Drake White Kicks Off Charity Tour with New York Firefighters

The country singer performs an unplugged song for firefighters before leaving for Dallas.
11:06 | 08/24/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drake White Kicks Off Charity Tour with New York Firefighters
Performing arts is also doing in other news. Where. Charitable angle of the story as well I was of these cells in the about that. Yeah fire here today. Platform that were given. Entertainers. Always said that if I had the opportunity. That would give back and then it how would. They'll use that plan. Ali's hardworking man out here. Right it's part of our. The other stops where. They they have. The spread awareness. How nice it is volunteer with the stuff from people and give back to him. As they get out there. Investor tells every day and you're really good thing. And so we started here in New York we're actually within. Do you know where the Twin Towers they actually saw its. You out of here so they were good some of the first responders and hey hey Kate. And lost a lot of millions. And that's. Did your city fire department. And I now want. From the should not only is this. Here and do the job and day they may not. They get up and work don't they don't necessarily. Things like that but coming here plague couple songs ship live I don't know. Fashion is it's kind of wild wanted to start our but. There won't post because today just. Spread the word yeah which some of the places are going to be visiting today so we're we're flying about here in New York bound Dallas. We've banking balance. Dallas we'll. LA. I didn't charitable places on every 37 way race. And with the Boys and Girls Club the American Red Cross. We're day. Sale. So we're gonna be seen you perform. Numbers from viewer. We're album as we go every day right they have placed him on the stand and some tens. The guys here displays place. It was subtle about it. And in the name of this tour is flights to. Light to start this start the spartans OK so we are starting to spark right now. And he's hearing some scenes from you shortly. Thank you see a sense. All right so we are going to. Basically be seeing very great reform. Songs in this album and very shortly. Yeah. I. Miners realized yeah. We are here. I'm. Five cities whirlwind tour not just. Thank you. OK yeah. Influence. Wait it's. And Smart. Sure they would. So we. Rick life. They blame the news. They story. Two years cheaper brands. Minutes. They are now members. So they yeah neighborhoods Stacy Peterson you don't need is passed out. Well yeah. Sad. Back. Story. Every. That's going. For this. Story. It's. He. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Live. A they. Though that. Surgery. Place and it was performing. A song called story from. South of living the dream and we are gonna wrap things up here and then on to the next city. Dallas. Were let us now me. Event with the terrible food bank. Right then that would. When that's coming up.

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{"duration":"11:06","description":"The country singer performs an unplugged song for firefighters before leaving for Dallas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41621252","title":"Drake White Kicks Off Charity Tour with New York Firefighters","url":"/Entertainment/video/drake-white-kicks-off-charity-tour-york-firefighters-41621252"}