'Django Unchained' Action Figures Spark Outrage

Civil rights activists call the movie's action figures a "slap in the face to our ancestors."
3:00 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Django Unchained' Action Figures Spark Outrage
-- -- dig him up. First there was outrage over what some saw as an insensitive portrayal of slavery and liberal use of the and work. Now Quinton Tarantino's new film is again creating controversy. This time over a line of action figures inspired by the cast of jango unchained. We feel -- slave actually figures are slap in the face to our ancestors. At a news conference in LA's -- park civil rights activists. Called for a boycott of the action figures which sell for about 35 dollars on line. Slavery is not a joke. There's not a -- This other this should not be played well jango unchained is a violent and sometimes comical revenge fantasy starring Jamie Foxx as a freed slave who tracks down his wife's slate master. The movie's action figures were manufactured in partnership with the Weinstein Co. which produced the film. So far no comment from the Weinstein Co. but activists are calling for the filmmakers to stop production of the collectible figures. This is highly offense so that we demand. That these balls being pulled immediately. Now to be clear none of the activists at today's news conference were opposed to the movies in fact most were fans of the movie. But they say the action figures trivialize the atrocities. Associated with slavery. With coach and it's in those a great director it was a great moving. These -- are anything but great on the streets of Hollywood today there seemed to be an even split between those who were offended by the figures I wouldn't have find it. Something that my kids -- want to collect and that was a but I would collect. And those who didn't see any problems with that. If you don't like kids in a variety of people don't -- companies -- make any revenues and it would build -- well meanwhile the movie continues to do brisk business. Earning a 106 million dollars since opening on Christmas Day. Reporting from Hollywood Robert -- ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18171416,"title":"'Django Unchained' Action Figures Spark Outrage","duration":"3:00","description":"Civil rights activists call the movie's action figures a \"slap in the face to our ancestors.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/django-unchained-action-figures-spark-outrage-18171416","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}