DVD Holiday Gift Guide

Amy Palmer has tips on finding gifts for the TV and movie lover in your life.
4:52 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DVD Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for the perfect gift for the TV and movie lover in your life how about the DVD fat and boy and we got some great ideas for you right here Amy Palmer from your allowed dot com is here with her picks. We're TV and movie watcher of all ages welcome -- great to see happy -- this is -- really get pregnant very timely we all need this right now I was very. Let's start with the family friendly now yes -- friendly as always one of the most popular gifts yet because you can. Really get it all in one shot everyone's going to enjoy it the first imminent let's talk about -- -- don't have here on the table is this -- They have a dvd collectible -- right now -- has deleted scenes that weren't in the film. It has on some great behind the scenes photos that key ingredient in -- peek of what's being. Going on during production -- -- this is a great film for the family it was a huge hit -- -- -- it. Katy Perry's -- -- -- -- so again lots of fun and dark and -- -- An average I haven't yet but lots of family fun and I all the beautiful new box that a -- yes you lying -- this is -- this -- -- Line came art in fact so it has an added. Features. And that's and the cars we love the cars you look at this action plan top -- take it for your answers. This -- eleven discs that it has all sorts of extras and it -- directors -- is in here. And this is definitely a fun and leave them it's by -- -- seeing the enemy is going to be absolutely stunned at an eleven cars albums now there have only been -- had many -- the director's edition it had lots of extras and it's so. This is a great gift for anyone who loves the cart series fantastic and I get moving on -- -- action we have a huge. On expanding at a -- for mission possible this. Now this comes with three in the movies obviously Tom Cruise plays an amazing action hero and he -- on the we find anything -- this has all of everything you can imagine it has some extras and -- and also this down colony and the picture quality is un believable he actually feel like -- in the movie here so this is agree collector's item Lou -- -- this is definitely in my seat for the action. Buffing your fan imminently and and the pirates of the Caribbean yes also yes this is -- so fantastic in the NCA. Economists in this press searchcast. So when your kids openness they're going to be super excited and Natalie they have -- at home. -- comes in this collector items treasure chest. And of course this is one of the most popular. Movie franchise is about time -- three point seventeen billion dollars if you can believe in patent law it really -- Johnny -- of course is fantastic and all the films so this is definitely a must have. For anyone in your family Lepsis movie -- -- making well our -- absolutely now would you have the family. You were collected people who love this director -- -- Brilliant unbelievable this is for people who love. Feldman in the list of the films in this box -- it involves Arctic -- believe doctors streams of space Odyssey. -- Chinese full metal jacket so if you want to hunker down during the holiday season just watch some great films. This is a perfect yet taken do you forget how many fantastic film classics he was responsible he really is really want to kind so. Is a great item for the film happening right now what about heating actors you never -- -- -- TV watchers here in the table but mom bill now has come out with his ultimate box. It's over ten seasons worth the the TV series and it just has everything you can possibly imagine. Hundreds of hours -- small they'll see him as a single -- and and it really is behind the scenes look at how it came together its recent history of the show itself. Really a fantastic. Collector's edition for this model fans and how fun out -- then of course. You have here the band of Brothers and the Pacific I watched. Every episode band of Brothers classic now these two movies were known eyes just to -- the most incredible movies at the world -- you. Brought to you by Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks so this is a real collectors' item it's the first time that they're actually put together in one box that. And I can't tell you for the people who -- these types of sounds. Fantastic gift for underneath the tree or hasn't for. Exactly exactly that these items that we Carol fantastic anti -- -- -- -- happy holidays yeah.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Amy Palmer has tips on finding gifts for the TV and movie lover in your life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15156534","title":"DVD Holiday Gift Guide ","url":"/Entertainment/video/dvd-holiday-gift-guide-15156534"}