Donald Trump Skips GOP Debate, Holds Separate Event

The co-hosts discuss how Donald Trump countered the final GOP debate with a separate event nearby.
4:52 | 01/29/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Skips GOP Debate, Holds Separate Event
Donald Trump last night did many watching the debate last night and ways. But hey whatever will tag it. The Donald was a no show at the Fox News debate last night yeah but the Donald turned out to be the center of attention to stop. Even though he wasn't and I watch. Let me say. I'm a maniac that everyone on this stage. Is stupid fat and ugly and then you're a terrible search. Now that we've gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way. I economist Donald Trump he was a little Teddy bear to me. We always had such a loving relationship there of these debates and in between in the tweets I kind of miss it. And they you know I also found a photograph of all the ones that remain there look how happy they look look at this. And more ice. Proven and about but then Gary how prove the truth is left out of this group I don't know if you guys saw there is video of him after the debate you know when we even talked to him he is like the pariah the GOP right now and I sat out the other big contrast they went to sleep any. They may have. But you know it's like that that picture came from political and people are saying you know it's like when the bully is off the playground the children have a good to what actually did it he looked at it when I was watching the debate they actually had a chance to talk and really get their point of view out I think without trap being there kind of bullying everybody sound like they still had issues with the moderator is and there are certainly a lot of back and forth the moderator work. Fabulous like my Elliott the other they didn't help matters to bog giving me sharing down a basic instinct yet heist flick leg crop I would like to work your cell and talk about her handout which which was coordinating her hair was scored just. But I was what I strong she was so strong and what I loved about it was being used to video clips of what the candidates had said previously and that Hagan with night. Well anything now yeah I just love that because we often hear about like police brutality cases where he's seen a video and animation to convince you that you like your lying eyes deceiving you. Well that couldn't really happened this time but they say yeah the united think she she really does just a fantastic job as a journalist really pinning them to catch a predator you know they have been with the items they like what are these items that would have just let that you like it thought I. Actually thought I think from a journalistic perspective I thought kudos to them they that's fantastic job but I think even though Donald Trump wasn't there and he took a big risk a big gamble. I think you want for three reasons what mother the I think I'm still due out he took about three million viewers away I don't tell you that I played added I think that the main reasons like what because the moderator so talked about it you heard the candidates talking about them to. And then two networks started hearing in life. His event by the way who switched back and forth a little bet I stuck to GO PD sixty U I I certainly expect Everett and I will say the GI did falsely for ten minutes during the GOP. I had to go back and a lot of our anti art and politics and it kind of because I know I didn't make it GOP debate we had kids in it's like they made up from nine to let this sleeping with lately I think they should make dinner or anything but it's too late and the elderly like myself we. I'm not a nice meal at six. And a lot of resentment and that didn't need an early birds beat Carolina and I knew that I am I going well I I think well as. Point is is that good when though and in the sense that you know. He certainly took this risk I don't think he's gonna lose any of his supporters are I don't think they are almost rabbit when it comes to their loyalty to chop but we just got a tweet in the says. FaceBook rather from Eddie while trump sure has a loyal fan base he needed to be on that stage for the undecided voters. Don't you think it was a little bit and insulting at least to the folks in Iowa that he didn't show up and he didn't talk about his policy see I don't think you. I also think TM at this is what his campaign had earlier that week when Donald Trump gives his word he gets his word and fox was actually calling it up into the last minute. He they wanted him to be part of that debate he said you know what I just know a bad business deal and that's it for him is about principle he knew he didn't like that statement where they were poking fun at an earlier in the week. And as his campaign spokesman said you know what when he says he's not gonna give something he's not gonna get daily. The big right what about using a military that was a little patriot a little c'mon. He's very six billion dollars I know goodies and given money to veterans of all our Gallup but I believe that are unhappy but the bats and everything but there's a couple of vets out there what the what's up plenty to say against him. So I mean I like to hear more about that yeah. I hate it when they use the ploy like that like waved the flag to get attention I don't Ivins says it's going for wounded warriors is that there is great I'm happy that nobody got explaining medallion and ten Andrews that Ted Cruz has said he would give I got one point four million or something. To the veterans now. If he would debate trap now why candy just give the money just give the money Teddy. Teddy bear which will talk about later.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The co-hosts discuss how Donald Trump countered the final GOP debate with a separate event nearby.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36602267","title":"Donald Trump Skips GOP Debate, Holds Separate Event","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-skips-gop-debate-holds-separate-event-36602267"}