Diversity takes center stage at the Emmys

This year features the most diverse group of nominees in Emmy history.
4:48 | 09/21/20

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Transcript for Diversity takes center stage at the Emmys
We're gonna turn to a subject that will likely be raised in some of tonight's acceptance speeches diversity. And television this is a banner year for artist of caller with a record number of Emmy nominations. In the main acting categories going to black actors but there are critics who say the TV industry and in these are still not as inclusive as they should be. Expect to see lots of new faces tonight because this year will be featured the most do birds packed them and the contenders yet. Within his door it would increase in minority nominees. Distress channel quarterback. Matt cannot and inland tonight more than one anger and the actors vying to take home the coveted golden healthy are black. An increase of 33%. Up 14%. From each of the last five here Sierra people who believe that his squirrel. He's fearing they. And so a lot of hopes to measles and more women are leaving bare spots in major categories such as writer and director. Making up some 36%. Of nominees up 13%. From last year. And there's the LG BTQ clustered you are you ready celebrating increased recognition tonight with thirteen Emmy nod. Not including those shows with multiple Emmy nominations featuring LG BT. Plus characters in roles. In the first Muslim American sitcom Romney also scored nominations would director Ronnie UNICEF. And the Herschel Ali yeah. Each burning any nine. OK let's you. 567. Sometimes you don't think that awards show matter. But they do it's a good signal an indicator of where the industry that this fall. Where society is and where we can go forward in the the new divert bats. I'm excited boys. Still there's so much more work to be done. And one tonight not a single Latin next talent stands to receive an Emmy and a major categories passive tolerance in fact only one Latino world even compete tonight and Alexis were dealt for her guest starring role in. Hand maid's tale okay while actors from other popular Latin and shows like can be done pose in one day at a time and failed to make the continent even I can't Rita Moreno who don't was knocked. And it's much the same for Asian performers. Tonight making up only 2% of nomination now. With killing each star Sandra Oh as the sole actor of Asian descent to be nominated and any of the major categories. This marks those third consecutive nomination for that series. And we see those numbers showing much more diversity this year but you have to wonder if this is the new normal so let's bring in. Kelly Carter from the ESPN's the undefeated who's reported on the issues embrace inclusion Hollywood before so Kelly. What do you think it'll take to see more performers from Asian and Latin acts communities recognized so that we're seeing diversity across the board. The people would green light power in Hollywood have to actually say yes. To bring in more stories to light that fully represented what the world we live and looks like that's what has happened we need to see. More shows like Ronnie. But for other communities and then I think we probably won't. Find ourselves in this exact position as much as we are every year this time. And you're absolutely right that it seems like every year there or something but with some issue when it comes to diversity so what do you think needs to be done to keep their momentum going so that we continue to progress. And I think we aren't there like look at what's been successful you know I I talk about a show like Romney but it's the same with. One day at a time these shows rappers at universal truths. That everyone can relate to you don't have to be Latin that's not to be Muslim Americans to find comedy and to be endeared to shows like this. So I think once people who have the power to make these shows happened. Understand that more of this is needed and wanted then we move past this moment right now. I think Kelly what do you think you know as we see that diversity in the nominations do you think that we have to cede that diversity. In the winners at the same time because you take someone like if any Anderson for example has been nominated multiple times but if he's not winning if other people of color are not winning. Then doesn't diversity matter. It is great should be invited to the show. But we would love to see people actually walk home with one of those really shiny baubles. You know there's a reason why women and he has great prestige in this town and it means that you have power to make other things happen until we need to see more winners more diverse winners be able to see you know collect awards and a walkway a big wins. All right Kelli thank you so much we'll talk to you soon.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"This year features the most diverse group of nominees in Emmy history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73137654","title":"Diversity takes center stage at the Emmys","url":"/Entertainment/video/diversity-takes-center-stage-emmys-73137654"}