A Friday the 13th Treat From Vincent D'Onofrio

The actor on his slasher/musical directorial debut, "Don't Go Into The Woods"
3:54 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Friday the 13th Treat From Vincent D'Onofrio
Actor Vincent D'Onofrio is well known to television -- for as long run on law and order criminal intent. And his many film role but now he's going behind -- camera to direct his first film. Don't go into the woods which is now playing in limited release its part horror movie. Part musical at a -- And we are dealt have been that cannot be here with us today and that makes you think it means there could be here so the public that we didn't do -- -- the horror apartment and hug. And break out of this on well. A lot of music the -- it's all young people mostly non actors singing and playing instruments. But with the story and a threat kind of absurd. Constance -- -- these it's a slush from musical I love that I mean there's been rock operas off Broadway musicals but never -- -- yet. He's -- because usually in musicals that the music parts and it takes you out of the action for a minute. How does that affect the story -- and could question actually because every time there's a song tensions movies right in the -- right trick was to keep. Tension but we found a pretty easy because you have all these young people in the woods. And there and complete darkness most of the time citizen is a song was over there. Back in the darkness again it sounds genuinely frightening and hit well you know. It's it's it's just definitely is -- so it's meant to be right right it's not sort of greens -- on the flat you know. I don't know everybody things and everybody guys except. You know we don't really went to the audience or anything thing we do realize it's totally absurd concept how residents -- -- -- very -- And it's a very we shot the film twelve days -- -- for next enough and then. Nevada challenge shooting at a. On a Houston that bit of a -- that we knew that this is that it was more of an experiment. -- cast on non actors who have -- director cast myself and you know these days the you can release things on video on demand companies like Comcast and Time Warner. I -- -- -- you there's some really good platform for small films that are made. We're very little money so so you had fun you plan to do more of the. You know we're gonna do you know I think -- one costing them less than. -- this group is so how come up with this concept. Practice my -- and I were talking via and I so what can I do. Would cost lives we have a house in the -- -- they. And that you're shot unlike -- and the next thing that came out of the mountains went on and make -- classrooms where everybody things and everybody -- I can tell you with a pretty realistic scene at that you spend half your budget on make up. That was pretty -- I think pick. The cool thing about making films after Ben in the business being in the business so long that everybody on the film I've now -- -- for like 1020 years and threatens the world went to friends out there. So a lot of people that this that they wanted to work with you when you know if you make a movie -- Now you spent a decade on TV any chance they'll go back to TV or do you think -- the I'd -- to go back command might do something with NBC. Probably filled with the market. If if we decide to do that and and I will -- right now there's nothing else. Intelligence and then just of them would feel so -- -- But this was your directorial debut practice -- did a very successful short a few years ago and but this was the first. Feature within the next that you won't be will be -- dramatic -- but. Does that mean the blast and I think a lot more these in your future. Did not say thank you so much for joining us thank you room. Don't go into the woods is now playing in New York in its opening in LA next month and of course it is available on demand -- -- --

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{"id":15357617,"title":"A Friday the 13th Treat From Vincent D'Onofrio","duration":"3:54","description":"The actor on his slasher/musical directorial debut, \"Don't Go Into The Woods\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/donofrio-vincent-woods-horror-film-director-actor-movie-15357617","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}