that has taken a little bit of the backseat since we've. Gotten so busy in the TV space but is still something that I love and you know even the music on south side and on children showcase. Is like music that is like heavily curator of like from a DJ point of view. So many whites outside that you won't feel like you're watching any other show I think insecure in Iran and other shows have like really put it as a new direction we're like nowadays like show runners we can we can sort of cure rate to music on the shows that sounds like nothing else on TV and that's very important for south side mr. Ford for Sherman school lunch Germans like. You know wretched and release a whole album of the original songs on the show. And there's going to be a couple songs that are original forests outside as well the will also be available for download and Spotify. I may is being mean I think he's taken his whole living event like the new levels oh. The Al Ani did this as a blend to talk to you and I mean you know T anything out they have coming up because I know. Actually let me ask this question because I I've seen you wind theories you know obviously. Marlon yes marlin in Silicon Valley and other things and then of course you know you have this whole behind the scenes element in this writing and producing and what not. Animals joy because I imagine that you know all these things are equally fulfilling. Some way shape or form. You know it's it's actually the best part of what I views that I get to wake up every day and do something different you know like if I feel like acting that day I can act in effect daylight. Writing that day I can just isn't required to start you know tapping on the keys like really what we do is as multi hype and it's is is and I hate groups are. Bad but we do is. Every day you can exercise a different muscle that never gets repetitious and yet I love being on Marlon because I just got to act in and by the way among wins was like the nicest guy on the planet. So we're an amount just a few minutes ago so. I think that what's important at this and I'll say this to anybody who's listening wasn't maybe do this for a living is that you do it for yourself. You know like you if you wake up and you wanted to do some writing just do some writing don't ask somebody to you know IA director Mort let me show like this right from the for yourself. And then like shooting you know. Borrowed you know saying about you many use some credit cards shooting yourself and then post it somewhere and let people you know judges you know because. I think whether it's it's or it's he surveyor or some other people like at the end of the day it's so important that you do it on your own first and then Hollywood will always come calling you know if it's good material that come calling. Yeah and and that's isn't perfect way to end it because you really are helping others to see that this is something that is tangible you can live your best line. 24. 10:30. Eastern time 930 in Chicago and six and here's that had. And then of course Sherman so showcase which actually premieres value that you don't they Charlie I really do like the regular simmering you got a lot of stuff coming up the son of Michigan went from us and we hope that you guys enjoy absolutely thank you so much the alum Randall is his client signing off.

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