Disney's Next Big Stars

Radio Disney's Ernie D talks about the Disney stars on the rise.
3:14 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Disney's Next Big Stars
Want to know anything and everything about the wonderful world of Disney burning. He's the man he's been on air with Radio Disney for fourteen years. And he's seen a lot of kids turn into mega stars so the question is who's hot on the list for this year. Please here to tell us now Bernie thanks for joining us today my pleasure -- fourteen years you've seen a lot of big names like loud big names like Selena Gomez. Jonas Brothers Miley Cyrus they've all computers start with rated Disney. And now -- liberated is is an absolute power house. Yet we are and I think if you agree there's really our style makers -- we will -- -- which -- try to cultivate artists for talent and then. You know hopefully that artist kind of take off on their around. That's over trying to do -- this next crop of young talent that's coming through the pipes right now and of course Disney's the parent company of ABC news and you know it's it's always good to see more family members out there to see the -- that that the the bush and the boost that that these stars get. So who's on the list now this year -- we got a few. Artists that are coming through the pipeline right now like -- lynch who is -- Austin Austin Alley OK he's got to music coming out he's going to be. You know probably one of the big stars this year -- Jones who starring in her -- -- -- channel original movie. This -- -- is part of art in BT next big thing contest collapsing the -- American Idol but for. Radio Disney and R&B -- season four winner. -- -- Jesus these guys she's got some pie she's got some talent he -- he would never expect -- when you see her right sees this little. Do you -- girl thirteen years old but when she sings. It's it just blows you away -- everywhere everywhere to stop so what is it what is the X-Factor than it drives some of these guys the the there's really one thing that you can pinpoint -- it's more of what. Unique to that artists have to offer what what thing that's unique -- the -- have offered. You know -- -- her voice with you -- one direction their group of good looking guys from the UK who can who can really releasing with with -- it's her ability to seeing. -- act this I mean she's coming up a whole package and it's always something different do you see it right from the get goers happy kind of build over time bomb obviously as with anything and a more experience that you get the better that you're gonna be the more you figure out which you can do especially when you're that young yet you know you you sort of have to learn. What you're what you're niches and how to go in. You know sort of expand on that. In the marketplace not only in -- start making business but I'll see you got your own -- -- that's going on -- Bradley -- -- on -- Lion King -- to be in the -- king kind of nervous about al-Qaeda could be yeah I just as I saw the scene -- going to be in last night live how this even -- I have to just kind of back you up -- what. I actually have no idea I think you know Pietrus and hey you wanna do a grand prize for -- with -- guys instantly. To broadly to see the fifteen year anniversary of the Lion King in their lecture counterfeit buried in and -- like our. And I think this is kinda -- happen now like what way -- I've never been on Broadway apartment experience wow I'm sure -- -- lets you know that's more capable of doing this than me clearly not -- apparently not a particularly if that's a -- America that will best of luck break a leg of course you're gonna do fantastic and that -- -- That an amazing job -- Radio Disney continued success thanks so much thanks so much appreciated.

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{"id":15406601,"title":"Disney's Next Big Stars ","duration":"3:14","description":"Radio Disney's Ernie D talks about the Disney stars on the rise.","url":"/Entertainment/video/disneys-big-stars-15406601","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}