Hasselbeck: Letterman Was 'Mean' to Lohan

"The View" co-host says the actress was "trapped" by "Late Night" host's questions about rehab.
3:41 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hasselbeck: Letterman Was 'Mean' to Lohan
-- -- -- -- -- David Letterman show last night and David was not shy about asking the questions that apparently are on a lot of people's minds right now take a look. When you look remarkably well. You know I've made routinely make jokes about you and the activities untrue and -- otherwise you're aware that. -- -- -- -- otherwise yeah Quincy lows on The Today Show this morning the appearance went well only one camera is missing. Yes or no do you steal stuff. Oh dear god don't you -- -- you you can have that that's complementary okay. -- supposed to be in rehab now. They don't want anything that goes on my new tablet now here's what I second I was an idiot may second. How long -- be in rehab. Three months. How many times you've been in rehab several. And what what how will this time be different what do they rehabbing for small what what is on their lives. Put it what -- -- -- work on when you walk through the. We did discuss all of this whole grain and you don't you have. Addiction problems. Nice settling -- to feel bad for. You know there's been. Yeah yeah. I got -- really mean and cutting it started off in a way that I think he'll -- tractor where he tried to get a comfortable laughing with and then all the -- is laughing at her and I think you know you should be way above that. David Ireland to the extent you can only have respect for a person when you invite -- into your home she paid -- in time as they did. This wasn't in the in the pre interview so they never actually told -- I think they -- and she got union stopped like she felt she got blind sided and we do I you know. We talk about Lindsay Lohan back you know just sit names ages. For me as a -- Finally has already put his choice to not mention that he had to -- that -- the way he did enjoy acting the way he did he make it was uncomfortable piano legs might have a comedy show I think to pull out. Back I just hope somehow dropped -- I can't. That's why is the parent trap you know with her as a little kid all the time and I just staring -- TV and -- -- -- -- I don't know what isn't a lot of stuff happens you know I mean as one who has stumbled quite a lot and in my life. I know that people have a lot of fun with the mistakes that people make and it's great humor but they didn't -- time. To actually talk about her going into rehab -- and so -- serious way so she was a good sport about it but it wasn't it was uncomfortable yeah. I guess it was you have. Let's see what is she going to rehab for exactly -- -- Do you really can't you know that's very real. He's really wants to know that she's not gonna tell you specifically at -- -- -- you know I'm so a little bit event it is substance abuse. You know weapons. He's acting joke that was a little off the woman and another thing I didn't do it and they did about one mount a rough ride they do -- -- -- -- -- oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah. This is a new thing people doesn't mean -- -- -- stuff in your face you're like yeah I know. Another thing about the pre interview goes we do this to you went -- with a celebrity is they're gonna come on -- show. -- the producers talked to the beforehand and pre interview this other when it actually sit on the couch and a chair. They know the questions that are gonna come so when you when it -- that audited that they didn't talk. -- not -- c'mon yeah. Yes. -- -- a but it was a lot yeah it was a lot going on.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"\"The View\" co-host says the actress was \"trapped\" by \"Late Night\" host's questions about rehab.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18923321","title":"Hasselbeck: Letterman Was 'Mean' to Lohan","url":"/Entertainment/video/elisabeth-hasselbeck-david-letterman-mean-lindsay-lohan-18923321"}