Will Donald Trump Get Future Endorsements?

'The View' co-hosts discuss whether or not the other candidates would endorse the GOP front-runner if he secures the nomination.
5:57 | 03/14/16

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Transcript for Will Donald Trump Get Future Endorsements?
I'm talking about several different things having to do with the First Amendment but I was warned any of the EU NATO and EU and the audience. Knew that it was now illegal. To protest and any. Rallying an Alley political row well if hit the Secret Service as president if he is he didn't deserve this practice. Yeah did you know that yet to be outside this apparently happened in. In 2012. Yeah thank you so none of you all voted finance and shot yeah. Aren't. Oddly peaceful protest areas where you're supposed to go and Mike cuddyer in it's a bad idea I'm back kind of situation Al and again. Peaceful protests is sort that it's part of our constitutional rights al-Qaeda but. Now we have a law where you can still peacefully protest rack but not necessarily at a rally we have political candidate it's protected by the Secret Service you can investigate and prison for up to a year for trespassing correct so let them. Should have done this before he got the Secret Service because once he started to get numbers in polls then he got Secret Service the average you know you and I think most people. Didn't take it seriously. And most people that's why no one said. After the first. Ford doesn't things that he said that our offensive and disgusting. No one's saying I mean come on you know nobody's sending to. Nobody said why aren't the Republicans in the sand and there was none of the pump number 25 people mad day if and Jack. Abbott did when you watch him do you see somebody who is all there I see somebody who's. Not Sidney sum Tyson not someone. Who has been so trained by his media professionals I mean they all are they all have people they are telling them what to say but. He'd he seems like a hollowed out tree I know what you mean like you just kind of miceli element. I'm afraid I don't Emilio and trying to say this is so that he says what X trump bought as the sound of his name. Guided by pundits rivals crowd is like it always embed with the girl on us like a president who can't play. I didn't. My and it now. I don't think yeah okay identical trop you know he's like yeah I think you'd think media trained I think he's the least media train because he's not a relative and that is Armenians 98 and the defense not so he has been doing Matt amnesia I don't know exactly what is. Don't listen so he's yeah. What makes me uncomfortable at about half. Power has a way of making people believe they are. Omnipotent. Yeah and I and that. But Powell more. That he has which allows him to say I'm boy to make sure that the media. You know I can change the law you can. And music at managing a Y. Well I wasn't pleasant man holed up you can learn on the job for errors but learn about yeah yeah. Visit anywhere you got another prominent being dismissed them not being listened. The anger is the anger people are angry were all language I would like to be out wouldn't I don't want to pay its 45% of my taxes not just stopped to pick. But that battle and people around after a massive. One of the things that bothers me of. Out this notion that they want to have a broker convention. If you know it if trump is sort of the presumptive nominee the people have spoken in terms of who they are not noticed any public they did. And that wants. That not dying to Tanzania. About that yeah I'm not that had nothing to do with what I'm talking about I'm telling you from me when I look and enjoy asked me what I see there. I see someone who was getting drunk with power via and that's why it's hot but. Also whoever you were not. What you should know what you're aligning yourself he went through in our buildings let anyone down new York and I sometimes not everywhere you unlock it he lies about everything he's a light actually settle biological and I are all life. I have exceeded. Did the did discrepancies in what he's humble what is the First Amendment the First Amendment that wants to stop the newspapers from writing bad things about him well that's the First Amendment to O'Donnell. But it goes where where the sun is a. Philosophical look at a marker route the other led them on and it's not doing great asked a crowd asked by other reporters he would. Continue to support from incomes from whence nice suit Antalya pluralism though let me be. You mean.

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{"id":37635775,"title":"Will Donald Trump Get Future Endorsements?","duration":"5:57","description":"'The View' co-hosts discuss whether or not the other candidates would endorse the GOP front-runner if he secures the nomination.","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-future-endorsements-37635775","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}