Dozens Leave Amy Schumer Show After Her Comments on Trump

Audience members later tweeted that they were unhappy with Schumer's political jokes.
4:10 | 10/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dozens Leave Amy Schumer Show After Her Comments on Trump
In oh yeah let me election is as main events and issuers stand now as it hasn't so many comments. The 9200 people walked out of a Florida performance. After she shared trashing trump. And called one of his supporters on stage people tweeted that they came for comedy show not an anti chalked rally. I think writers should they have known who they were. Listen. But she has a big audience so I don't know that made it when people come to see me that I would they but again. Yeah. Many many jokes about Bill Clinton's sex life and I will have them about chops out. You know I think that the comedian has a forum like a like we don't them. This is that these are very serious times she's very she feels very strongly about trump not being president and she used trust men. To Beckett and you know I mean if they don't like it they don't they don't want to go back again and a lot of walked out you have the option to do out of course. But and she was speaking her from her heart in her mind and I applaud after. I don't think it was a place for an uneasy because I know I think that if you to stay in the jokes like you make a lot of jokes but that's still here to honor its common. Yeah but she went out comedy is starting to be almost like. Kind of preachy about like should someone onstage and with asking them questions like why do you like but don't count white labels on what I think when you change from using comedy which people came forward meet as many bad jokes you want want to change over it just becomes like. She was saying these are important times if I was bear I I I do to get on the. My shows who have. And tell myself but tonight it's her sides herself yes that's against you she gets to make. What she does and you as a consumer. You know you get what you get and if you don't like what you've got is good you've got up and you left the Mazar I guess it's Carolina I think it's fine if you caper comedy show needing get back and I weren't but that logic. Almost feels like if someone is a serious person giving a speech than they are not allowed to make a joke. They don't do well very often the Abbott and the opposite is true until and I don't see a free spirit she sucked SI want to make it on today dropping your routine and you say something like this matters to me because like for instance I know good gun rights are big for her you know there are a lot of things I know she yet he sent. But she'd like. Dropped out of it completely Ian became almost like I would wanna be laughing that's why it went to get you know we can get series and lose me a little bit here in the air but. I just want to keep going to show I'm. Reaction to I want I want to I want an issue might lumbered comedy I had the reaction Sarah hat or it felt like she turned into a political commentator temporarily instead of the Canadian. But on the big defender of people's right to offend me. And it you know you're your own person you do your own show people locked up maybe she wanted that again maybe she will he was I have to defend her right to conduct her show while he got. And I I do see why people walked out though as it did feel very political in and not funny joint they harsh types. Control not. Yeah right Skype and that chronic. Well I'll he had just keep in mind that comedy is subject yeah yeah and what's funny to one may now confined to the other hand. And then you take your chances you know you go see joy goes you mean go see it you don't know necessarily what you gonna get you hope we want to get what you hope swap but. But she might not you might become 20 yeah I'm walked out of a few shows I'm like it's a and I asked. War I didn't watch out of some Broadway Show I think I did one comedy show. For political purple reasons just what for the Broadway out yet yeah but you're just offensive to me and I just went I'm not have the I don't want this I not gotten the minute. God yeah. Instead of saving mormons going to say that warm and but it does it hurt my heart and my number to pay money but my except they weren't offended that I walked out yeah all time after it's on subjective I see it. A act now when I want you gotta finish at comments nobody thought we went like shopping anybody off the.

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{"id":42885527,"title":"Dozens Leave Amy Schumer Show After Her Comments on Trump","duration":"4:10","description":"Audience members later tweeted that they were unhappy with Schumer's political jokes. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/dozens-leave-amy-schumer-show-comments-trump-42885527","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}