Donald Trump Named Time's Person of the Year

"The View" co-hosts discuss Time magazine's announcement of its '2016 Person of the Year.'
8:04 | 12/07/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Named Time's Person of the Year
Dumb song just got another well it's. Time magazine. And time magazine lists thousand dollars has that person of the year. Not managing editor Nancy Gibbs explains that. I'm think we have ever seen one prison operating in such an unconventional way at such an impact on the immense of the year quite like this. Way that it's true because two years ago he was in a reality show with snoopy and how are. Free while I can't you can't make it. I don't think. I in the year 2016 means that I mean trump more than used the word not like when you think about it in on the tech art tongue in good ways than. And not a good way but it doesn't wait New Hampshire Trappist tweeting about this I don't know fee is opening a visit if he's not already. I don't always it's not always something let's unnecessarily Eileen good it's. It's just about the person who's had the most influence to you have the less I I and I hitting 38 Adolf Hitler. In 1939 Joseph salad. In in 1979. The Ayatollah Ahmad Khomeini and Newt Gingrich also is on atlas. After all they act like I'm glad your food and I got a Adam good people. Well Bill Clinton's and Gandhi Marva Dickey junior called France says I think it's a good pick though because this isn't man who did change the face of politics everywhere no one thought he had a chance to get elected he somehow manages to make this happen you did I it Ariana people gave him any credit even the primary season Republicans were saying there's no way there's no way every time he cannot sent something kind of crazy people said this is it for him. He managed to do this and I think he changed. The face of politics for many and now they say you know what a reality star that was on a so let's put you years ago could become president that isn't always. Saudi. My point. Necessarily always a good thing when you see that cover it says the divided states right president elect of the divided states and I thought that was a very good opportunity for him to. Make good and away and say you know I know that my campaign. Was very divisive but I'm going to work harder and bringing people together and he isn't losing any sleep and Allen will all went out. Fast plus I interviewed this morning on The Today Show and he specifically when asked that question what B. Basically said well you know I'm not even the president yet so divided states has nothing to do with me. And I thought how come my mind you you had this wonderful Robert Barrett yeah. I am saying that he's not the president yet but yeah that will stop him from making telephone calls to pops in and got to stop him from do when I'll want to stuff that. It's not his job to do yet. Down learn some stuff way white dot I. Yeah. Well a person of the year envelope Germany and this is what Donald Trump tweeted I told you. Time magazine the net that picked me as a person of the year despite being that they favorite. They picked person who was ruining your personal she's not ruining Germany. And secondly this year he said this was a tremendous on her so it depends on. How complemented he is yeah to get him he doesn't need medication to get him up he just made. Without prozac and just say how great I am not happy I think he enjoyed getting this more than he enjoys the concept of actually be let me just want to yeah Hannity ask wanted to would want as a win another job and just want you want it to be talked about yeah wants to be liked and loved and revered and respected but he doesn't I'm not sure this guy really wants to do the hard work at the shop what. Oh yeah I think. It ticks him off tremendously that Hillary has one. Two and a half million more of you know what I don't think it's yeah I mean I. And Don you know I think his attention span is adamant next. You know I he's forgotten about her rich you know I think he's gonna get a little more attention when people start opening their envelopes and seeing those let us. About their insurance dropping out 'cause they're losing they are what we call Obama to act and boy is actively. I just had a friend who got this and she had she. Has her cat and doctor sentinels and I'll not be able cubby and you morsels science is a lot that will want to act and I can do this to me like you're on you have to sort of get this kind of comment comes she can't afford so this is going to be. Really just I can't wait till people start sending you there let isn't tweets about back. And while it's in the Fran of people starving its people are starting debt balance those emails and letters saying oh by the way you know we're not going to be. Taking care of this anymore because we basically don't have to and that's isn't someone on an oh. I don't know about so I ask you. She said she thought. She had read that they were losing the head of households. Deduction tax exempt tax deduction I Harris I don't know so we have to look bad apple could decide soon whether she'll and that scared her yet you're sounding out I was talking. Until last night as I was at this Robert Kennedy a benefit for. Ripples of hope it's called and there was some really Smart people there what Smart person said. That they think that what's gonna really happened as a Republicans are gonna turn on him because he's. Against big business a lot and they don't like that and other things he's doing then a going to be happy with him and he has enemies of the republic body. And tents will eventually start doing the the presidency what do you think. About that I did it was just a guess watch your uterus that's not so. That's out there that you know cliff. I think he has it he has experience because he he has governed before but but what you really look. At that things that he did when he was governor at. Especially when it comes to it'll related so these are women and LG BT issues because he's he's a believer in the conversion therapy and heat really neat hat he had a lot of legislation against the LG BT like and that's a personal yeah they get Alfred. You may disagree with want policy but he is experience I don't think parents won't make rash decisions I don't think on national security you're gonna have to worry that pence is gonna be trigger happy on this or that he is not balanced person you Condace. We with the mop policy conversion therapy by the way. We'll never be something that after he thought about another a lot of them are Republicans who uphold and have a lot of Republicans standing out as Google's policy isn't that I'm conversion therapy. I would like to ask heterosexual man couldn't you've got to being homosexual can you switch back to being get up to now just this saying that gay people can become straight well and straight people become. I thank you haven't exactly. Oh. And that's factually right after a way that would mean that actually except they're born that way which that mindset is that they've been need gay son now anything great about it but maybe kinds has been made strides. I don't like it is from the floor I don't think Republicans will turn on solid company I think one of the key issues one at a national security actually Republicans are every hawkish. Generally speaking the John McCain's of the world they want us to be involving want boots on the ground if you really listens what I'm saying. He's really a non interventionist he wants us out of the White House a strong military but he doesn't want us involved I think that's going to be one of the key issues and it doesn't of the fact that a lot of the hated and didn't want to get the job right you're gonna how to I also ran a John McCain can't stand can't step I don't know that he's gonna keep Guantanamo Bay open so I just I'd I don't believe that he is it back hawkish I don't believe I think that never does that I think you're missing and a I hope he's not hawkish on I want I want to seek his ankle do you rob junior he.

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{"id":44038724,"title":"Donald Trump Named Time's Person of the Year","duration":"8:04","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Time magazine's announcement of its '2016 Person of the Year.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-named-times-person-year-44038724","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}