Does Donald Trump Have Self-Doubt?

Part 7 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
5:48 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Does Donald Trump Have Self-Doubt?
For thirty years -- for thirty years I've wondered about one thing. His hair. Don't -- has just written his seventeenth book called time to get tough. And I have finally found one of life's greatest mysterious. This year Donald Trump made political headlines. Then came under. First division one. Michelle his first certificate -- -- some farm policy. Point 5% tax on China unless -- behaved. Kingmaker in Republican candidate spectrums stamp of approval would carry some weight and fell -- The potential candidate for president himself. Donald Trump for president looks like he might run and seriously thinking about it if I don't run and if -- win. This country. We'll be respected again until he took himself hundreds of this I will not be running for president as much as I'd like to. I want to thank everybody. So when I met him at his opulent penthouse apartment I had an important question to ask him OK Donald. I have to ask you about your hair cut -- this part of your image. Ours as having a bald spot. It's a funny thing. I've always. Like -- it this way that's probably maybe a little bit more than what I don't actually called back if you would look it's called sort of back. And yes but -- had an article recently it was a great articles. -- that I was very very. Terrific at what I do -- it was a tremendous article and it's I think you must have loved it I love that except a different way of sentences and but -- where the worst -- That he has ever -- and -- myself. The second -- as -- now back effort here it's just so we know it's not -- -- what's not a widget from above but it'll be. I gonna mess it up for this into the -- -- after that everyone knows it's real right that was powerful. Truck let's talk about this past year. Did you really want to be president it was absolutely. Considering it and maybe still -- -- -- As an independent. If the Republicans picked the wrong person if the economy continues to be bad I would certainly consider running as an independent almost all of the. Republican candidates. Had come to see if they come up asking for not my money they come up asking for endorsement because -- -- so many. When you -- listen if I probably will sometime later in the year toward the end of the year so then you wouldn't run. I endorse and if that person wins I would not run now. Candidate I could endorse somebody that doesn't get the nomination as possible it is cynical I think the by the door somebody didn't get the nomination. You know endorsement is that strong yes my endorsement is very strong and I'm not saying that from an ego standpoint I'm saying that because -- millions of people. That's like what I'm saying we have fifteen trillion in debt we borrow from the Chinese -- country where there are millions of people. That want. My opinion. And I think that's -- Donald did you. -- think that Barack Obama was not -- and his country. I have to be honest when no he was born here absolutely not was -- born here possibly he might have been born here. That's great that would all of that being said it's right now an important. Times opinions and stopped and get him a lot of attention part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich. But they also make him a target for comedians. Trump trump trump. -- troopers -- To -- Donald Trump may be running for president thank -- In the fountains at the White House correspondent -- Donald Trump has been saying -- run for president as a Republican which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke. You became the butt of some -- the White House correspondents -- last April. I accept my as -- -- and and that line sir great comedian. Couldn't even say the lines his marbles and is now. But I was I was like the focus of the whole evening comes as I thank you loved it. -- loved it boy it sure didn't show up until I loved the president I thought the president gave a good presentation delivered well I think Seth Myers gave a poor presentation. Delivered poorly or not -- -- this -- evening news failure a lot of people thought it was I thought well they loved when they -- laughing trump but I have to say this in my supposed to laugh and smile and I certainly itself very consciously. Should broad smile a little bit and I did Islam a little bit I found a little bit I'm not going to be jumping up and but the entire evening was like. -- Tell -- something. That you have self doubts about. Probably there -- things but you can't again. I can't think of -- and probably -- -- Barbara I don't think -- wouldn't count I don't want to -- used so that millions of people that are watching I actually Olympics. Clearly -- yeah you would have. -- -- -- Would you really -- To be president your whole life it changed the -- -- as obligors error that the privacy. Would you really want to -- president. I could make a huge difference the right person. Not just me said to a one I don't know what I prefer doing what I'm doing now absolutely yes. But we have to do something for this country.

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